"Interesting that Seth points out (rightly) that psychics are not infallible and we must test them, also that he was once a minor Pope. i.e.:

 Seth (ESP Class 1-22-74): "Do not set up the psychic world, as you

think of it, as another authority. Popes are infallible [sic]! So are

Seth (ESP Class 1-7-75)

 Now, I have spoken many times, with many languages, and

in many times and places, and when I was a minor Pope, I was far from  eloquent. I was a petty, religious politician. I can look back, in 
your terms, on that existence, and see a great vitality and exuberance, and that minor Pope still lives. I do not have contact 
with him, and yet he grows and learns because of my experience, and I remember earth more dearly because of his continuing life.

 So you are alive and dead at once, and there is no difference. You
are, again, as alive or as dead now as you will ever be. Many of you
will find yourselves quite surprised upon death, to find that you are
still alive.  

Also, if you are interested there is a vast amount of “Seth” material freely available on the internet. Yale University holds a complete freely available collection. They note it is the second most sourced material in their library!
Here is a link to a complete PDF copy of the Seth book, “Seth Speaks”, if you are interested:-


 Also here is a link to an interesting article by a Dr Paul Cunningham (Professor of Psychology). It provides an analysis of possible methodologies which could be used to determine the source of psychic/medium “teachings” - using “Seth” as an example. I must say it was a delight to see such recent interest in “Seth” teachings at a University level, as a relevant psychology matter, and as a professional science research paper. I thought you might be particularly interested in view of your wish to find the source of how one receives synchronistic information.

 I am surprised that he has tackled this issue as I would think it much harder than assessing the likely validity of all the information provided (by a particular psychic/medium), by sampling and testing for accuracy, consistency, correlation and predictive capability which is my prime interest.

 You might even consider Professor Cunningham’s paper worthy of inclusion in your website.











psychics! Remember that! You question vigorously when a Pope speaks

his edicts, so question when a psychic speaks his or her edicts, and

do not blindly follow any rule or any dogma."