Dear Michael,
I read your last blog, and saw that you picked up on my comment about WISE. Great. I’m happy that you got into it.
Your own e-zine belongs also in the WISE archives!
Also great that you are collecting reliable sites for your next blog.
Since you start with dowsing, do you know this little story? It’s a treat.
Elisabeth Lloyd Mayer’s book is also a good one from the perspective of a baffles scientist: Extraordinary Knowing (2007)
But you’re not asking about books.
Maybe this movie is interesting to mention, about parapsychological research as it is done now, with important people.
This YouTube is wonderful for you personally, I gather, if you don’t know it yet:
And this is the most hilarious and intelligent analysis ever written, I think, about debunkery, by film maker Daniel Drasin, who also made an interesting documentary about EVP. (also on the site) But if you want people to understand what they are up to, mention this article!
A site especially started to fight debunking and stressing the difference between scepticism and debunkery is  SCEPCOP
One of my own favorite bloggers is Michael Prescott, always well informed on things paranormal:
A great site – and blog – is Dean Radin’s
Charles Tart:  ( his TASTE archive is also interesting!)
Stephen Braude:
and this one:
There is so much...
For you personally, you know IAPSOP  , Marc Demarest scanning a million old Spiritiualistic periodicals, also becoming part of the WISE project in time.
And of course you know PsyPioneer
Magazines with standing , freely available on internet:
Just got this about the recent conference in the Netherlands, where WISE was presented:
Over the last few years several very good books were written about the changing paradigm and the ‘science crisis’ .
Apart from Craig Weiler’s book and the wonderful books of Robert McLuhan and George Hanson:
Rupert Sheldrake’s ‘The Science Delusion’ , Charles Tart ‘The End of Materialism’ , LLoyd Mayer ‘Extraordinary Knowing’ and several others.
There is much much more. I’m sorry if I have given you many links you and Michael Tymn are already aware of.
It’s wonderful that you pay attention to this growing problem by mentioning alternatives. Skeptics are getting harder (more desperate?), but the other side is getting more vocal too. May the good guys win!
Thank you for all the effort you put into your blogs, I love to read them.
Best wishes,
Loes Modderman