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*Science without religion is lame: religion without science is blind." 

Albert Einstein

12th year of publication

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Dialectical Spiritualism

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Caduceus is a healing, spiritual magazine focusing on psycho-  logical, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental health, therapy and growth, including natural, holistic, energy and complementary medicine.
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Contents of this issue

Articles by Michael Cocks

Into the Wider Dream: Synchronicity in the Witness Box
Sing the Music of your Soul
Strange encounters; Synchronicity perhaps?
“No man is an island”
"No Man is an Island” and Christian Theology

  Michael Tymn

Was President Lincoln a Believer or an Infidel?
Automatic Writing Explained
The Most Awesome Book on Spirit Communication

 Louis de Figueredo
Episcopal Bishop John Spong
Oratio Celtic Poems

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  “Christian Writers Unite” 

God be in my Head
and in my Understanding
October 2015

 Editor: The Rev. Michael Cocks Advisory Editor:  Michael Tymn

Challenging people of all faiths to recognise every gift of the Spirit

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From the Editor:
In the August issue of The Ground of Faith I despairingly asked readers whether it is true that there is no particular good theological writing going on these days about the psychic research that throws light on the teachings of Jesus and Paul. I did get one reply... but more about that in a moment..

How many times at funerals have we clergy  read St Paul's words "there is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body"  and something about  "the last trump"? Do we have to wait for the Last Trump, or do we find we have a spiritual body when we die? Do we care enough about a basic part of Christianity to find out what is the truth? Glib quoting of Scripture is not faith, In the whole experience of humanity is there no answer to be found?  We might then have some  knowledge 
approaching the t ruth.

In the past we have had John Wesley and numerous writers of insightful hymns, we have had Samuel Colerdige, William Blake, Robert Browning and many other important poets. Amongst the thinkers we have had two giants exploring matter and psyche. They are Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Jesuit paleontologist born in 1881, and Carl Gustav Jung, the medical psychiatrist born in 1875. Though they never met, they shared a common vision of the inner dimension of life, a dimension that underlies the process of evolution on planet Earth. We have also had two important Methodists: Raynor C Johnson, and Leslie Weatherhead. Who else?" Baron von Hŭgel ?

Apparently in answer to my despairing question,  a member of Kardec Radio got in contact.  The result was the following radio programme:
"Burning of Spiritist Books in Barcelona"
Kardec Radio
 October 10, 2015

Sergio Marotta interviews Victor Zammit and Michael Cocks 

Other such programmes    This radio is heard in 70 countries.

I found this statement about Spiritism:
    "Spiritism differs from all known religions, by demonstrating the logic of its teachings through scientific studies and experiments, and by presenting a philosophy that is also based on experimentation and observation, as documented by a multitude of intellectuals of universal renown.
    A scientific and philosophic religion of teachings that are basic to all religions, Spiritism does not intend to demolish those faiths which came before it, and instead recognizes their necessity for a great part of Humanity, as humanity's evolution takes place slowly yet inevitably." Wikipedia on Spiritism :

The main Christian traditions have many great spiritual riches to offer their followers,  and I owe a great debt to my own Anglican church. But I find it very painful to see churches weakening, falling away from what we can know by being In Christ, either from skepticism, or from blind literalist interpretation of holy texts.  On the other hand I am most conscious of the many. many people, some church members, some not, who in love and service  have made Christ real not only for me, but for the world.  "Judge not, that ye be not judged" !
Articles by Michael Cocks  

 Outer world – Inner world – Can physics clarify?

If psychic phenomena, synchronicity and communication from the dead are real, then this physical world known by our senses, must be produced by a timeless realm of mind and consciousness. When in physics we talk of strange ideas like “collapsing the wave function,” “quantum entanglement,” “the EPR…Read more

The God  of Love v. Nature red in tooth and claw.

 “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small..The Lord God made them all” we sang in Sunday School. Put that alongside the slaughterhouse of war, the constant suffering both in humans and animals, and ask whether there is a God of love to whom we can pray. I believe there is, but…Read more

“God is Love”/Quantum Mechanics/The psychic = All That Is


Many of those with deep interest in the psychic, would like church people to take some of psychic research into their understanding of Christianity. They would like to point out that what we learn from such studies serves to confirm and throw light on Christian beliefs, such as afterlife, angels, and prayer. They would like to point out that some of these beliefs, together with psychic research and open-minded quantum physics, combine to describe All That Is from three points of view. I personally also suggest that what we call psychic research, or consciousness studies, much enlarges our thoughts about love.  Read

Articles by Michael Tymn
Editor-in-chief of The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies
**How to join the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Inc

Psychology, the Near-Death Experience, and The Isolation Crisis
 As a boy growing up during the 1940s, I knew the names of everyone on my city block – at least eight houses in each direction from the house I lived in and on both sides of the street.  As I pedaled my bike up or down the street, the neighbors might be sitting on their porches or working in their… Read more

Defying Death in Retirement Homes

 Based on a television commercial, a certain retirement home in Hawaii is the place to be in your old age.  People who live there are content, happy, and having a lot of fun, fully enjoying their senior years.  When they are not strolling around the beautiful gardens or playing deck shuffleboard,…Read more

Remembering Raymond Lodge – 100 Years Later

  Since September 14th will mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Second Lieutenant Raymond Lodge  on the battlefield near Ypres, Belgium, it seems like an appropriate time to look back at parts of Raymond’s story, as told by his father, Sir Oliver Lodge, a world-renowned physicist and inventor,… Read more

An Interview with Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson

It seems safe to say that there are very few people living today with more experience and knowledge in psychical research and parapsychology than Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, (below) an 83-year-old resident of Iceland, best remembered for coauthoring, with Dr. Karlis Osis, Read more

Do  make acquaintance with SKEPTICO: Science at the Tipping Point !
Consciousness Science Spirituality Skepticism

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An Interview with Gregory Sams

Case Report :   Two Recent Materialization Seances with Kai Muegge

Jan W. Vandersande, Ph.D.

 I was very fortunate to have had the well-known German materialization medium Kai Muegge come to the Los Angeles area for two séances, on July 19 and 20, 2014.  This article provides a brief background on materializations and describes in detail the amazing events of those two séances from  beginning to end.  Read article

Philosophical Discussion:         

 Understanding the La Salette Apparition                     

  James Paul Pandarakalam MBBS, DPM., RCPSI, DCP, MDCH 

Abstract:  Marian apparitions are all unique in their own way, but authentic ones share common features. Those interested in French visionary events have the well-documented manifestation at La Salette (France, 1846). It incorporated trans-century predictions and has a link with theistic parapsychology. Psychical studies are centred on mind and consciousness, middle/lower planes of the discarnate realm, but Marian apparitions are focussed on the highest dimensions and are highly significant for seekers of the finalities of existence. An apparition might prove its manifestation at the physical site by way of offering predictions that are to be fulfilled at a later date. The Fatima predictions (Portugal, 1917) are more explicable in the context of La Salette – Fr. Rene Laurentin posited that they are complementary.   Read Article 

Personal Experience

   My Dear Duffy 

   Terri Segal, LMFT, ATR 

            The story I am about to share is factually true.  It has been a work of love and pain.  I decided to write about the experiences I began having after the passing of my dear brother Jeff, aka Duffy.  I have kept a record in journal form from the beginning; the dated entries start with the day after Duffy died.  I did not plan to write this, but more felt compelled by something inside of me to share this.  I know that it may sound fantastical, perhaps a product of grief to some.  But maybe, just maybe it is much more.  What I write about is my truth as it has been lived each day.   These experiences are the most miraculous, mysterious thing I have ever known.  They are as real to me as the air I breathe or the table I work at.  

Read on


Into the Wider Dream: Synchronicity in the Witness Box..
listed. Amazon,  Book Depository Kindle etc.  and paperback.   Christchurch NZ: Scorpio Books.
[You can read  selected pages at Amazon.]
August 14, 2015 Auckland NZ: Finalist Ashton Wylie Body, Mind, Spirit Book Award.
Dr Howard Jones, a scientist from Waleshas  written a detailed review of the book, outlining and evaluating its contents.
  Here is a review
from Prof Steven M. Rosen, a philosopher/psychologist from Vancouver. He is important in some of the synchronicity recorded here.
(June 30.) He concludes, "I thoroughly enjoyed this enchanting book, and recommend it to all readers interested in  the phenomenon of synchronicity."
 You can read  a chapter of the book here.

Many years ago there was an unpublished  version of this book, for which   an introduction was written by Mary Rose. former Professor of Philosophy, at Goucher College Baltimore, and President  of the Academy of Spirituality and Consciousness Studies, She began by noting that she and I had been corresponding about synchronicity for ten years. Her preface is an inspiring and helpful review. I much regret  that it was not included in the present book.

   Read reviews of Afterlife Teaching by the Rt Rev Edward Holland, former Bishop of Colchester, the Rt. Rev David Coles, former Bishop of Christchurch, Prof. Mary Rose, Prof. Richard Cocks, Victor Zammit,  Michael Tymn, editor of the ASCS Journal,  Physicist Dr John Moss. With regard to Stephen's words in his native Thracian Greek, and their provenance, Prof. Robin Bond and Dr Paul McKechnie of the Depts. of Classics at Canterbury and Auckland NZ, respectively, were consulted. They helped with translation and affirmed they were genuinely of first cent.CE, (They did not study the rest of the text.)  Dr Leo C.W. Hobbis  organised a seminar with several scientist and theologian participants, under the aegis of the AK Scientific and Medical Network.

Buy through Amazon and the Book Depository.

Oratio Celtic Poems
by the Order of Dionysis and Paul. Read by their authors and set to music.

One review: "A surprising and quite astonishing collection of thoughts and poems. A couple of them brought a tear to the eye. Though some of these pieces are unashamedly Christian in subject and tone, they all tap in the common Truth of what it is to search for a spiritual meaning to Life."  Go to
Amazon  to listen to a sample, read other reviews and perhaps order.