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*Science without religion is lame: religion without science is blind." 

Albert Einstein

14th year of publication

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zammitVictor Zammit’s journal

Dialectical Spiritualism

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This Life, Next Life, An Overview

This Life, Past Life : Reincarnation
Keith Parsons (YouTube)
"A beautiful and compelling production.  So many of the great moments in the history of psychical research have been collected here and brought to life by skilful narration and photography" Prof Stafford Betty.                                                          

New Psi Encyclopedia

 "the most trusted place for answering life's questions."
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"Edge Science"

An issue on Reincarnation & Xenoglossy

Institute of Noetic Sciences

bEncylcopaedia Britannica

White Crow

The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies

wuDebunking Common Skeptical Arguments against Paranormal and Psychic Pheno-  mena;  Winston Wu

Debunking Sceptics

Skeptical about Skeptics - (many interesting articles.)

Psypioneer  Journal

The Bridge: A Science and Spirituality Resource

afterlifedata Afterlife Data

Public  Parapsychology


Near Death Experiences

Association Transcom- munication

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Sam Parnia on NDEs, broadcast over Radio New Zealand

Larrie Dossey

Michael Prescott

Dean Radin

Charles Tart

Stephen Braude



blog Paranormalia



Lois Isenman's

david howardDavid H. Howard: Spirit Communion
The religion, philosophy and science of Spiritualism


 Elene Gusch:
 Elene Explores

A Journal of Interest:
 caduceus Caduceus Journal U.K.
Caduceus is a healing, spiritual magazine focusing on psycho-  logical, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental health, therapy and growth, including natural, holistic, energy and complementary medicine.
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We create our
own reality                  
December 2016               
 Editor: The Rev. Michael Cocks 
Advisory Editor:  Michael Tymn                                  
"To prescribe the conclusions is to preclude the research"

Challenging people of all faiths to recognise every gift of the Spirit     

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1. Dogma, Revelation and the Godhead Within
Weshall not cease from exploration
3.Talking  with the angels

4.15 Reasons Why We Keep Reinventing the Wheel?
5.   Materializations Reported
6. NDE on the Battlefield: Going Far Beyond John Wayne
7. The Amazing Bangs Sisters
8. See for yourself! Hundreds of serious journals studying
 consciousness and the afterlife in the Wise digital library
9. Leslie Flint Direct Voice:
 The Annie Nanji Recordings
10. Neville Randall : Debate  in the C of E
about Afterlife in '60s
11. Journal of the Unitarian Society for Psychical  Studie
 12. Luis Sergio  Marotta interviews Michael Cocks.  
13. Dead Symphony.
14. The Kingdom of Heaven is at
hand: Chico Xavier
15. Jupiter: Up close and personal
16. Towards quantum Internet: Researchers
Teleport particle of light six kilometres

*17. The Reflexive Problem in Analytic Philosophy:
Illogical Logicians  Richard Cocks
*18. We Individually and  Collectively Create our own Reality
by  Bruce Scott-Hill
19. Quantum communication development at faster than
light  speed. Bruce Scott-Hill
20  Printed Church journals  on psychic research and Christianity
  Articles by Michael Cocks
(Read previous  articles here)

2.  We shall not cease from exploration:

 We shall not cease from exploration, and the
end of all our exploring will be to arrive where
we started and know the place for the first time. ~
T. S. Eliot

........"there is another mode of thinking
(not rational as a scientist might see it.)
How to enter it? Here is a link to a video of a young Indian boy playing inspirational
music on an old piano. Observe the masterly technique, how much the music
expresses the ineffable. Notice his joy as he plays. Try explaining this with the
rational mind. The ineffable meaning of the music, how can the rational mind say
where this comes from? How did it come to the composer (Chopin) in the first place?
How is it that the boy can do this? How can the boy respond so deeply?

See and hear this four year old Chinese boy. Don’t you love him?

Very widely viewed is this performance by a three year old violinist Akim Camara
in the Netherlands before a vast audience....." Read more

3.Talking with angels: Gitta Mallasz
I have mentioned The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous
Huxley which argues that at the heart of all the world’s
religions is the insight that  in a reality inaccessible
to our physical senses we are participants in
an indivisible One. Quantum physics and indeed the
study of ecology
can convinceRead more

Articles by Michael Tymn
Editor-in-chief of The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies
**How to join the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Inc

  (Read previous articles here)

 4.  15 Reasons Why We Keep Reinventing the Wheel?
 Every now and then, someone asks why I write so much about the mediumship
and psychical research of a hundred or more years ago and not more about the
research going on today.
  I explain that I believe the mediumship of old was much
more dynamic than that of today and that the research carried out by a number
of distinguished scientists and scholars of yesteryear offers evidence that is far
superior to that being developed today
  As evidential as it was, it was pretty
much ignored back then and it has been filed away in dust-covered cabinets
so that very few people today are aware of it.
  Even many modern day
parapsychologists are unaware of much of it.
Read more'

 5.   Materializations Reported 

In her 1893 book, "There is No Death," now available on Kindle, Florence
Marryat,   a popular British author, journalist, editor, and playwright, tells of
observing numerous séances with physical…
Read more

6. NDE on the Battlefield: Going Far Beyond John Wayne:
Sometime during or around April 1969, I was sitting in an open-air theater
on the roof of a three- or four-story building occupied by the USO (United
Services Organizations) in central Saigon. Every few…
Read more

bangs7. The Amazing Bangs Sisters

Although I had read about the Bangs Sisters here and there
over the
years, I really didn’t have a clear picture of what
they were all about until I read N. Riley Heagerty’s

recently released book,  
Read more


   General Articles

8. See for yourself! Hundreds of serious journals studying
 consciousness and the afterlife in the Wise digital library

9. Leslie Flint Direct Voice:
 The Annie Nanji Recordings

 Wonderful conversations between a deceased wife and a living
husband  Listen
These intimate conversations continued
over six months in such a way that it is hard to guess
which is the living and which is the discarnate  who is speaking

10. Neville Randall : Debate in the C of E
about Afterlife in '60s recorded in the Daily  Sketch

Dr Mervyn Stockwood Bishop of Southwark and other well-known names
are mentioned in the articles, such as Robert Crookall, Henry Habberley
Price and Eric Dingwall, alongside some not so familiar these days, such as
Frances Banks, who is cited as author of a then-forthcoming book,
Frontiers of Revelation (1962) and Wellesley Tudor Pole.
  Wherever possible
the scientific credentials of the experts are stressed, to show that they
are not crackpots and that what  they say should be taken seriously.

11. Journal of the Unitarian Society for Psychical  Studies
The Editor highly recommends this printed journal for the less specialist
reader. Open the link, and you will be able to read a specimen issue, if you
are considering subscribing.

12. Luis Sergio  Marotta interviews
Michael Cocks on
Christianity and the Afterlife Communications" -
Legendado em Português

13. Dead Symphony is an immersive performance piece
based on the sounds that people hear during near-death experiences.
It was created by Saskia Moore, a Melbourne born, London based visual
artist, in collaboration with award-winning UK music ensemble Apartment

"There are very good, documented accounts of the visual side of a near
death experience, and what that experience is, but not necessarily what
people hear," says Moore

Image result for Chico Xavier14. The Kingdom of Heaven is at
hand: Chico Xavier

Viewer: "I watched all 3 of interview segments..
I only wish Chico was alive here on earth today.
I would love
to have just hugged him and tell him thank you! 

Thank you for listening tothe spirit inside of himself  , and thank you for 
touching so many people who were and 
are still in great n
eed. Thank you for loving human kind so much that
he donated his whole
life to helping thousands, Chico,
you will never be forgotten! God bless!"

15. Jupiter: Up close and personal

More than 300 million miles from Earth, the images NASA’s Juno probe is
beaming back of Jupiter are from closer up than any previous mission to

the gas giant. But it’s what comes next that scientists are excited about.
In this video, principal investigator Scott Bolton says what his team hopes to
learn as the craft orbits the fifth planet from the sun.

16. Towards quantum Internet: Researchers
particle of light six kilometres

Such a network will enable secure communication without having to worry about
 eavesdropping, and allow distant quantum computers to connect.

17. The Reflexive Problem in Analytic Philosophy:
Illogical Logicians  
by Adj Prof. Dr Richard M Cocks
A Philosophical discussion of  all-too influential Materialism

Image result for Francis Crick [Quote: Francis Crick’s “astonishing hypothesis” is quite typical of the
thought of an analytic philosopher:

“‘You,’ your joys and your sorrows, your memories and your ambitions,
your sense of personal identity and free will, are in fact no more than
the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules.”]

Read the discussion

Image result for we create our own reality18. We Individually and Collectively
Create our own Reality

by Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill

Did you know that if you put a steel plate down through a
termite nest, that quickly termites repair the damage, but so 
cleverly that their corridors match perfectly. They do this
normally as well when damage occurs to their nest …….
yet they are blind. Materialistic scientists have no
answer for this.
Yet if it were suggested they might use telepathy, this would be instantly
explainable. Similarly, we observe that we constantly depend on our subconscious for
many things such as occasionally for unconscious driving of a car. But we never ask how. 

The following article focuses very much on our unconscious, where quantum physics
and experimental evidence suggests our unconscious does more
than we could have possibly realised. Namely that we create our own reality

Mind/consciousness creates our reality - this is the staggering idea for those
not acquainted by a facet of quantum physics
which became evident during
the now famous “double slit experiments”, which first took place in 
the 1930’s. This result is still doubted by many materialistic scientists 
even today, but more and more accepted as further discovered
experimental laboratory evidence has vindicated the concept

(See details below of a recent experiment - which further confirms
the results of the double slit experiment referred to above, and
performed thousands of times sinc

At a subatomic i.e. quantum level, few realise that events are
unquestionably probabilistic and that what happens in a subsequent
event (and chain of events), can be readily be shown by experiments
to be able to be affected by our individual and collective minds/consciousness
intents and thoughts. Even the moulding, shaping and the creation of matter
itself by binding of subatomic particles together is thought to be affected 
mind – as is evident with “saints’s” stigmata wounds -
caused by their deep emotion and concern mimicking the
crucifixion wounds  inflicted on Christ

If you find the above introduction to this article interesting and wish
to learn more, you may like to read more of this article below, and 
perhaps read also the Prize- winning book “The Paranormal-is Normal”
(The Science Validation of Reincarnation, Your Immortality and
The Paranormal”)
- which is also written by the same author
who wrote this article especially for this newsletter i.e.
Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill. His new science book covers the aspects here
in more detail, but also embraces other big questions in life particularly
whether mind, our soul and senses can likely survive 
death; evolution – scientifically fact or fiction; whether life could exist
before the Big Bang; and even whether a timeless afterlife existence
is scientifically plausible? And  many more. A key point is that if you
wish for “solid” science (at last) to vindicate  \that we all have immortality 
and an afterlife at death, then this is the book for you to read. on image to enlarge.The book won the recent New Zealand
2016 Ashton Wylie Book Award where judges

said it is an outstanding body of work. Also, unique 
and a milestone in its gen

It has just been released as both an Amazon Kindle
book and Paperback, and can be purchased here:-

Similarly, for NZ residents, a Paperback version with free postage can be purchased, here: - 

Read now the whole article

If you wish to read a continuation of the article, See here.


19. Quantum communication development at faster than
light  speed.
Bruce Scott-Hill who had much to do with the organisation of New Zealand telephone
exchanges refers to:

" an interesting article re quantum communication development at faster than
light  speed. This would seem to perhaps to duplicate
partially by man at last (if successful) -
the PCAR quantum communication system used by all life for telepathic,
clairvoyance mind to mind communication and adaption to one’s environment – largely unknown
 which was discovered by Walter Schmempp early this century.
This bio- communication system is detailed in both Bruce Scott-Hill’s new book
The Paranormal “- is Normal (The Science validation to Reincarnation, the Paranormal and your
and Lynn  McTaggarts’s book, “The Field

20  Printed Church journals  on psychic research and Christianity

The Christian Parapsychologist (Churches' Fellowship for psychical and spiritual studies)
Subscription: 10 pounds.

Reaching Out, the Journal of the Quaker Fellowship for Afterlife Studies.  
Subscriptions 10 pounds, via Angela Howard

Psychical Studies, the journal of the Unitarian Society for Psychical Studies,
Subscriptions 10 pounds, via David Taylor  email

Into the Wider Dream: Synchronicity in the Witness Box..
listed. Amazon,  Book Depository Kindle etc.  and paperback.   Christchurch NZ: Scorpio Books.
[You can read  selected pages at Amazon.]
August 14, 2015 Auckland NZ: Finalist Ashton Wylie Body, Mind, Spirit Book Award.
Dr Howard Jones, a scientist from Waleshas  written a detailed review of the book, outlining and evaluating its contents.
  Here is a review
from Prof Steven M. Rosen, a philosopher/psychologist from Vancouver. He is important in some of the synchronicity recorded here.
(June 30.) He concludes, "I thoroughly enjoyed this enchanting book, and recommend it to all readers interested in  the phenomenon of synchronicity."
 You can read  a chapter of the book here.

Many years ago there was an unpublished  version of this book, for which   an introduction was written by Mary Rose. former Professor of Philosophy, at Goucher College Baltimore, and President  of the Academy of Spirituality and Consciousness Studies, She began by noting that she and I had been corresponding about synchronicity for ten years. Her preface is an inspiring and helpful review. I much regret  that it was not included in the present book.

   Read reviews of Afterlife Teaching by the Rt Rev Edward Holland, former Bishop of Colchester, the Rt. Rev David Coles, former Bishop of Christchurch, Prof. Mary Rose, Prof. Richard Cocks, Victor Zammit,  Michael Tymn, editor of the ASCS Journal,  Physicist Dr John Moss. With regard to Stephen's words in his native Thracian Greek, and their provenance, Prof. Robin Bond and Dr Paul McKechnie of the Depts. of Classics at Canterbury and Auckland NZ, respectively, were consulted. They helped with translation and affirmed they were genuinely of first cent.CE, (They did not study the rest of the text.)  Dr Leo C.W. Hobbis  organised a seminar with several scientist and theologian participants, under the aegis of the AK Scientific and Medical Network.

Buy through Amazon and the Book Depository.