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Rare Spirit Communications: A High Spiritual Adventure and Mission


by John Finnemore, Ph.D.


When, for a few weeks in 1956, Michael Flagg from California had daily sittings with top mediums in London, England, where he was unknown, at first he could not believe what his spirit visitors told him. They said they were visiting from the highest spirit realms, that he had been long committed to their cause, and that he had undertaken this life to serve as their representative on earth. Naturally he was very skeptical at first.

Born in 1903, Michael was a writer-composer. He wrote plays, articles, and poems, and composed songs. Later in life he became the editor of an industrial safety magazine. Soon after he started exploring spiritualism, mediumship, and spiritual philosophy taught by spirit guides, he began to receive insistent messages about a special mission and to visit England.

There, his spirit visitors spoke through an independent direct voice medium or through various deep trance mediums and explained their plans to Michael in normal discussion. To confirm their identities, they spoke with him through various mediums who were unaware of his other sittings. And they brought with them various deceased loved ones and well-known figures from the past, who all told Michael of the importance of the work he was about to begin. Most of the sessions were recorded on tape or in longhand notes and promptly typed up.

Michael would enter each sitting with dozens of questions, which the spirit visitors usually answered before he could ask them. They explained that their visiting from such high realms was extremely difficult due to the great difference in the levels of vibrations. This has made such high-level communications extremely rare. But once in a long while, as in this case, they set up the special conditions that enable them to directly communicate their teachings to someone on earth.

The spirit visitors told Michael their mission together was to promote on earth a higher consciousness, which would lead to a better way of life that emphasizes higher spirituality, where people live united in love, peace, and harmony, in universal spiritual brother-and-sisterhood. They were very concerned about present life on earth: its lagging spiritual development, the widespread chaos and suffering caused by greed and hunger for power, and the threats that occur from time to time to all or most life on earth. As one distinguished guide told him “You have been chosen to help humanity out of this darkened state.”

To his amazement, in time Michael discovered that these visitors of extraordinary spirituality and wisdom included many of the greatest prophets, enlightened beings, and spirit guides this world has known. We refer to them as Illumined Souls. Later he learned that some of them are today still revered by hundreds of millions of people on earth. For most of us, however, the best evidence for their spiritual stature lies in their teachings. And one of their most insistent and frequent teachings was to not accept anything unthinkingly from anyone, themselves included. They have said “We present things as we find them to be… It is our joy to share” and they invited us to partake only of what seems right to us. Furthermore, what they presented is the consensus of their group, not the teachings of a single teacher; this also is quite rare, and is surely preferable.

Those Illumined Souls asked Michael to not reveal any of their recognizable names. They gave a number of reasons for this, but the main reason is their desire for people to accept teachings that resonate well with them, rather than because of the names of the presenters. They stressed that what they teach is more important than the identity of the teachers.

After Michael returned to California, the spirit teachers found for him an outstandingly spiritual, humble, deep-trance American medium, through whom they continued to regularly discuss their spiritual philosophy and teachings for another 25 years.

For their teaching purposes they asked Michael to establish a nonprofit organization on earth, now The Universal Spiritual Brother&Sisterhood (USB), patterned and named after its parent spirit organization. It is an organization of spiritual truth, not a religion. Its principles include that all humankind are spiritual brothers and sisters, without exception, and that we are each personally responsible for all we say, think, and do. Its purposes include bringing a universal awareness of the spark of God within each of us, breaking down barriers between peoples and between individuals, replacing ignorance with truth, and forming one great spiritual brother-and-sisterhood throughout the world.  Besides promoting universality, spirituality, and brother-and-sisterhood like its name implies, the USB also emphasizes spiritual truth, the use of reason, personal freedom for all, giving selfless service, the need to make serious effort in support of our aspirations, and an absence of commercialism, soliciting, rituals, debating, and politics.

The Illumined Souls also asked Michael to compile and publish regular newsletters containing their teachings; over the years he produced more than 90, which they always reviewed before he distributed them free to interested people around the world. 

And they encouraged the formation of small USB groups that meet to study or discuss their teachings, put them into effect, and spread them. They said that if, after studying and responding positively to most of their teachings and philosophy, sufficient numbers (thousands) of people on earth become committed to the same spiritual objectives as these Illumined Souls, then “there are great forces that can be brought into being, whereby we can, through the right people, when the time comes, demonstrate the power of God that flows through us.” Members of USB groups have said that participating in those meetings has been among the most uplifting and satisfying experiences of their lives, as well as leading to wonderful friendships.

 I joined the USB in 1959 while living in England and when I later emigrated and happened to move to Michael’s vicinity we became friends. But I did not participate in Michael’s spirit communications. Late in his life Michael asked me if I would complete the compiling of the newsletters into a book, which Michael had only begun and could not complete for health reasons. I was allowed to change the wording if necessary but not to change the meaning. Of course I did not realize the amount of work involved. In early 1992 Michael returned to spirit life and his medium could no longer practice due to her frailty.

The book has just been released, titled Spiritual Light: Universal Teachings from the Highest Spirit Realms. Containing the complete official collection of USB teachings it is a large book. It is printed both in paperback form and in a compact, durable deluxe version (see the USB website). Its fourteen chapters address truth, spiritual laws, love, responsibility, spiritual progress, psychic phenomena, life on earth and in the spirit realms, and many related subjects.

Spiritual Light has received rave reviews, which of course reflect upon the spirit communications. Deepak Chopra has called it “A fascinating account of what is possible for humans…” while Psychic World, a British Spiritualist newspaper, has described it as “the book Spiritualism has been waiting for – comprehensive, concise and well written ‒ The Spiritualist Bible for the twenty-first Century.” Victor and Wendy Zammit, authors and producers of the weekly Friday Afterlife Report for over 13 years, have said that “this work is coming from the highest vibration.” Our own editor, Michael Tymn, has written that “this book has more meaningful answers than any other book I have read.” Other authoritative reviewers have said it is “an encyclopedia of wisdom,” and transmits “the light of God.”

It is not possible to describe here the book’s extensive teachings, or to present their beauty and spirituality, so let me give some brief introductions.

The way of life that Illumined Souls promote through the USB and Spiritual Light would make spirituality central in all people’s lives. For, as they teach, developing our spirituality is a principal reason why we come to live on earth.

Spirituality is by far the most important of our noble qualities, they teach; it is part of our consciousness and is evidenced less by words than by deeds; the nobler our character, ideals, aspiration, and efforts, the greater is our spirituality. Spiritual people live simply, are humble and sincere, are channels for good; act, speak, and think in godly ways; and express love, beauty, and the light of The Most High at every opportunity in their daily lives. To live spiritually in a material world is the great achievement.

Further, Illumined Souls would like us to focus more on higher spiritual philosophy, on developing our moral character, and on becoming more conscious of the Divine in our lives. It is for these purposes that they have shared with us their spiritual guidance and wisdom. They teach that for an individual to make spiritual progress, spirituality alone is not sufficient; it must be accompanied by a working knowledge of The Spiritual Laws That Govern. The most important of those laws that they teach about include those of Personal Responsibility, Service, Reciprocation, Cause and Effect, Compensation, Brotherly and Sisterly Love, Attraction, Affinity, Life, Vibration, Motion, Change, Variety, and Multiplication.

In conclusion, the USB teachings make it quite clear that a belief in or acceptance of an afterlife, and communication with it, is just a first step towards revelations of truth and beauty almost beyond our imagination.


John Finnemore, is a lead volunteer with The Universal Spiritual Brother&Sisterhood ( and co-editor of its book, Spiritual Light. He can be reached at