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*Science without religion is lame: religion without science is blind." 

Albert Einstein

12th year of publication

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Contents of this issue

Articles by Michael Cocks

*Two former Bishops of Durham and the Resurrection
 * Could Anglicans be a little more brave about psychic research?
“Lead Kindly Light..”

  Carla Wills-Brandon:

*Looking Deeper into the Myth that Progressive Jews Don’t Believe in an Afterlife

Michael Tymn

*The Society for Psychical Research Tackles Internet Encyclopedia Project

*Evidence of Psychic Phenomena vs. Enlightenment

*Different Mind-Sets in the Search for Truth

*Musical Prodigies:  Spirit Guides, Genetics, or both?

"Resuscitation" NDEs

Rare Spirit Communications: A High Spiritual Adventure and Mission by John Finnemore, Ph.D.

The Brainstem Brainwaves of Atman-Brahmin:Author Sutapas Bhattacharya

Jeremiah P. Ostriker and Simon Mitton, Heart of Darkness: Unraveling the  Mysteries of the Invisible Universe, Princeton University Press, 2013

Paul Hewitt Photography

I believe in the Holy Spirit  Rev. Bosco Peters

Why Don’t Progressive Jews Believe in an Afterlife? Are They Missing Something? - Stafford Betty  

Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal

Anna Breytenbach Demonstrates Animal Telepathy

    December 2014
Two former Bishops of Durham and the Resurrection.
 Editor: The Rev. Michael Cocks Advisory Editor:  Michael Tymn
Challenging people of all faiths to recognise every gift of the Spirit     

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Articles by Michael Cocks  
  Editor of The Ground of Faith. Author of  Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr
  Two former Bishops of Durham and the Resurrection.

 Some Anglican leaders welcome experience based investigation of an afterlife, others do not. That is a problem.

When my wife and I visited York Minster, the seat of the Archbishop of York, in 1986, repairs were under way to the roof of the south transept where there had been a disastrous fire caused by lightning strike. It happened on the 6th July 1984, three days after David Jenkins had been consecrated Bishop of Durham. He had been so bold as to say that the resurrection body of Jesus had been a spiritual body, not a physical body, that there had been no “conjuring trick with bones.” The lightning strike had been a sign of God’s wrath, conservative Christians proclaimed. Read

  Could Anglicans be a little more brave about psychic research?

 Anyone familiar with White Crow Books, Victor Zammit’s weekly newsletter, or this month’s The Ground of Faith will find compelling witnesses to the reality of the spiritual dimension, to a Spirit that is in all, through all, and above all, as described in the New Testament. The evidence has been available for many years, yet officially at least the churches are almost entirely silent about it. Some churches even decry such evidence as “Satanic.”

Because of many personal experiences, I felt motivated to try and draw the attention of clergy in the Anglican Church (and others) to this wonderful and confirming body of knowledge, and so established The Ground of Faith. Read on


“Lead Kindly Light..”

 All religions see us human beings as living in more than one dimension. They see us as physical beings, who are trying to earn a living, manage the difficulties of their lives, using their reason and knowledge in the process. They also show us as deeply influenced by an emotional and spiritual pull…Read more

By Carla Wills-Brandon 

Looking Deeper into the Myth that Progressive Jews Don’t Believe in an Afterlife

As an afterlife investigator I always enjoy hearing other researchers’ opinions, and look forward to reading their works. This helps me stay open to new ideas, makes me think and keeps me on my toes. I learned a long time ago that when it comes to investigating spirit matters, this journey is a “we” deal and we as a community must try to be respectful when publicly discussing one another’s work. That said, I recently read an article by author Stafford Betty, PhD, Professor of Religion at the University of California, Bakersfield, California titled, “Why Don’t Progressive Jews Believe in an Afterlife? Are They Missing Something?” dated November 4th, 2014. In his title the Professor makes a blanket statement insinuating all progressive branches of Judaism must be “missing” something because they don’t believe in an afterlife...Read on...

Articles by Michael Tymn

Editor-in-chief of The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies
**How to join the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Inc.

The Society for Psychical Research Tackles Internet Encyclopedia Project

 I recently interviewed Robert McLuhan (below) for the December issue of “The Searchlight,” a publication of The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies.  Below is a slightly abbreviated… Read more

Evidence of Psychic Phenomena vs. Enlightenment

Many people complain that we get nothing but trivialities from mediums.  They ask why the purported spirits don’t tell us what life is like on their side of the veil, why we are here, what life is all about, something really meaningful.  William James, one of the pioneers of…Read more

 Different Mind-Sets in the Search for Truth

 When William Stainton Moses, a Church of England priest, first read about the mediumship of D. D. Home he called it the “dreariest twaddle.”  His good friend, Dr. Stanhope Speer referred to it as all “stuff and nonsense.”  It wasn’t long after their cynical remarks were made that Moses discovered… Read more

  Musical Prodigies:  Spirit Guides, Genetics, or Both?

Have you ever wondered about your guides in the spirit world?  Are they assigned to you at birth?  Do different guides come and go during your lifetime?  Do you have only one at a time?  Do they choose you or are you assigned to them by some higher authority?  In recently…Read more

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Explore this summary of NDEs, quoting many doctors.

On the same subject, but disregard advert about past lives.

Rare Spirit Communications: A High Spiritual Adventure and Mission 

by John Finnemore, Ph.D.

"Born in 1903, Michael [Flagg] was a writer-composer. He wrote plays, articles, and poems, and composed songs. Later in life he became the editor of an industrial safety magazine. Soon after he started exploring spiritualism, mediumship, and spiritual philosophy taught by spirit guides, he began to receive insistent messages about a special mission and to visit England.

There, his spirit visitors spoke through an independent direct voice medium or through various deep trance mediums and explained their plans to Michael in normal discussion. To confirm their identities, they spoke with him through various mediums who were unaware of his other sittings. And they brought with them various deceased loved ones and well-known figures from the past, who all told Michael of the importance of the work he was about to begin" Read on

 The Brainstem Brainwaves of Atman-Brahmin

Author Sutapas Bhattacharya

 2015,  Hardback,  632 Pages   
ISBN10, ISBN13 8121212219, 9788121212212 

Short Description
ABOUT THE BOOK:- The Divine Light (Pure Consciousness) is central to Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam/Sufism, Platonism/Neoplatonism, Gnosticism and Hermeticism. It is the Universal Spirit within us. With masses of evidence drawn from scholarly sources, this book demonstrates how the archetypal spiritual experiences underlying religious myths are explained scientifically based on the true scientific explanation of The Light and of enlightenment.  Read the whole description


Jeremiah P. Ostriker and Simon Mitton, Heart of Darkness: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Invisible Universe, Princeton University Press, 2013

Katherine Freese, The Cosmic Cocktail: Three Parts Dark Matter, Princeton University Press, 2014

It’s ironic that one of the achievements of which modern science is most proud is discovering that it doesn’t know what the vast majority of the universe is made of. As Ostriker and Mitton sum up in Heart of Darkness: ‘We seem to have been forced into one of the oddest situations ever encountered in science. We have a model for the universe that really works in the sense that it truly passes every empirical test; yet it is founded on two mysterious, invisible components whose influence is palpable but whose nature is totally obscure to us.’  Read on
Paul Hewitt Photography
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I believe in the Holy Spirit
Rev. Bosco Peters

I have a significant announcement to make: I can levitate. In fact I am levitating now.

You are not touching anything. You are not touching the chair you are sitting on. If you think of yourself as a pile of particles you might think that the particles – the marbles that make up my finger are now in contact with the particles, the marbles, that make up the plastic of the keyboard of this laptop. Well, even under standard particles theory, remember that on the outside of everything is electrons – no protons or neutrons on the outside. OK so far? Electrons are negatively charged, and repel all other negatively charged electrons. So this finger never actually touches this keyboard. The electrons of my finger repel the electrons of this keyboard. There is always a gap between them. And the reality of this repelling is interpreted in my brain as the experience that we call touching. Even though there is always a gap. Always.  Read on...

   Why Don’t Progressive Jews Believe in an Afterlife?  Are They Missing Something?  -  Stafford Betty

Shirley was in her mid-nineties when she died.  Long ago she lost faith in Jewish religious teachings, but she loved her people and frequently wrote of Jewish life, even religious life, in our local newspaper.  She was a “cultural Jew” and a member of the local Reformed Jewish synagogue.

Her daughter and son-in-law, both in their seventies and my good friends, do not believe Shirley survived her death.  Their view is typical of well educated, prosperous, progressive Jews affiliated with Reform Judaism, the largest Jewish denomination in North America.  Rabbi Howard Jaffe sums up their position on the afterlife: Read on

The Illusion of Reality ~ consciousness & quantum theory


Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal


Differentiating Experiences from Events, and Validity from Authenticity in the Anthropology of Consciousness - Stanley Krippner & Mark A. Schroll .......
Experiencing Dream Telepathy (Or Non-Local Memory): A Fifty Year Retrospective Autobiographical Analysis - Mark A. Schroll....

Psychic Dreams: Evidence, Transformational Process and Magical Thinking - David Luke   etc. etc.  Explore

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ANNA BREYTENBACH DEMONSTRATES ANIMAL TELEPATHY Anna Breytenbach is a South African-based professional animal communicator who has received advanced training through the Assisi International Animal Institute in California, USA. She's been practicing for 12 years in South Africa, Europe and the USA with both domestic and wild animals. She works with both domestic animals and wildlife, and runs workshops around southern Africa, also touring Europe and the USA.
Black Leopard and The Animal Communicator, Anna Breytenbach