Further Reviews, and  notes About the Author

Tricia Robertson is one of those rare field researchers who have a way of discovering new cases, investigating them thoroughly, and writing them up in a highly readable way. There is some remarkable material here, and it makes for absorbing reading.
- Guy Lyon Playfair, author of This House is Haunted and Twin Telepathy

Tricia J Robertson draws on many of her own experiences as a psychical researcher in this excellent, easily read, book which is ideal for anyone who is seeking genuine examples of after death communication and almost reads like a thriller, in the sense of 'What is going to happen next?'
- Dr David Hamilton, Author of It's the Thought that Counts and Is Your Life Mapped Out?

An engaging and informative introduction to the topic of post mortem survival.
- Professor Stephen Braude, Author of Immortal Remains and First Person Plural

About the Author

A former teacher of mathematics and physics Tricia is a long term council member, past Vice President and Immediate Past President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research. She is a tutor for the Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) at the University of Glasgow. In conjunction with Professor Archie Roy she provided a session programme of 20, 2 hour, lectures per session for DACE in a series entitled "An In Depth Study of Psychical Research." This course has now been running for six years. The paranormal- what is the evidence?' In addition to 29 years of experience in investigating spontaneous cases Tricia has appeared on various radio and TV programmes and has been invited, over many of years, to speak to varied organisations throughout the U K. She has written the forward to Dr Mark Ireland's highly successful book "Soul Shift", and some of her comments are on the back cover of Trevor Hamilton's book "Tell my Mother I am not Dead". She has a wealth of experience in investigating spontaneous cases and has done so for around 30 years. Tricia is known as an interesting speaker on many topics concerning psychical research, which is reflected by the invitations that she receives from varied avenues.