Elene Gusch on How Oscar Wilde complained about the difficulty of communicating through Direct Voice Medium, Leslie Flint.

When I wrote about Oscar Wilde recently, I neglected to mention that a voice claiming to be his spoke in a session with Leslie Flint, with sitters Mrs. Greene and Mr. Woods recording, in 1957.  I obtained a tape of that years ago, and my husband had put it on CD, but I hadn't thought about it in ages and never posted it where people could get it.  Here it is where I've stored it on Box.com.  It's fuzzy, and in places difficult to understand.  I've processed it to make it louder and easier to hear, though unfortunately I couldn't make it clearer.  I'm going to link to it in another blog post.  The Voice of Oscar Wilde

Wilde's interview speaks to some of the questions that have come up in Mike's, Michael's and my own blog about how accurately channeled material comes through a medium and that sort of thing.  Wilde complains quite a bit at the beginning, before seeming to hit his stride, about how hard it is to get his message through this way-- he is actually quite disrespectful toward Mr. Flint!  It appears that even with a direct-voice medium there is still a lot of interference and influence from the medium's own mind.  And one hears turns of phrase that are the same from one to another of the Flint communicators, which bothers me; since fraud seems unlikely in this particular case, one can only think that the common denominator is the medium.  (Or that the spirits, working as a group, are influencing each other-- that's what I was told.)

Chopin had an interesting comment on this matter.  When I asked him, a few years ago, how the mind of the medium influenced the communication, he showed me a sort of thicket of thoughts and ideas in the medium's head that the spirit communicator had to hack his way through to deliver the message.  Then he said, getting through with unusual clarity, "The mind of the medium is a blank canvas..." which I interrupted a little peevishly with, "I thought you just told me it wasn't blank at all."  He continued, "The mind of the medium is a blank canvas in the sense that we use it to paint ourselves onto your reality."

Well.  Whatever.  I still don't have any better understanding than that.

Wilde also makes it clear that he has become something far more expanded and developed than the personality that carried that name while on Earth, and that he is showing up as his old, smart-aleck self just in order to make himself recognizable to those who will want proof of his identity.  He says that personalities merge more and more in that world and individuals become less so.  Often people have argued with me on this point, that we don't remain ourselves, so to speak, once we are dead.  It certainly seems that we do, and yet we are able to be so much more as well.  I don't find this surprising, really.


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