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*Science without religion is lame: religion without science is blind." 

Albert Einstein

12th year of publication

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This Life, Next Life, An Overview
Keith Parsons (YouTube)

"A beautiful and compelling production.  So many of the great moments in the history of psychical research have been collected here and brought to life by skilful narration and photography" Prof Stafford Betty.


 "the most trusted place for answering life's questions."
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An issue on Reincarnation & Xenoglossy

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The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies

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Near Death Experiences

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 caduceus Caduceus Journal U.K.
Caduceus is a healing, spiritual magazine focusing on psycho-  logical, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental health, therapy and growth, including natural, holistic, energy and complementary medicine.
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Contents of this issue

The Pope: The New Orthodoxy of St Francis in Catholicism,
God’s Mercy.. Pope Francis helps save Jesus from the Church.

Does Dismissing the Afterlife Make Life More Meaningful?
The “Third Hand” Eludes Catch 22 Science
Indridi Indridason: The Amazing Icelandic Medium
A Millennial Tackles the Afterlife

When Philosophy lost its way
NASA Reaches New Heights
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, 6th Man on Moon, Dies in Florida
Review: Grandma, What is a soul? by Rev Dr Karen Herrick
Sister Aila and Paranormal Phenomena
Welcome to the "New Thinking Allowed" channel on YouTube
What   is the  Nature of  Reality  and  How  do  we  understand  it?
Signs of Modern Astronomy Seen in Ancient Babylon
Bruce Scott-Hill  on "How trustworthy is teaching received through psychics in trance?"
This issue especially, filled with interesting stuff
The Pope: The New Orthodoxy of St Francis in Catholicism,
February 2015

 Editor: The Rev. Michael Cocks Advisory Editor:  Michael Tymn

Challenging people of all faiths to recognise every gift of the Spirit

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Articles by Michael Cocks

The Pope: The New Orthodoxy of St Francis in Catholicism,


Pope Francis quoted a Washington Franciscan Sister Ilia Delio in his encyclical, Laudato Si’. “We’re reaching a fork in the road; two paths are diverging on planet earth, and the one we choose will make all the difference for the life of the planet. Shall we continue our medieval religious practices in a medieval paradigm and mechanistic culture and undergo extinction? Or shall we wake up to this dynamic, evolutionary universe and the rise of consciousness toward an integral wholeness?” He went on to write, “This is the paradigm shift that is being asked of our generation.”  READ ON

God’s Mercy.. Pope Francis helps save Jesus from the Church.

“Mercy is the Lord’s most powerful message!” Pope Francis proclaimed at the beginning of his pontificate. .. A few days later, he said, “Dear brothers and sisters, let us be enveloped by the mercy of God.

. . . We will feel [God’s] wonderful tenderness, we will feel [God’s] embrace, and we too will become more capable of mercy, patience, forgiveness, and love.”  READ ON


For contemplation, prayer, spiritual direction, try  Thomas Keating   and Richard Rohr


Articles by Michael Tymn
A resident of Kailua, Hawaii, Michael E Tymn is vice-president of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc., and editor of the Academy’s quarterly magazine, The Searchlight. He is the author of several books, including The Afterlife Revealed, Transcending the Titanic and The Afterlife Explorers, which are published by White Crow Books.

Does Dismissing the Afterlife Make Life More Meaningful?

Does dismissing belief in an afterlife make life more meaningful?  C. J. Blair, a columnist for The Oberlin Review, tells his or her fellow students that such is the case in the December 4 issue of the college newspaper.  “When I accepted death as the definite end, I was far more…Read more

The “Third Hand” Eludes Catch 22 Science

In the annals of psychical research, Eusapia Palladino, an illiterate Neapolitan woman, and Mina Crandon, the wife of a respected Boston, Mass. physician who was given the pseudonym “Margery” to protect her privacy and that of her husband, were perhaps the two most controversial mediums subjected…Read more

Indridi Indridason: The Amazing Icelandic Medium

D. D. Home is often referred to as the greatest physical medium on record, at least the greatest one since Jesus of Nazareth.  But Home may have to relinquish his top spot to Indridi Indridason of Iceland now that we have a record of his phenomena set forth in English by Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson…Read more

A Millennial Tackles the Afterlife

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, “nones” – people who have no religious affiliation – now make up 23 percent of the American adult population.  That’s up from 16 percent in 2007.  Some nones are atheists, some agnostic, and some so indifferent or so wrapped up in…Read more


When Philosophy lost its way
 The history of Western philosophy can be presented in a number of ways. It can be told in terms of periods — ancient, medieval and modern. We can divide it into rival traditions (empiricism versus rationalism, analytic versus Continental), or into various core areas (metaphysics, epistemology, ethics). It can also, of course, be viewed through the critical lens of gender or racial exclusion, as a discipline almost entirely fashioned for and by white European men.

The philosopher’s hands were never clean and were never meant to be.
Yet despite the richness and variety of these accounts, all of them pass over a momentous turning point: the locating of philosophy within a modern institution (the research university) in the late 19th century.

NASA Reaches New Heights

The sparkling centerpiece of Hubble's anniversary fireworks is a giant cluster of about 3,000 stars called Westerlund 2, named for Swedish astronomer Bengt Westerlund who discovered the grouping in the 1960s. Image courtesy NASA/ESA. For a larger version of this image please go here. Watch a video on the NASA's 2015 here.
In 2015, NASA explored the expanse of our solar system and beyond, and the complex processes of our home planet, while also advancing the technologies for our journey to Mars, and new aviation systems as the agency reached new milestones aboard the International Space Station.

"It was a fantastic year that brought us even closer to Mars," said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. "Our space program welcomed advances from commercial partners who will soon launch astronauts from the United States to the International Space Station, and progress on new technologies and missions to take us into deep space, improve aviation and explore our universe and home planet."Read the article

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, 6th Man on Moon, Dies in Florida

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who became the sixth man on the moon when he and Alan Shepard helped NASA recover from Apollo 13's "successful failure" and later devoted his life to exploring the mind, physics and unexplained phenomena such as psychics and aliens, has died in Florida. He was 85. View

Review: Grandma, What is a soul? by Rev Dr Karen Herrick
Read the reviews on Amazon

“Grandma, I don’t like to talk about this very often but I don’t want you to die,” young Duncan blurts out one day while riding in the car. And, rather than dismiss her grandson’s comment or try to gloss over its seriousness, Grandma engages with Duncan’s concern.

What ensues is a beautiful conversation about the human soul, death, heaven, and guardian angels that will bring light and comfort to a hard topic—for adults, as well as children. Inspired by a conversation with her own grandson, author Rev. Karen E. Herrick, PhD, simplifies these complex notions into vivid examples that will engage children’s imaginations.

A great book to introduce young kids to the concept of death, What’s a Soul Grandma? will help calm their fears of losing loved ones, by describing how those who go before them serve as guardian angels watching over them; and, even more importantly, how the lasting power of love connects people from this life to the next.

  Editor's review
"As an Anglican priest these past sixty years, I am so very glad that Karen Herrick has produced this wonderful children's book on the afterlife. How very many times have I stood by a graveside reading from St Paul about the physical body that is buried, the spiritual body that is raised. It was unfortunate though that his words are hard to interpret for the uninitiated.  When I was with families and supporting them in their grief, Karen's little book could often have been so helpful.  The book of course would have been so helpful in general religious education. It proclaims the reality of the afterlife, broaches a topic people often avoid.

Karen's postscript for parents is excellent, and I personally accept her picture of reality. Not all church people would.  But most churches do not demand that we leave our thinking caps in the porch before we enter. Truth is just truth.
  Thank you, Karen, for your pioneering work, no doubt partly arising out of your long term concern for the well-being of children in difficult situations. I hope it will inspire other such books for all age groups."
Sister Aila and Paranormal Phenomena
She is pleading for scientific iinvestigation of these phenomena in the context of church.
English - Sister Aila, a Brazilian Catholic nun, mother superior, with a doctorate degree in theology and knowledge in Hebraic and Greek from the New Testament, speaks to Spirit Connections about how important it is for humanity that the so-called paranormal phenomena be investigated in a serious fashion. She comments on the Scole Group and Father François Brune's works in Instrumental Transcommunication. She also speaks about Spiritism in Brazil VIEW THIS FILM

  Welcome to the "New Thinking Allowed" channel on YouTube

With Geoffrey Mishlove
New Thinking Allowed with Geoffrey Mishlove
Practical applications of Precognition
 The Spiritualist Vision of the Afterlife with Stafford Betty
 Historical Perspectives, with Marty Rosenblatt

There are a considerable number of other interviews, all seeming to be of considerable interest.

THE SCOLE EXPERIMENT Between 1993–98, a wonderful modern experiment in physical mediumship was conducted in the presence of the afterlife researchers Prof. David Fontana, Prof. Arthur Ellison and Montague Keen. Some of the most spectacular results were experiments with brand new films. They put brand new films on the table, films which had never been in a camera. Afterwards the films were developed. Images were found on them – handwriting, hieroglyphs and other symbols and messages  VIEW

What   is the  Nature of  Reality  and  How  do  we  understand  it?
 Dr. Andrew Newberg is a neuroscientist who studies the relationship between brain function and various mental states. He is a pioneer in the neurological study of religious and spiritual experiences, a field known as “neurotheology.” His research includes taking brain scans of people in prayer, meditation, rituals, and trance states, in an attempt to better understand the nature of religious and spiritual practices and attitudes. Learn more »

Signs of Modern Astronomy Seen in Ancient Babylon

For people living in the ancient city of Babylon, Marduk was their patron god, and thus it is not a surprise that Babylonian astronomers took an interest in tracking the comings and goings of the planet Jupiter, which they regarded as a celestial manifestation of Marduk. What is perhaps more surprising is the sophistication with which they tracked the planet, judging from inscriptions on a small clay tablet dating to between 350 B.C. and 50 B.C. The tablet, a couple of inches wide and a couple of inches tall, reveals that the Babylonian astronomers employed a sort of precalculus in describing Jupiter’s motion across the night sky relative to the distant background stars. Until now, credit for this kind of mathematical technique had gone to Europeans who lived some 15 centuries later. Read

 Bruce Scott-Hill  on "How trustworthy is teaching received through psychics in trance?"
He writes, "Interesting that Seth [trance personality of Jane Roberts] points out (rightly) that psychics are not infallible and we must test them, also that he was once a minor Pope. i.e.: 

 Seth (ESP Class 1-22-74): "Do not set up the psychic world, as you  think of it, as another authority. Popes are infallible [sic]! So are  psychics! Remember that! You question vigorously when a Pope speaks  his edicts, so question when a psychic speaks his or her edicts, and  do not blindly follow any rule or any dogma."
Read on


This issue especially, filled with interesting stuff



Into the Wider Dream: Synchronicity in the Witness Box..
listed. Amazon,  Book Depository Kindle etc.  and paperback.   Christchurch NZ: Scorpio Books.
[You can read  selected pages at Amazon.]
August 14, 2015 Auckland NZ: Finalist Ashton Wylie Body, Mind, Spirit Book Award.
Dr Howard Jones, a scientist from Waleshas  written a detailed review of the book, outlining and evaluating its contents.
  Here is a review
from Prof Steven M. Rosen, a philosopher/psychologist from Vancouver. He is important in some of the synchronicity recorded here.
(June 30.) He concludes, "I thoroughly enjoyed this enchanting book, and recommend it to all readers interested in  the phenomenon of synchronicity."
 You can read  a chapter of the book here.

Many years ago there was an unpublished  version of this book, for which   an introduction was written by Mary Rose. former Professor of Philosophy, at Goucher College Baltimore, and President  of the Academy of Spirituality and Consciousness Studies, She began by noting that she and I had been corresponding about synchronicity for ten years. Her preface is an inspiring and helpful review. I much regret  that it was not included in the present book.

   Read reviews of Afterlife Teaching by the Rt Rev Edward Holland, former Bishop of Colchester, the Rt. Rev David Coles, former Bishop of Christchurch, Prof. Mary Rose, Prof. Richard Cocks, Victor Zammit,  Michael Tymn, editor of the ASCS Journal,  Physicist Dr John Moss. With regard to Stephen's words in his native Thracian Greek, and their provenance, Prof. Robin Bond and Dr Paul McKechnie of the Depts. of Classics at Canterbury and Auckland NZ, respectively, were consulted. They helped with translation and affirmed they were genuinely of first cent.CE, (They did not study the rest of the text.)  Dr Leo C.W. Hobbis  organised a seminar with several scientist and theologian participants, under the aegis of the AK Scientific and Medical Network.

Buy through Amazon and the Book Depository.

Oratio Celtic Poems
by the Order of Dionysis and Paul. Read by their authors and set to music.

One review: "A surprising and quite astonishing collection of thoughts and poems. A couple of them brought a tear to the eye. Though some of these pieces are unashamedly Christian in subject and tone, they all tap in the common Truth of what it is to search for a spiritual meaning to Life."  Go to
Amazon  to listen to a sample, read other reviews and perhaps order.