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*Science without religion is lame: religion without science is blind."

Albert Einstein

14th year of publication

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 Victor Zammit
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Dialectical Spiritualism
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Keith Parsons

This Life, Next Life, An Overview
This Life, Past Life : Reincarnation
 "A beautiful and compelling production. So many of the great moments in the history of psychical research have been collected here and brought to life by skilful narration and photography" Prof Stafford Betty.
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Debunking Common Skeptical Arguments against Paranormal and Psychic Phenomena; 
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Caduceus is a healing, spiritual magazine focusing on psycho-  logical, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental health, therapy and growth, including natural, holistic, energy and complementary medicine.

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Note: Contributions to this journal need not reflect the views of the Editors or of the Panel



Inspiration from another world  ..  January  2018  

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Editor: The Rev. Michael Cocks

Advisory Editor:  Michael Tymn

"To prescribe the conclusions is to preclude the research"

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Articles by the Editor, Michael Cocks

"The Sheep and the Goats" Afterlife

Michael: My questions relate to Trust [in life, in God]. Asa matter of fact I think I am trusting more than  I used to. I am less worried and am happier. But I am concerned about the theme going through the NewTestament, themes of the Sheep and the Goats [Matt25:32]; those in the fields, where one is taken and the other is left [Matt 24:40], where one is consigned to the fire of Gehenna Matt 10:28]; “Fear him who is able to destroy both body and soul in Gehenna”, “furnace of fire[Matt 13:42,50” “lake of fire” [Rev 19:20, 20:10, 14, 15],all of which I am not too sure about..  Stephen's helpful answer

Evil, Devil, Judging

Stephen: Michael, may I, before your questions, answer the question that you would have asked concerning evil, sin and other things which may trouble you from time to time. There is evil, unfortunately, and to tell what is evil is simplicity itself: anything that would put a barrier between yourself and your Lord, your God, is evil. This is evil in the true sense. Temptation to do a thing that you would wish not to do must be evil.  Read on
To be “Christian” is to participate in One Indivisble Whole

 [If it were possible to perceive souls as entities, separate from each other, then Stephen here would be talking about reincarnation as commonly understood. But since there is no such separation, Stephen’s teaching is more about the Communion of Saints, the unity of living and the so-called dead and with the Whole.- Reality is non-dual]. Read on

Image result for heavenly city let down like a bride Stephen the Martyr: The Heavenly Marriage

Posted on 11 December 2017, 14:06

Do bear with me, if you have read this story before.  I’m not trying to prove anything, I’m thinking about ambiguity and levels of understanding of communications from Spirit.

It was the day that Tom and Olive Ashman got married.  Tom was the channel or medium through whom the spirit of St Stephen the Martyr spoke over a period of more than seven years. After the marriage ceremony there was a party.  Wine was consumed but not in excess, (so far as I remember) and a little two year old boy was granted a sip.

Read on

   "On the Feast of Stephen"

posted on 26 December 2017, 12:19

On Boxing Day we also celebrate St Stephen’s Day.  Later Stephen talks to us personally and movingly about his martyrdom But first we hear the story as it is told tous in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles 

Read how Stephen spoke of his stoning

Hyacinth Österlin in Vienna is in synchronicity  with this

Hyacinth, a Jamaican, married to lawyer Bengt  Osterlin, was a much loved member of the Anglican church in Gothenburg  Sweden, when I was Britich chaplain there. Some time after the death of her husband, She moved to Vienna, to be near her brother, who was editing a Gernan language sports journal there.]

In the picture  we see Hyacinth, with permission of the Catholic Archbishop, holding a reliquary containing a supposed fragment of the skull of the martyred  Stephen.
She  is standing in St Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna. She also sends  a video, showing the cathedral from outside, while the Pummerin  bell of the cathedral is tolling

[The Pummerin sounds on only a few special occasions such as high Catholic holidays such as Easter, Pentecost, Feast of Corpus Christi, Christmas Eve, and St. Stephen's Day (High Patron of the Church - Dec 26th); state funerals, and at the beginning of the New Year,]Wikipedia

This is her story of what happened

Comment by Nate Cull
Alma Deutscher
View the following videos and be amazed!  She has been compared to the young Mozart.   There  is to be a performance of her first opera "Cinderella" in Vienna.
There are many of her works to be found on You Tube, which will repay finding and enjoying.   She says inspiration comes when she is not thinking, and when she swings her skipping rope around her.  
She improvises from from four random notes
How an 11-year old composed an opera

Can we doubt that she is inspired from another world?
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The Editor  recommends

Living in two worlds: receiving messages from within

Read a description of this valuable book, together with reviews. The gifted author AILEEN LIM. Hokkien Chinese from Sarawak, Catholic, living amongt Buddhists, who wrote a thesis on William Wordsworth for an MA in Otago New zealand, retired teacher in Singapore, inspires us with her many   sided spiritual journey.

This Victor Zammit's Friday  AFTERLIFE REPORT is especially interesting.  DO EXPLORE
White Crow Books  and this: The illusion of reality
Allan Huguenot
Naval architect, marine enginee,  MEDIUM
Video      The Nature   of Consciousness

Jonathan Beecher writes:

"I  saw the quote below by a German quantum physicist named Hans-Peter Durr and I tried to verify it. I didn’t succeed (he probably said it in German), but I did find this 14 minute interview and it’s very interesting so I thought I’d share it with you.

Whenever I am giving a lecture on quantum physics, I feel as if I am talking about Vedas. I studied matter for 35 years only to find that it does not exist.  ~ Hans Peter Durr, German Quantum and Nuclear Physicist. Exactly what Adi Shankara said 1200 years ago.. " All that you see does not exist”

 Image result for alastair bruce scott-hill

Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill, author of the prize-winning science book, “The Paranormal is Normal”, The Science Validation of Reincarnation, Your Immortality and The Paranormal”.  



 The author, Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill writes:

Michael, I thought you would be interested in my just finished reincarnational research comparability analysis paper below, it compares extracts taken from five high quality different afterlife sourced books. They all say virtually the same thing on a fascinating, but quite complex topic – namely we all end up with “multiple personalities” which together add to our whole self – but each chosen by us before each reincarnation. This unexpected close agreement demonstrably strongly assists in itself - validation of reincarnation and our afterlife. But also your St. Stephen book, which was included in the survey”

Image result for Michael Tymn

  Some articles by Michael Tymn

   Biography at White Crow Books
Blog at White Crow Books

Many books and articles authored by Michael Tymn at White Crow Books
 crawford Dr. William J. Crawford discusses his mediumship research by Michael Tymn: In 1914, Dr. William J. Crawford, a lecturer in mechanical engineering at Queen’s University of Belfast, Ireland, began investigating the mediumship of 16-year-old Kathleen Goligher (below). The phenomena… Read more
 kathleen_2.jpg Interview with Dr. William J. Crawford – Part II by Michael Tymn: Between 1914 and 1917, William J. Crawford, D.Sc., studied the mediumship of Kathleen Goligher, a Belfast, Ireland medium. He reported on his findings in four separate books. This is the second part of… Read more
 anabela An Interview with EVP researcher, Dr. Anabela Cardoso

Posted on 04 December 2017, 9:38

“The electronic voices received through ITC tell us that they originate ‘in another dimension beyond time, a world where the dead also live’,” Dr. Anabela Cardoso (below) states in the Introduction of her latest book, Electronic Contact with the Dead:  What do the Voices tell us?

Read more

Four great

 videos by

Keith Parsons

1."The Flying Dutchman"

2.Spirit Possession, Spirit Release

3.Can Spirits materialise?

4. Medium and  the  Airship

Rene  Pascal
Foundationalism: in praise of vagueness:  Prof Richard Cocks

Epistemology became a major topic for analytic philosophers because they trace their intellectual origins to Descartes and the British empiricists. Descartes dismantles the foundations of his beliefs and then tries to rebuild them on certain grounds. Having used the method of doubt to tear everything down, including even mathematics, he finds irrefutable evidence of the existence of his own mind and then tries to prove that the “external world” exists.   Read the article

Other articles of interest

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Christian*New Age Quarterly

"Christians and New Agers often have very different beliefs, even disparate worldviews — but they also often share surprising common ground. Unless we talk together, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and goodwill, instead of talking about "the other," we can never fully appreciate the nature of our differences and similarities.   Read on 
Image result for Buddha at the gas pump Introducing a website that may be of interest to readers:
Buddha at the Gaspump
The world view is close to the theology of St John's Gospel
Excellent interviews with prominent spiritual leaders
Here: interviewer Rick Archer talks with David Spangler
Here is an interview with Lincoln Gergar
The Editor urgess readers to investgiate this site.


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 Glitter and gold, buying the  intangible

Amos Sale

  Prayer for the blind

Richard Rohr    God's Self-revelation

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the Carnyx.
the Celtic war trumpet
Image result for carnyx
" if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?" 1 Cor, 14,8
On one occasion, in the kind of Greek spoken by Celts in Thrace  and in Galatia, the Martyr Stephen called himself a Celtic War Trumpet, i.e. a Celt.

He said he was born across the river from  Ancyra (modern Ankara) in a small village called Seletar. He said that the name meant the Fourth Landing Place. (That is a possible translation.)

His words make good sense, if we accept his statement, that they were spoken to Joseph the parent of Jesus who  was a leader of a camp of the Nazarene sect of Essenes in Galilee. 

It looks as if Stephen had completed two years as a novice, and was about to be admitted as a full member through participation in the Messianic Communion service.
The former Bishop of Christchurch N.Z., the Rt. Rev. Dr David Coles writes:

"Michael is a retired priest in this diocese and has for many years explored alternative religious experiences.

The book is certainly not mainstream but for those who wish to explore "other- dimensional" spiritual experience through the eyes of an Anglican priest focusing on the Communion of Saints, it will be of considerable interest.
The Rt Rev. Edward Holland, formerly Asst Bishop of Europe, and then Bishop of Colchester writes:

"– I have been very affected by it.   What comes to mind immediately is:  

1. the sense of life after death being very close, very normal and not very intimidating;

 2. Stephen’s experience of being at first after his death very tied up with his identity as Stephen but later leaving that behind and only picking it up again in order to communicate with Thomas and the others;  

3. the way in which individuality becomes much less important but that nevertheless the ‘ego’ is not something to be avoided but something which contributes to this experience of being part of the whole."

 . . . . .

"It has to be said that most people do not really believe in God at a rational level, though probably most do at an emotional level.   This is why almost everyone fumbles over the resurrection of Jesus.   For most it's an impossible

 What Stephen confirms for me is that it is an entirely natural event, which if only they believed should surprise no one.   As Metropolitan Anthony Bloom, the great Russian Orthodox leader in this country who died a year or so ago said -  I paraphrase him:

 'How strange to believe that life can die and not believe that life can live!' "

Prof. Emerit. Mary Carman Rose:

“A wondrous book!  St Stephen is a fine spiritual director. I am grateful for the gaining of new insights into some centrally important Christian beliefs. My own gift of faith in eternal life has been given wonderful support in this volume.”
[She was Catholic, formerly professor of philosophy at Goucher College, Towson Md., and taught in a seminary for priests. She was  former editor of The Journal of the Academy of Religion and Psychic Research]