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*Science without religion is lame: religion without science is blind." 

Albert Einstein

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This Life, Next Life, An Overview

This Life, Past Life : Reincarnation
Keith Parsons (YouTube)
"A beautiful and compelling production.  So many of the great moments in the history of psychical research have been collected here and brought to life by skilful narration and photography" Prof Stafford Betty.                                                           

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Note: Contributions to this journal need not reflect the views of the Editors or of the Panel
For Exploration and Research:

zammitVictor Zammit’s journal
Dialectical Spiritualism
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This Life, Next Life, An Overview

The Cosmic Christ:  April  2017Image result for Cosmic Christ
 Editor: The Rev. Michael Cocks
Advisory Editor
:  Michael Tymn
  "To prescribe the conclusions is to preclude the             research"

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Image result for Richard Rohr

Franciscan Richard Rohr  
wrote in Daily Meditations (April 7, 2017):

"Please do not think me a heretic, but it is
formally and theologically incorrect to say “Jesus
 is God,”as most Christians glibly do and then need to prove.” Jesus is instead a third something—the perfect union of “very God” with “very man.” For the  truly orthodox Christian, the Trinity must be “God,” and Jesus can only be  understood inside that Eternal Embrace.
     From within this loving relationship, the Christ came forth to draw us back (through the enfleshed Jesus) to where we all originally came from (Genesis 1:26, John 14:3).
This is quit
a different description of salvation—and, dare I say, the whole point
! I wonder if “reincorporation” might not be a better word than salvation."  
Read the whole meditation

[Acts 17:28: "'In him we live and move and have our being.'" Colossians 1:17: "And he is before
 all things, and in him all things hold together."  John 14:20: "In that day you will know that I am
 in my Father, and  you in me, and I in you."]

 The Editor, Michael Cocks, writes:
  "Please do not think me a heretic. " I agree with every word (above)
from Richard Rohr.
   Please do not think me a heretic: Rohr's words convey the gist of
the channelled teaching of Stephen the Martyr. On some topics
Rohr might or might not agree. (My book gives incontravertible
 evidence that it  was genuinely from Stephen.)
 Plato. the great mystics of all ages, and the many spiritually minded quantum
 physicists, depict a reality consistent with the theology of Rohr and also
Stephen. ( See also the above quotes from Acts, Colossians, and John.)

Image result for Michael CocksIt all sounds very complicated and above
our heads
But there is something that we can
all understand Jesus' quote from Deuternomy:
"You must love the Lord your God with all your heart,
with all your soul, (with all your mind) and with all your strength"
 "The second commandment is like," Jesus continued,
"you must love your neighbour as yourself."
All else is commentary.   [Below, we introduce Christian Today NZ just starting up.
Simple, helpful, non-judgmental.]

In our February 2017 issue of
The Ground of Faith there is an
extended account of how a group of people came to be talking to the spirit of Stephen the Martyr, and how the book
Afterlife Teaching

from Stephen the Martyr
to be written.

Following this Alex Tsakiris of  SKEPTIKO
produced this 55 minute interview.  

I found him a great interviewer, making  thought-provoking questions and contributions.
          In the FORUM after this interview, readers made contributions
of such quality,
that they deserve a wider readership. With regard to Stephen's emphasis on all of us being linked together in a greater
whole, (and also the phenomenon of
synchronicity) : Stephen
views the physical life we live as a kind of illusion,
entered into by
eternal souls, for the growth of love. Here on earth the
less self-
centred we are, the more conscious we are of participating
in the
Whole, the deeper the love. Together, he says, we create the
of physical reality.
            In this regard read this blog: 
Image result for role of the physical and the spiritual What is the role of the Physical,
as opposed to Spiritual?
Re-published  from my recent White Crow blog

 In those conversations in the 1970’s with
the spirit  of Stephen the Martyr, he answered 
that question with the words that follow:

In answer to the question above about
the role of the physical, we read:
Stephen: It was created in the image of the Father as an extension
to the Source.
How can one explain and give a concrete example of love?  Read on

Image result for simulation hypothesis....the Simulation Hypothesis
- Documentary

What  if your consciousness is connected
to the
original consciousness that
programmed us?

"We create and perceive our world simultaneously  Max Planck: "I regard consciousness as fundamental  I regard matter as derivative from consciousness."

Image result for simulation hypothesis Nils Bohr: "Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real"  

Einstein: "I must confess that I was unable to find
an explanation
 for the atomistic character of nature.
One must find a way to avoid
 the space-time
continuum altogether, although I haven't the

 slightest idea what kind of elementary concept could be used
in such a theory."  "The disjunction of past, present, and future is only an illusion, hoever tenacious this illusion may be."

One of the contributors to the SKEPTIKO Interview FORUM,
Smith made a long and thoughtful contribution about the SIMULATION
which I very much endorse. It can be read here.

Image result for Keith ParsonsIntelligent Design in Evolution

KEITH PARSONS has published an
excellent video
showing the ways in
whicih Charles Darwin got it
wrong about evolution, and the reasons for
Intelligent Design.  It is called
had a lengthy
correspondence with him, and am
fascinated by the wealth of books
and videos that  
carry the investigation further. For anyone prepared to
spend an hour or two investigating, I highly recommend following this link  .

 [Readers may already have viewed his videos on the Afterlife and on
links to which can be found near the top of the left-hand

Some of the books referred to in Keith Parson's video:

Image result for What Darwin Got Wrong - Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piattelli-PalmariniImage result for Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis - Michael DentonImage result for The Cambrian Fossils of Chengjiang - 6 authors

Monarch butterflies suggest Intelligent Design:  
Image result for monarch butterfly Metamorphosis - The Beauty and
Design of Butterflies
An hour-long presentation including their
regular migrations over thousands of
kilometers, taking several generations to accomplish Questions whether Darwin's theory of natural selection from random mutations over long periods of time.
Editor highly recommends   viewing this video.
Richard Rohr on THE COSMIC  CHRIST
The Cosmic Christ 2

 Image result for christian today logoThe Editor is impressed with the New Zealand version
of the on-line
helpful articles, helpful in the everyday Christian life.

Article - Launch of Christian Today NZ
this morning –

Launched  -  Christian Today New Zealand


Being a Christian Athlete

Crying golden tears


 Sometimes the Earth moves

STOP PRESS  April 18, 2017
Today Christian Today published this article about

Some articles by Michael Tymn
Editor-in-chief of The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies
**How to join the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Inc

camilleDeath and the Afterlife: Let us Persevere

As a follow-up to my last blog post dealing with 
philistinism – our tendency to avoid talking about
death  and to seek a life of pleasure without any
search for eaning, thereby leading to existential
despair – I am going to let the world-renowned
er Camille Flammarion (below) (1842-1925)
Read more

Image result for Eusapia PalladinoThe Defamation of Eusapia Palladino

 My good friend Michael Schmicker, 

the author of The Witch of Napoli

a somewhat fictionalized… Read more

Image result for erlendur haraldsson prófessorReincarnation:  Doing It All Over

 There was a time when I enjoyed reading 
books about  reincarnation.  I was
fascinated by the story of Bridey Murphy 
  from the 1950s and by the research
carried out  by Professor  Ian Stevenson,
 as reported by in Twenty| Cases
Suggestive of  Reincarnation
, and by Brian L.  Weiss, M.D. in Many Lives,

Many Masters.  I was intrigued by Jenny Cockell’s Across Time and Death,
by Dolores Cannon’s They Walked with Jesus, and Marge Rider’s Mission to
.  My library contains  about 40 books dealing with reincarnation,
but at some point the idea of coming back and doing this all over again did
not appeal to me and I stopped reading  about reincarnation.... Read  on


Forever Family Foundation: Practical Bereavement
by Michael Tymn:

When Bob and Phran Ginsberg joined a support group
for bereaved  parents following the death of their
daughter, Bailey, in an auto accident on September
1, 2002, they were informed that the subject of life…
 Read more

Be uplifted: Listen to these boy sopranos

Scottish  Moray West   Moray West  Queen of the Night

Norwegian  Aksel Rykkvin sings Alleluia  Mozart


Church sponsored  Psychic Research journals

Christian Parapsychologist (Churches' Fellowship for psychical and spiritual studies)
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Reaching Out, the Journal of the Quaker Fellowship for Afterlife Studies.  
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Psychical Studies, the journal of the Unitarian Society for Psychical Studies,
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        Image result for rykkvin      
Be   uplifted: Listen to this
 young Norwegian.   

Aksel Rykkvin "Eternal Source of Light Divine"
Vien con nuova orribil guerra - Aksel Rykkvin, Barokkanerne
& Mark Bennett - January 2017
What passion cannot music raise and quell (Handel)
Please write to the Editor at any time giving any suggestions aimed at improving this issue - they would be appreciated. Also, comments on any particular article would also be welcomed, and if thought beneficial, will be included in the next issue”.
Stephen,Image result for carnyx the Carnyx, the Celtic war trumpet
" if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?"
1 Cor, 14,8

On one occasion, in the kind of Greek spoken by Celts in Thrace  and in Galatia, the Martyr Stephen called himself a Celtic War Trumpet, i.e. a Celt.  He said he was born across the river from  Ancyra (modern Ankara) in a small village called Seletar. He said that the name meant the Fourth Landing Place. (That is a possible translation.)
His words make good sense, if we accept his statement, that they were spoken to Joseph the parent of Jesus who  was a leader of a camp of the Nazarene sect of Essenes in Galilee.  It looks as if Stephen had completed two years as a novice, and was about to be admitted as a full member
through participation in the Messianic Communion service.

The former Bishop of Christchurch N.Z., the Rt. Rev. Dr David Coles writes"

"Michael is a retired priest in this diocese and has for many years explored alternative religious experiences. The book is certainly not mainstream but for those who wish to explore "other- dimensional" spiritual experience through the eyes of an Anglican priest focusing on the Communion of Saints, it will be of considerable interest."

The Rt Rev. Edward Holland

Formerly Asst Bishop of Europe, and then Bishop of Colchester writes:

"– I have been very affected by it.   What comes to mind immediately is:   1. the sense of life after death being very close, very normal and not very intimidating;   2. Stephen’s experience of being at first after his death very tied up with his identity as Stephen but later leaving that behind and only picking it up again in order to communicate with Thomas and the others;   3. the way in which individuality becomes much less important but that nevertheless the ‘ego’ is not something to be avoided but something which contributes to this experience of being part of the whole." . . . . .
"It has to be said that most people do not really believe in God at a rational level, though probably most do at an emotional level.   This is why almost everyone fumbles over the resurrection of Jesus.   For most it's an impossible What Stephen confirms for me is that it is an entirely natural event, which if only they believed should surprise no one.   As Metropolitan Anthony Bloom, the great Russian Orthodox leader in this country who died a year or so ago said -  I paraphrase him:   'How strange to believe that life can die and not believe that life can live!' " 


Prof. Emerit. Mary Carman Rose
: “A wondrous book!  St Stephen is a fine spiritual director. I am grateful for the gaining of new insights into some centrally important Christian beliefs. My own gift of faith in eternal life has been given wonderful support in this volume.”    
[She was Catholic, formerly professor of philosophy at Goucher College, Towson Md., and   taught in a seminary for priests. She was  former editor of The Journal of the Academy of Religion and Psychic Research.]