April 2020 – This Life, Next Life

Dr Keith Parsons Videos on the Afterlife

This Life, Next Life, An Overview

Michael strongly recommends to all readers that they should at least watch the YouTube video above, as it is probably the best and most watched evidential video on the afterlife yet produced. You can watch others by Keith Parsons by clicking any of those listed below.

This Life, Past Life (A Documentary by Dr Keith Parsons)

This Life, This Life by Dr Keith Parson

Can Spirits Materialise?

Surgeon from The Other Side

How Old is Psychical Research?

Mirabelli – Who?

All Keith Parsons videos from Metascience Foundation

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Mr Ormarod gave me sixpence

1. It was early in 1938, and this New Zealand vicarage family was coming home, after spending time with my grandparents in picturesque Clovelly in Devon, England, where my grandfather was rector. My father had been priest-in-charge of St Nicholas, Kings Lynne in Norfolk. I had gone to what they called a Dame’s school in a room in her house. We had stayed with my maternal grandmother’s sister, married to a stockbroker in Cobham, Surrey. St Paul’s Cathedral and the Chamber of Horrors at Madame Tussaud’s, the foggy cold, and the Underground railways. Visiting with an engineer uncle in Queen Anne’s Gate. Such rich experiences for the nine-year-old who had been at a small country school to the north of Christchurch NZ.

Now were embarked on the huge RMS Orion with over 700 passengers on our six-week trip home. We visited Toulon, Naplesa and Pompei, Port Said, went through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea. Then it happened: See More…

Thank You Michael Tymn and Many Others

Michael Tymn, Victor and Mary Zammit have been very important indeed in providing evidence for the reality of the dimension of Spirit, namely – the afterlife. A host of reports from Near Death Experiences described there give us clear impressions of how it might be for us when we leave our earthly bodies. Also through the assistance of many trance mediums, we gain a reliable impression of what we may experience there. If we want to think more deeply about such matters, Jonathan Beecher, the convener of the White Crow website is helpful, through the very wonderful works he has published in his White Crow Books website together with many articles/blogs. If we were to deny the possibility of the reality of the spirtual world and the afterlife, we could well be criticised as being the opposite to being open-minded.

But there is another battle to be fought about the question, “What is the true interpretation of this physical world in which we are living now?” See More…

Thoughts on Perry Marshall’s book: “Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design”

I have been thinking about the book by Perry Marshall called “Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design (reviewed in my last issue of this Journal) plus the fact that the neo-Darwinian evolution theory based on chance, is now discredited by modern science.

Darwin’s theory involves the assertion saying that, accidental modification of the genome of an organism may be favourable, and gradually produce a modified species which will survive as an organism. Similar accidental changes are said will lead to a quite distinct new species, but this process has never been demonstrated to occur. See More…

David Bohm, The Perennial Philosophy and “Seth”

In my last Journal issue, you will recall I wrote on the work of Rupert Sheldrake, one of the most advanced biologists in the world today, I also wrote there on such concepts as “Universal Mind”. So, in a sense, modern science is catching up with many Biblical concepts such as “Oneness” and a creator/God.

To continue this concept, there is another book which I have found to be very helpful in making sense of things and providing consistency with Sheldrake. It is, “Bridging Science and Spirit: Common Elements in David Bohm’s Physics and the Perennial Philosophy and Seth”, by Norman Friedman (Norman Friedmann is a well-known author and Defence consultant, visiting Professor of Operations Research, University College, University of London). “Seth” is a trance personality of Jane Roberts, who acted as medium for him. She has published several books in which “Seth” is questioned about the nature of spiritual reality and its relationship to the physical. His statements are clear and specific, depicting a world consistent with that implied by the work of certain leading QM (Quantum Mechanics) physicists. I am also interested in his words and concepts because of my upwards of 200 personal conversations concerned with the mediumship of Thomas Ashman, who channelled St Stephen the Martyr – I have mentioned him earlier. I am interested because the discarnate St. Stephen’s answers are similar to those of “Seth”. When the same story comes from more than one quarter, this naturally increases their likely credibility. See More…

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The Golden Rule Common to All Religions, and Love

The “Golden Rule” is known to all of us as the following, “Do unto others as we would wish to do to unto ourselves.” This is often said to be the most important edict in the Christian Bible. Few though realise that this same edict, although using slightly different wording is common to all religions.

When I first saw this list many years ago, I was delighted initially, but then shocked – as this commonality amongst so many of the world’s religious was so striking that I first thought based on this, one would think we surely would all care and love one another. See More …

NEW Michael Newton Type Book

Michael Newton, who passed in 2016 was a famous regressive hypnotherapist and afterlife researcher, who authored a number of best-selling books. These are, “Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (1994)”, “Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives (2000) and *Life Between Lives, Hypnotherapy (2004)”. His final book, “Memories of the Afterlife” (2008).

Just last December, the Institute founded in his name (the Newton Institute for Life-Between-Lives Hypnotherapy), published a similar book “Wisdom of Souls”, which seems also destined to become a best seller. Click on book cover below for reviews, etc.

Early in his career, and at that time an avowed skeptic of past lives, he initially chose orthodox hypnosis and clinical age-regression techniques to assist client’s trauma conditions and symptoms – but solely within their existing life experience. Later in his career, while seeking the cause of a particular client’s unknown cause of physical pain, to his shock he accidentally regressed his patient to a supposed past-life death experience where the patient described being bayoneted as a World War I soldier in France. As this quickly led Dr Newton to a cure for the client, he then began his lifelong treatment of subjects using regression to either an existing or supposed past life – wherever this might lead to effect a cure. Uniquely though in Newton’s case, this led to his historic discovery of a methodology which later allowed himself and others to gain information as to what actually happens in a life-between-life scenario.

Newton’s breakthrough discovery occurred by yet another accidental discovery where he was sympathising with a client about her feelings of loneliness and isolation while she was describing the end of her most recent past life. He suggested “she go to the source of her loss of companionship”, and then used what turned out to be a “trigger word” association, by asking if she had a specific group of friends whom she missed. See More …

Discarnates Use Words in Human’s Mind’s to Speak Through Mediums

A statement from one source describing in detail the process of how a discarnate talks via a medium – if submitted to a jury, is one thing. But if another account of the same process is tabled also to the same jury written some 60 years later – by a Minister of Religion, providing substantially the same detail and explanation of the complex process from a different source; then surely the jury would strongly believe the details themselves to be true. See More …


Update on the Soul Switch, Soul Phone etc. Developments and Progress led by Prof. Gary Schwartz.

You recall that in the previous issue of this Journal, “SoulSwitch SEED events” – was the name given to a planned schedule for this February of demonstrations of a working version of the SoulSwitch at various main city locations in the USA. I was quite shocked to receive advice of their postponement some weeks ago. The reason given, was that progress in development of a SoulKeyboard was found more rapid than initially thought possible, so the decision was made to shift focus to producing a highly accurate Electronic SoulSwitch (ESS) which should facilitate later development of the intended SoulKeyboard.

Attainment of such a SoulKeyboard… See More…

The God Theory – Universes, Zero Point Fields and What’s Behind it All”, by Bernard Haisch.

Haisch is an astrophysicist who has a distinguished career, initially as a postdoctoral fellow at the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics at the University of Colorado ‘From the mid-1970s until the late 1990s was high energy astrophysics, and specifically the ultraviolet and X-ray emissions from coronae and flares on the Sun and other late-type stars. He has published more than one hundred research papers on a variety of topics, many in prestigious journals such as Nature, Science, Physical Review, Astrophysical Journal, and Annalen der Physik. He also served for ten years as an editor of the Astrophysical Journal.

An easily readable and understandable book, it was regarded as a science breakthrough when published in 2006. Haisch says, “I offer a genuine insight into how you can, and should be a rational, science-believing human being, and at the same time know that you are also an immortal spiritual being, a spark of God.” A few readers’ comments follow.

Readable and engaging … ways of reconciling science and religion.” – Patricia Monaghan, American Library Association

A delightful romp through the labyrinths of philosophy, theology, and science.… very smart, very literary, very thrilling, a fine read.” Dr. Larry Dossey, author of Space, Time and Medicine.

“Whether one will agree or disagree, powerful arguments are presented for one to consider.” — Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut Lunar Module Pilot

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Life after Death: Keith Parsons reaches the masses!

Posted on 11 July 2016, 10:25

Imagine, if you will, more than 130,000 people gathered in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican to hear the pope speak. I don’t know if the pope has anything meaningful to say in that imaginary situation; I sort of doubt it. However, I’m sure that nearly all of the 130,000 people who have viewed Keith Parson’s (below) Youtube documentary on life after death will agree that it is very meaningful. Oh, there are the fundamentalists of both science and religion who don’t get it and probably never will, at least in this lifetime, but I know that those who do “get it” will agree with me that it is the best documentary on the subject ever produced. See More…

How They Dress in the Afterlife

02 March 2020, 9:55

The idea of spirits wearing clothes provokes humor among the skeptics and doubts among the believers. However, if those same spirits were to appear naked, it would likely result in more humor and more doubt. Would it be more believable if they appeared as blue flames or white orbs? 

“Can you fancy seeing me in white robes?” Raymond Lodge, a battlefield victim of World War I, asked his mother through British trance medium Gladys Osborne Leonard on November 26, 1915. “Mind, I didn’t care for them at first, and I wouldn’t wear them. Just like a fellow gone to a country where there is a hot climate – an ignorant fellow, not knowing what he is going to; it’s just like that.  He may make up his mind to wear his own clothes a little while, but he will soon be dressing like the natives.” See More…

Swedenborg: A Genius Who Explored the Afterlife

02 May 2011, 18:26

When Stanford University researchers attempted to calculate the IQ of history’s greatest minds by applying the Terman Standard Intelligence Test to a massive database of historical material, only three people scored above 200 – Emanuel Swedenborg, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and John Stuart Mill. Below them were such luminaries as Pascal, Galileo, Descartes, Kant, Kovalevskaya, Darwin, and Mozart.

If a survey were done today asking respondents to identify those luminaries of the past, it is likely that Swedenborg’s name would be one of the least recognizable, at least in the United States. So who was this great genius? And why isn’t he better remembered today? See More…