Alan Hugenot, Sc.D.
  We shall shortly be texting our deceased grandparents

We are still working out the science of what it is that  happens here, the mechanism by which our intent is turned into our subjective reality….Is it like the
matrix where Neo experiences a perceived reality?  …Or, is it physically real, while remaining different for each of us?… Do we each manifest different realitiesased on urseparate perceptions?
While science ponders these answers, one area where our INTENT is becoming TECHNOLOGY is within  the area that Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called the noosphere. Here we each have already experienced the electronic web of the Internet. But, technology is moving forward at a rapid pace with the current research and development of the SoulPhone technology. At this writing, Dr. Gary Schwartz, chief scientist on development of this SoulPhone technology at the University of Arizona, will be giving a keynote address at our annual conference and will explain what is happening in this rapidly advancing technology. Indeed, current projections are for completion of research & development, full beta implementation, and final roll-out the SoulTexting system within two  to five years. Remember how unbelievable cell phones were 30 years ago? Well the SoulPhone may seem unbelievable to some folks today. But, we will  shortly be texting our discarnate grandma, and she will be texting back…. She will be using the existing wi-fi and the internet infrastructure to access your  cell phone, but she will be physically typing on a the SoulKeyboard is known, and we are currently working on its miniaturization to reduce costs. Since late 2015, I have personally been deeply involved in the scientific development along with Gary, where my task as a scientist/evidential medium  has been to download the necessary scientific information, under fully blinded conditions (I did not know what the questions were that I was supposed to answer). I just reported what I received, and over a nine-month period, the answers to the unknown questions came in my daily impressional writing (which I daily receive at 3 a.m. from my guides on the other side in a continual practice for the past four years). Fragments and bits came in here and there, but collectively forming a cohesive picture. This information was verified
by other blinded evidential mediums (unaware of what I had received). And, this information specific to the SoulPhone technology comes directly
from a team of deceased scientists who are actively working on this project from the other side of the veil, just as each of them had been doing here in the
physical before making their transition. (Edison, Tesla, Maxwell, Planck, Bohm and Einstein). Then this past spring as we formalized the  “company” into the SoulPhone Foundation, I began to serve on the board of directors, and by setting specific goals the foundation has now been able to achieve significant levels of committed funding from  “angel” investors who see the fantastic potential of this hyper-space technology, and its potential for the world.
Is the afterlife of consciousness survival real? ….Yes, definitely… and we now have the science and technology to prove it. So while some still cling to
their land-line phones and also believe that “when you are dead, you are dead,” the honest scientific truth is that …”There is no death, there are no dead.”
It is all a simple matter of evolved perspective. Indeed, we live in exciting times!
Alan Hugenot, Sc.D.