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*Science without religion is lame: religion without science is blind." 

Albert Einstein

12th year of publication

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*Articles by Michael Cocks
+The Resurrection at Easter
+An interdimensional tennis match
+One, or Man. Which?
*Michael Tymn
+An Easter message that makes sense
+Knowing if you are dead or not.
+Is heaven for real?
+Was Aidin Ballou the first psychic researcher?
Jeffrey John Kripal: Authors of the Impossible
Elizabeth Mayer: The Harp that came back.
Richard Cocks: Taleb, Mystery and Conservatism
Richard Cocks: Damage Done: Philosophy, Medicine, And The Preventable Harm We Do
Marion Browne: The Soul and Rationality

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Spend hours exploring these very important linksLawyer Makes Closing Arguments for Life After 'Death' 

harp  June 2014
  The Harp that came back

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A Sermon for the Sunday After Ascension Day: Michael Cocks

Here we are gathered for worship in church.  Our physical bodies are in this beautiful physical church in this particular place and this particular time.  In this space and time we are having communion with each other and with a God beyond space and time who is in all, through all, and above all.  God is spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.  The spirits of each of us are eternal and come from God.  That is why we are called children of God.  The spirit part of each of us is beyond  space and time. Read

Articles by Michael Cocks  
  Editor of The Ground of Faith. Author of  Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr

The Resurrection at Easter

If we accept the reality of the afterlife, we shall have to agree that Jesus rose from the dead.  And we will have to agree with St Paul when he says that we also rise from the dead: “When [our body] is buried, it is mortal, when raised, it will be immortal.” [1 C0r 15:14]  Like a seed,…Read more


lanternAn interdimensional tennis match?

If we can agree that there are both spiritual and physical dimensions, then we can ask which dimension is boss, so to speak. Some people say it is the see-and-touch world, others say that world is, so to speak, a kind of illusory dream, created by the spiritual dimension. But perhaps the fact is,… Read more


conductingOne or Many? Which?

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” But while we are driving to work, in heavy traffic, and doing everything necessary to earn a crust, we are focusing on life in a way in which the Bible quote makes no sense.  We can call it the Sensory-Physical focus where we focus…

Read more        [You may enjoy reading this as a slide presentation, with  pictures and videos]

Michael Tymn

Editor-in-chief of The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies
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artofdyingAn Easter Message That Makes Sense

Posted on 07 April 2014, 12:19

With Easter approaching, I think of how much more sense it would make if Christianity would totally dismiss the idea of a physical body being resurrected and accept the evidence that has come to us through psychical research.  I am reminded of the 2001 movie, The Body, in which the… Read more


swedenborgKnowing if you are dead or not

Posted on 21 April 2014, 9:59

There have been numerous messages and signs from the spirit world indicating that many spirits are slow in recognizing that they are “dead,” some floundering in an “earthbound” stupor for a long time, however time is measured in that realm. This phenomenon was popularized in the hit movie, The…Read more


dexterIs Heaven for Real?

Posted on 05 May 2014, 20:14

The principal difficulty confronting the survival hypothesis is an intelligible Hereafter.  – H. H.  Price, Wykeham professor of logic, Oxford Univ.

Most journalists seem to feel that they have to treat anything relating to the afterlife or the spirit world with tongue… Read more 


BallouWas Adin Ballou the First Psychical Researcher?

Posted on 19 May 2014, 12:34

Although the formation of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) in London during 1882 is considered by many to be the beginning of scientific research into psychic phenomena, it is clear to anyone delving into the subject that there was considerable research going on well before then, beginning…  Read more


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kripalJeffrey John Kripal
is J. Newton Rayzor Professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought and former chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Read WIki about him.
A Rice University Blog presents an article entitled, "Kripal explores paranormal activity in a new book..and film."
Kripal’s book, “Authors of the Impossible,” aims to give a history of psychic phenomena through the last two centuries of Western thought to provide a framework to discussing the ideas and events cited as paranormal, such as near-death experiences and telepathic dreams. 

“Our minds are interacting with physical reality in ways that don’t make sense, so we just write it off,” Kripal said. “The easy way out is to say it’s a coincidence or simply fraudulent, but the evidence, in the best cases anyway, is just too strong.”

For the book, he pored over the research and writings of F.W.H. Myers, a British psychic researcher; Charles Fort, an American writer and humorist; Jacques Vall
ée, an astronomer, computer scientist and UFOlogist; and Bertrand Méheust, a French philosopher. In the process of presenting their work, he illustrates how psychic and paranormal events once considered mystical, spiritual or occult are manifesting in today’s modern scientific culture and how they can be fruitfully approached as moments in which the world ceases to function like a mechanistic machine and begins to look more like a living story  Read the article
The book has been made into a film. View this trailer

Recently Radio New Zealand presented an interview with Jeffrey Kripal    
" Embracing the unexplained - dreams that come true - feelings of déja vu. We talk to professor Jeffery Kripal who is the head of religious studies at Rice University in Texas. He says we need to study the impossible to understand our brains and ourselves." Duration:  23′ 36″

Sutapas Bhattacharya takes exception to Kripal's treatment of Bengali mystic Ramakrishna "in his notorious work"  Kali’s Child

One of the stories told in Kripal's  film is "The harp that came back"

ExtraordinaryElizabeth Lloyd Mayer tells this story in her book Extraordinary Knowing
"In 1991, when her daughter’s rare, hand-carved harp was stolen, Lisby Mayer’s familiar world of science and rational thinking turned upside down. After the police failed to turn up any leads, a friend suggested she call a dowser—a man who specialized in finding lost objects. With nothing to lose—and almost as a joke—Dr. Mayer agreed. Within two days,......"  
mayer View this video where she tells the story:

   "The Harp that came back.

Other examples of Dowsing:
Abée Mermet

In a book by D.J. Conway, we can read, "After World War I Abée Mermet used his map dowsing to locate German incendiary shells Although a few hundred years previously Abée Mermee would have been burned at the stake by th church, the Vatican recognised him for his work in 1935. He invented a special kind of pendulum consisting of several kinds of metals, the top of which could be unscrewed and tiny samples of sought metal placed inside"
Operation Stargate:  Remote Viewing, which can involve forms of dowsing, has been used by Americans, Russians and Chinese for espionage. Here is a good website

[Skeptics recently have been sabotaging Wikipedia articles favouring a non-materialist understanding of reality.  For instance, the Wikipedia article on Dowsing has the words inserted, "There is no scientific evidence that dowsing is effective."

Prominent Skeptic activist, psychologist Richard Wiseman has stated with regard to Operation Stargate that by ordinary scientific standards of verification, the reality of remote viewing would be established. But that, in view of the unlikelihood that remote viewing is a reality, much higher standards of verification must be employed.  "If I said that I had seen a car accident, my testimony could be accepted; but if I said that I saw a UFO in my back garden, you would require much more stringent proof." (Words to that effect.) Thus  Wiseman equates the results of fifteen years of military research with seeing a UFO in his back garden.

Similarly on a Discovery programme compered by Arthur C. Clarke, Skeptic James Randi tested dowsers by inviting them to find a series of buried metals, and then pots of water. The dowsers did quite well with the water, but not with the metals. As a positive result would not be acceptable to Randi, he averaged the two sets of results, and declared that no evidence for dowsing had been produced.

talebTaleb, Mystery and Conservatism
by Prof Richard M. Cocks

Dr Cocks remarks, 
"One of the things I have found interesting about Taleb is the way he extends what I had in my own thinking thought of as ‘mystery’ to areas of human life I had not previously considered. My list of the ‘mysterious’ had included life: what is it, where did it come from and why; consciousness, morality and free will. Emotion too is mysterious because it is implicated in a proper existential attitude to the world and yet it is not fully intelligible. Emotion complements reason but by definition is not simply reason itself. Thus its workings and logic has to be intuited and felt rather than fully explicated.... Thinkers devoid of intuition and emotion make a terrible impression on me.  Read on..      
If this article interested you, you may want to read a companion article by the same author:
Damage Done: Philosophy, Medicine, And The Preventable Harm We Do

Lawyer Makes Closing Arguments for Life After 'Death'
David Howard

The first book I downloaded and read on my new Kindle was Victor Zammit's newly revised edition of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife.
Victor is a man I've admired for a long time. A retired attorney in Australia, for more than 20 years he and his wife have dedicated themselves to afterlife research and communication of their findings worldwide via the Internet. Read

The Soul and Rationality

by Marion Browne

The way in which some modern philosophers, scientists and historians conceal or distort inconvenient facts in order to safeguard cherished hypotheses should worry us all. In medicine, of course, such attitudes can literally be a matter of life and death when research that contra-indicates a particular treatment is never published and other unsuspecting patients suffer avoidable harm. But just as serious is the harm that such deception does to our souls.
     Alister McGrath provides us with a prime example of academic deceit in his book The Twilight of Atheism. Most of us are familiar with the tale of how Thomas Huxley got the better of Bishop Wilberforce.  Read on..

AECESNew afterlife website: Do explore

 ÆCES (rhymes with "basis") is a non-profit organization dedicated to discerning and disseminating the most convincing evidence for the Survival of the human personality after the demise of the physical body.

Visit the website    Visit "WHAT MAKES A GREAT CASE FOR SURVIVAL? Conference lecture by Miles Edward Allen"

   isenmannLois Isenman's INTUITION INDEPTH

david howardDavid H. Howard: Spirit Communion
The religion, philosophy and science of Spiritualism
 Great articles, and provides useful links to other resources and sites.

   GuschElene Gusch:  Elene Explores
    The superior spirits “have a language always worthy, noble, elevated, with not the least tincture of triviality.  They say everything with simplicity and modesty, never boast, never make a parade of their knowledge or their position among others.  That of the inferior or ordinary spirit has always some reflex human passion; every expression that savors of vulgarity, self-sufficiency, arrogance, boasting, acrimony, is a characteristic indication of inferiority, or of treachery if the spirit presents himself under a respected and venerated name.”    –Allan Kardec  Read
A Journal of Interest:
 caduceus Caduceus Journal U.K.
Caduceus is a healing, spiritual magazine focusing on psychological, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental health, therapy and growth, including natural, holistic, energy and complementary medicine.
FREE ONLINE ONLY ISSUE View the entire latest issue online totally free of charge click here

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Read his article: Dialectical Spiritualism

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We strongly recommend this archived site, as a source of much interesting material. See  International  Survivalist Society

Public Parapsychology

Editors' notes: Public Parapsychology is one of an increasing number of web sites that we should be aware of.. and subscribe to. Try this url:

The Largest Database of Afterlife Description & Analysis on the Internet

This web site is a compilation of information on the afterlife and other related critical concepts, such as the purpose of life and reincarnation, as they relate to souls here on earth. We have not created this site to convince anyone of the validity of this information, we simply invite you to read through the data, explore the sources we have used and visit other sources to learn more. Using spirit sources from and respected authors like Michael Newton, Allan Kardec, Jane Roberts and others, the results of our first investigations reveal 94.8% agreement on a variety of very specific topics. We believe this web site contains the largest correlation of spirit communications about the afterlife, all from respected sources, available anywhere. We will continue to expand this data as information is made available to us and our research expands.”

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