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*Science without religion is lame: religion without science is blind." 

Albert Einstein

12th year of publication

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Contents of this issue

Articles by Michael Cocks

 You and I live in the real world -don't we?
However could that have happened? The Outer and Inner Egos
Open-minded teaching about Spirit and Religion
Articles by Michael Tymn
Just Wondering (about death)!
Was Mary Lincoln a Lunatic?
What the Advanced Spirits Told a Lawyer!
The French Revelation: Some Forgotten Treasures Resurrected
blog of Elene Gusch
Congress UFO Secret Meeting 2015 - The Sirius Disclosure Projects
Roberta Tatom: The Last Taboo
The Vision of Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Into the Wider Dream: Synchronicity in the Witness Box..

"Why science is wrong..
  about almost everything"
August  2015

 Editor: The Rev. Michael Cocks Advisory Editor:  Michael Tymn
Challenging people of all faiths to recognise every gift of the Spirit     

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FROM THE EDITOR: Recently I was a Finalist in the Ashton Wylie Body Mind Spirit Book  Awards for my book Into the Wider Dream. It was nice to have that book recognised in that way. It was also good  to discuss with other writers what led them to write their books. My personal urge has for many years been to look at some of the beliefs of my Anglican church from the point of view of psychic research and consciousness studies. In some parts of my spiritual life, I have got beyond faith and belief, to knowing. It has led me to stronger acceptance of some Scripture, and rejection of teachings in the Old Testament which I see as totally at odds with the teaching of Jesus.
Clergy have supported me, during the thirteen year life of this journal, but I have searched in vain for theologians and teachers who take cognizance of this field of study. Well, I did meet one in Auckland to my great pleasure.. I asked her if she would give me a list of other open-minded theologians. There was one in Norway, she said. I invite readers to tell me how wrong I am in being so pessimistic. Please. [I admit there are indeed some associated with the Academy of Spirituality and Consciousness Studies in the USA]

Articles by Michael Cocks
You and I live in the real world -don't we?

I am considering the world as we know it through our physical senses. Present to my senses is the computer in front of me resting on a table. This table appears to have colour, hardness, to be opaque with nothing passing through it. But a study of optics will show that there is no colour as such in the object we perceive, but rather the wavelength or frequency of the light reflected from an object is translated by the mind and the brain into the experience of the colour. Similarly with sound: vibrations of certain wavelengths are transmitted through the air, interpreted by the ear, the brain and consciousness as soundWe understand that table to be solid, but read the blog

However could that have happened? The Outer and Inner Egos.

Recently I wondered how it was possible for me to read about the physicist David Bohm for the first time, say to myself how important it would be for me to study him carefully, go to the mailbox and then find a parcel from the USA with a book with the acknowledgement page reading “thanks to David Bohm and… [my name] Michael Cocks.” First the thought, then five minutes later, the synchronicity in print, in that book from America...“How was it possible?”That sounds like a scientific question. Read the blog

Open-minded teaching about Spirit and Religion

 There is, I think, an urgent need for churches, church schools, theological colleges, and other educational institutions, to acknowledge the huge body of records of trustworthy experiences relating to the spiritual dimension, the consistent descriptions of its nature, and to teach about things spiritual…read more

 Articles by Michael Tymn

Editor-in-chief of The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies
**How to join the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Inc.

Just Wondering (about death)!

While recently accompanying a granddaughter around the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, so much of which sets forth biological evolution as fact, I wondered if fundamentalist Christians – at least those fundamentalists rejecting Darwinism – were among the visitors and how they reacted to it all.  I wondered how there can be such absolute certainty when there is still that “missing link.”  I thought about the comment by Alfred Russel Wallace, (below) co-originator with Darwin of the natural selection theory of evolution, that the evidence for a spirit world is as good as the evidence for evolution and wondered if the evidence is still as good as it was back then, concluding that it was much greater in both areas.  Read on

Was Mary Lincoln a Lunatic?
We the undersigned jurors in the case of Mary Lincoln (below) are satisfied that Mary Lincoln is insane and is a fit person to be in a state hospital for the insane – that her age is 56 – that the disease is of unknown duration – that the cause is unknown – that she is not subject to epilepsy – that she does not manifest homicidal or suicidal tendencies and that she is not a pauper.” Read on

 What the Advanced Spirits Told a Lawyer!

“In conducting my experiments, I have always insisted that they should be done in my own home under such conditions only as I should provide,” Edward V. Randall wrote of his more than 700 sittings with Emily S. French, a direct-voice medium (see my blog of two weeks ago for more about Randall and…Read more

The French Revelation:  Some Forgotten Treasures Resurrected

N. Riley Heagerty, a 53-year-old resident of Buckeye, Arizona, (below) has sat with a number of physical mediums, both in Great Britain and in the U.S. and has witnessed an abundance of physical phenomena,…

Read more

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Do have a look at the blog of Elene Gusch and her experiences of Beethoven and Chopin. Modern science can make no sense of it, but that doesn't mean that we hearing about mere fantasy. The blog


  Congress UFO Secret Meeting 2015 - The Sirius Disclosure Projects

YouTube video of the proceedings published on 8 Apr 2015  Webpage for the project


I have just finished a second reading of Tsakiris' Why Science is wrong.. . He gripped my attention throughout, and I was reluctant to put the book down. It was so interesting because they were based on his 200 plus challenging podcast interviews with the world's leading consciousness researchers and thinkers, where he uses simple personal language, polite but incisive questions are firmly put exposing the absurdity of the official story that consciousness is nothing but activities in the brain, that we are robots without free will. As we are in fact all human beings, with human emotions and sympathies, those maintaining the robot view, are at pains to reveal their altruistic humanity. Basically Tsakiris rubs in the contradiction of “ we are the result of meaningless chance” versus “altruism”. I was particularly interested in the chapter which convincingly argues that Charles Darwin stole 69 pages of research material of Alfred Russel Wallace who had done much more extensive research into the origin of species, and passed them off as his own, giving it a more materialist slant.

Roberta Tatom: The Last Taboo

Limbo: "The Last Taboo: a synopsis of 600 reported experiences of life after death"  by Roberta Tatom. 2001    Read her book

  In a Psychic Rescue Group, the focus is on helping the departed to move away from being earthbound, to understand their true present situation, and to move toward the Light.  A close psychologist friend,the late Roberta Tatom, was participant in such a group for some years in the Christchurch NZ suburb, Aranui. Having found an uploadable version of her book, I present it here.  Her work deserves to be widely known, the short trance communications are laden with depth of emotion, and a sense of being very real, and not the product of imagination. Try it and see.

The Vision of Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:

   The life of an unconventional spiritual visionary

 Howard Jones

Marie Joseph Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was born on 1 May 1881 at Sarcenat, Orcines, near Clermont-Ferrand, the provincial capital of the Auvergne in France. He was the fourth of eleven children.  
 Following the interests of his father Emmanuel in natural history, Teilhard ascribed his own interests in geology especially to experiencing the delights of nature in Auvergne where he spent his childhood. His childhood years were happy surrounded by a devout and happy family. He would eventually become a geologist and palaeontologist who also made pioneering discoveries in the field of human evolution: he participated in the discovery of Peking Man. The crystals in the volcanic rocks of the Auvergne provided a plentiful source of wonder.Read


"The Ground of Faith" , "Afterlife teachings from Stephen the Martyr" and "Into the Wider Dream" all exist because of a bewildering series of impossible synchronicities in the early 1970s, where a diverse group of spiritual seekers found themselves asking questions of a spirit who appeared to be Stephen, the first Christian Martyr. 

A London Jew,Thomas Ashman, never previously a medium, had without warning been used as a channel of communication, and synchronicity brought him and these seekers together three months later, in Christchurch New Zealand.   "Into the Wider Dream" describes the synchronicity, "Afterlife Teachings" give Stephen's teachings, so much in line with that of the great mystics of all religions, the view of reality given us by some great physicists, and much in common with the Gospel of John. We "seekers" were creative and lively people, but as always were far from perfect, subject to errors of judgement.

Into the Wider Dream: Synchronicity in the Witness Box..
listed. Amazon,  Book Depository Kindle etc.  and paperback.   Christchurch NZ: Scorpio Books.
[You can read  selected pages at Amazon.]
August 14, 2015 Auckland NZ: Finalist Ashton Wylie Body, Mind, Spirit Book Award.
Dr Howard Jones, a scientist from Waleshas  written a detailed review of the book, outlining and evaluating its contents.
  Here is a review
from Prof Steven M. Rosen, a philosopher/psychologist from Vancouver. He is important in some of the synchronicity recorded here.
(June 30.) He concludes, "I thoroughly enjoyed this enchanting book, and recommend it to all readers interested in  the phenomenon of synchronicity."
 You can read  a chapter of the book here.

Many years ago there was an unpublished  version of this book, for which   an introduction was written by Mary Rose. former Professor of Philosophy, at Goucher College Baltimore, and President  of the Academy of Spirituality and Consciousness Studies, She began by noting that she and I had been corresponding about synchronicity for ten years. Her preface is an inspiring and helpful review. I much regret  that it was not included in the present book.

   Read reviews of Afterlife Teaching by the Rt Rev Edward Holland, former Bishop of Colchester, the Rt. Rev David Coles, former Bishop of Christchurch, Prof. Mary Rose, Prof. Richard Cocks, Victor Zammit,  Michael Tymn, editor of the ASCS Journal,  Physicist Dr John Moss. With regard to Stephen's words in his native Thracian Greek, and their provenance, Prof. Robin Bond and Dr Paul McKechnie of the Depts. of Classics at Canterbury and Auckland NZ, respectively, were consulted. They helped with translation and affirmed they were genuinely of first cent.CE, (They did not study the rest of the text.)  Dr Leo C.W. Hobbis  organised a seminar with several scientist and theologian participants, under the aegis of the AK Scientific and Medical Network.
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