Apr 2020 – Thank You Michael Tymn and Many Others

An article by Michael Cocks.

Michael Tymn, Victor and Mary Zammit have been very important indeed in providing evidence for the reality of the dimension of Spirit, namely – the afterlife. A host of reports from Near Death Experiences described there give us clear impressions of how it might be for us when we leave our earthly bodies. Also through the assistance of many trance mediums, we gain a reliable impression of what we may experience there. If we want to think more deeply about such matters, Jonathan Beecher, the convener of the White Crow website is helpful, through the very wonderful works he has published in his White Crow Books website together with many articles/blogs. If we were to deny the possibility of the reality of the spirtual world and the afterlife, we could well be criticised as being the opposite to being open-minded.

But there is another battle to be fought about the question, “What is the true interpretation of this physical world in which we are living now?”

While we are in our physical bodies the answer seems obvious, it is a world where we go to work to get the money to buy the food, to give us the energy to go to work to … and so on. We appear to be living in a very solid world circling the sun, together with planets – the whole system being more than four and a half billion years old, all of which originated in the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. It is a world where we experience a SARS epidemic and the Coronavirus. Need I go on?

Of course we don’t really see life that way. Life affords us with every kind of experience, love and laughter, pain and sorrow, and almost an infinity of learning experiences. All this happens most of the time. But every now and then something unexpected happens which shouldn’t happen in normal life, something as odd, as like water flowing upwards into the taps from which it had previously flowed. Something we would say just can’t happen.

Yet quantum physics maintains that physical reality itself as we perceive it, is a kind of illusion. QM physicists point to acausal synchronicities as evidence. Influential physicist Wolfgang Pauli collaborated with psychologist Carl Jung in exploring the phenomenon There is a well-known story about when Jung was talking to a patient about the symbolism of the scarab beetle. As she described a golden scarab – a costly piece of jewellery – she had received in a dream the night before, he heard a tapping on the window. He looked and saw a gold-green glint. Jung opened the window to coincidence. He plucked a scarabaeid beetle out of the air. The beetle, closely resembling the golden scarab, was just what he needed—or just what she needed. “Here is your scarab,” he said to the woman, as he handed her a link between her dreams and the real world. There are also several anecdotes involving Pauli, but all that for another time. But they worked together to determine the significance of such events. Several other Nobel Prize-winning quantum physicists experienced “meaningful coincidences”, the term Jung coined for synchronicities, notably Brian Josephen, David Bohm, David L. Peat and several others.

I myself have experienced many jaw-dropping synchronicities, which I describe in my book, “Into the Wider Dream”. Here is one of them (or if you like, two.) Prof. Steven Rosen, at the Staten Island campus of New York, was in the process of writing a novel, in which the heroine was singing the five notes of attunement of the UFO in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” movie. He wanted those five notes in musical notation. He was not musical. Wherever could he find them? Just then his father-in-law called into the basement where he was working, that the mail had arrived. One of the items was an envelope containing the latest issue of “The Journal of Religion and Psychical Research”. In that issue was an article of mine, containing a picture of those very five notes. Prof. Steven then wrote to me advising what had happened – perhaps sensing that there was a meaningful spiritual connection between him and myself. He then continued writing his book.

Several months passed, and I had been in my study reading a book by Fritjof Capra, “The Tao of Physics”, on the implications of modern QM physics. In this book I first read about another book written by a theoretical physicist called David Bohm, with the title, “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”. He, somewhat like, how Plato had written a book called, “Ideal Forms laid up in Heaven”, that described events brought into being in the physical dimension, Bohm theorised a causal world where things and events were, “folded together”, or “implicate” i.e. they were hidden or “explicate” they were unfolded, i.e. revealed, in the physical world.

Importantly, it is a similar idea to that found in the beginning of St John’s Gospel, where one reads that, “In the beginning was the (creative) Word, and that nothing comes into being without its action.”

I became very much impressed with what I was reading about Bohm and resolved to study his work to the extent my abilities permitted. Then feeling that I needed a little break, I thought I would check to see if had any mail in my country mailbox. Within the box I found a parcel from the USA there, and when I opened the parcel found Prof. Stephen Rosen’s book, now finished and published. It was called “The Moebius Strip” (Take a strip of paper rotate one end through 180 degrees and then reattached to the other end.) Run your finger along the inside and you will find that the inner becomes the outer as you go. It is a good picture of the unity of the inner and the outer, the spiritual.

In the acknowledgements the first he named as, DAVID BOHM. The next he named Arthur C. CLARKE. But immediately under the name David Bohm, was my name MICHAEL COCKS. Just a few minutes ago I had read the name Bohm, and now I found my name printed directly under his. There were indeed several other names that followed. But just as Prof. Steven Rosen must have thought that it was “spooky” to get the five notes almost immediately after he wanted them, so I was spooked to find my name printed directly under the name David Bohm – all this happening perhaps within five minutes after my enthusiastic thoughts about him.

These two meaningful coincidences but acausal synchronicities, are spectacular examples of how the inner creates the outer, of how Bohm’s implicate can create the explicate, or how “Plato’s Ideal Forms” create the physical, or how the St. John’s Divine WORD, or creative thought, brings events into being.

(For me, on the day that my wife and I were to be engaged to be married, Prof. Steven Marc Rosen turned out to be a participant in so many amazing a synchronicities, that I cannot describe them here.)

As I mentioned earlier, similar synchronistic experiences of some of the greatest QM physicists have led to them and other physicists to write accounts of them, drawing out the implications concerning the spiritual nature of reality.

I could not possibly doubt that in experiencing the “Five notes” and the “David Bohm” synchronicities, I was experiencing orchestrated scenarios projected from a higher dimension into the supposedly cause and effect world of the physical.

These two synchronistic events point to the central teaching of St John’s Gospel, and of St Stephen the Martyr, about whom I have previously written, namely that, “In God we live and move and have our being” “God who is in all, through all, and above all.”

I would consider it highly likely that readers who have been moved to read White Crow publications, may well have had synchronicities of their own. In view of this, I would be most grateful if you would kindly care to share them with me by posting them in the comments box you will find below.