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Articles by Michael Cocks
*Meaning-full disease
*Was it us, or more than us, that created the world?"
*Channelled messages -truth or flummery?
*Gifts of the Spirit
Articles by Michael Tymn
*Remembering History’s Forgotten Man – Alfred Russel Wallace
 *Overcoming Grief from the Loss of a Loved One
*The Mystery of the Buried Crosses
*Things You Can do When You’re Dead!
 *Stephanie Van Hook:Gandhi's Prayer
*Elene Gusch: Oscar Wilde on difficulties even with Direct Voice   mediums like Leslie Flint
* Things you can do when you are dead.
-True accounts of after-death communication.Tricia J. Robertson
*The Spring: An Autobiography of a Mahayog Guru, by Ma Ruteshwari,
Review by Callum Cooper
*Marian Visionaries Explored - Afterlife Realms
 James Paul Pandarakalam
*Post-Death Experiences and the Emotion of Hope: Callum E. Cooper

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akashicOctober 2013
 Mind as Creator?

    Editor: The Rev. Michael Cocks 
Advisory Editors

Michael Tymn

The  Rev Victor MacGill
Asst. Nate Cull

+ Members of Advisory Panel

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From the Editor:
There are two main themes in this issue: One, is considering how Mind may be Creator.
The other is the question, How fallible are even the best mediums?  Is it always legitimate to submit mediumist utterances to critical enquiry?  There are three articles that address this question.

Articles by Michael Cocks

  Editor of The Ground of Faith. Author of  Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr

 "Meaning-full Disease"

BrromWhen we think about spiritual healing, we are often thinking in dualist terms: We think of God in the sky somewhere, answering our prayers; or if we are thinking of Hindu Akashic Records, Sheldrake's memory fields, Plato's Ideal Forms or David Bohm's Implicate universe, we visualise it all as somewhere at a distance, somehow acting in our lives “down here on earth.” Old habits die hard, and if we can agree that the basis of all things is timeless, spaceless Mind, we need to work at putting these old mental pictures to one side.  Read on

akashicWas it us, or more than us, that created the World?

I do find it hard to get my head around some of the things that I read about how the World as we know it came into being. It is not that I doubt that the world and the universe that contains it is a creation… 
 Read more

Three articles on the fallibility of even good mediums:

pluto1. Channelled messages: Truth or Flummery?

A friend was impressed with what a supposed communicator had said through a medium, namely that space men had long ago taken residence on the planet Pluto, and that their now discarnate spirits were the source of evil in this world. He says, Fancy that….how very interesting!

A book is published,Read more

Elene Gusch:  
Wilde2.Oscar Wilde on difficulties even with Direct Voice mediums like Leslie Flint

Wilde's interview [through Direct Voice medium Leslie Flint] speaks to some of the questions that have come up in Mike's, Michael's and my own blog about how accurately channeled material comes through a medium and that sort of thing.  Wilde complains quite a bit at the beginning, before seeming to hit his stride, about how hard it is to get his message through this way-- he is actually quite disrespectful toward Mr. Flint!  It appears that even with a direct-voice medium there is still a lot of interference and influence from the medium's own mind.   Read on....

piper3. Michael Tymn:

Debunking Babe Ruth & Leonora Piper

[In] my book about Leonora Piper, one of the renowned mediums of yesterday – one whose ability was attested to by a number of esteemed scientists and scholars of the day – includes hundreds of “hits” and dozens of “home runs,”  but you won’t find any one of them mentioned in the entry on her at one popular Internet encyclopedia. Only her “strike-outs” are mentioned, and the reader is left to assume that she was nothing but a charlatan.    
    Mediums are a lot like baseball players – and every other type of skilled person,  athletic or not – in that they get “hits” and “misses.”  They succeed at times and fail at other times.  Read on...

Michael Cocks:

wesleyGifts of the Spirit

“We are participants, sometimes conscious participants, in a psychophysical whole.” “God is in all, through all, and above all.” Two ways of saying just about the same thing. In one way, we would have to say that there is nothing that is not…

Read more

tymnArticles by Michael Tymn

Editor-in-chief of the Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies

**How to join the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Inc.

Remembering History’s Forgotten Man – Alfred Russel Wallace 

wallaceNearly everyone knows who Charles Darwin was, but very few people today recognize the name of Alfred Russel Wallace, (below) co-originator with Darwin of the natural selection theory of evolution.  While history has given Darwin all of the credit, it is well documented that Wallace was working independently of Darwin on a parallel theory and that he provided Darwin with his research on the subject, including the “survival of the fittest” concept.  When the ideas were made public before the Linnaean Society in London in 1858, it was referred to as the Darwin-Wallace paper. Read on

despairOvercoming Grief from the Loss of a Loved One

Basically, as I have observed it over 76 years of living, there are four ways of grieving and dealing with the death of a loved one:

1 - Uncontrolled Despair – characterized by uncontrolled outward behavior, including wailing, collapsing, turning to alcohol and drugs, shutting… Read more

garlandThe Mystery of the Buried Crosses

When asked not long ago to name what I thought to be the most intriguing book in the annals of psychical research, I narrowed it down to three stories: Psychic Adventures in New York, The Case of Patience Worth, and The Mystery of the Buried Crosses, not necessarily…   Read more

R101Things You Can do When You’re Dead!

The crash of the British airship R-101 in 1930 gave rise to one of the most intriguing cases in the annals of psychical research.  Tricia J. Robertson discusses this case in her recently-released book, Things you can do when you’re dead, subtitled “True Accounts of After-Death Communication.  Read more


“ for many of us, ego had dominated soul for lifetime. It had the grip of a vice rusted shut, clamped tight upon his psyche unto his last breath and heartbeat.”

So writes Dr. Stephen J. Iacoboni of one of his dying patients in his book The Undying Soul.  After reading…    Read more

Stephanie Van Hook:

ghandiGandhi's Prayer

Gandhi was once given a seemingly impossible scenario: what would he do if a plane were flying over his ashram to bomb him? He rose to the challenge with an equally challenging answer--he would pray for the pilot. Some may take Gandhi’s response as preposterous. I argue, however, that his call to prayer was consistent with his vision of nonviolent strategy, for at least three reasons:  Read on..

Robertson REVIEWS

 Things you can do when you are dead. 

-True accounts of after-death communication.

Tricia J. Robertson

In this book, one of Scotland's most experienced psychic investigators draws upon her extensive knowledge of cases involving apparitions, poltergeists, mediumship, reincarnation and paranormal healing to present the evidence for survival. What makes this a particularly valuable work is the large number of cases presented, many of which have been investigated by the author personally and never been published before. The informal, chatty style makes the accounts both gripping and easy to read.
- Review by Professor Bernard Carr, Past President of the Society for Psychical Research and Chair of the Scientific and Medical Network.
 Read further reviews and Notes about the Author       Order book

The Spring: An Autobiography of a Mahayog Guru, by Ma Ruteshwari,

Ashok Printing Press, New Delhi, 2011, RRP $15  (To obtain copies in English, email the senior editor:    Review by Callum Cooper

The  Elusive Quantum of Consciousness   Susan Martinez, Ph.D.

   I am thy life free-ranging, external to thyself.     Garuda, the Hindu bird-god   

The Age of Consciousness

            Just as progress brought us from an age of superstition and dogma to an age of science and reason, the next phase promises to be one of insight – the quickening of human understanding.  Ever since Arthur Koestler's 1967 book, The Ghost in the Machine a new approach to consciousness has been set in motion, challenging us to find what lies beyond the five senses. Read the article

Marian Visionaries Explored - Afterlife Realms

 James Paul Pandarakalam,MB.BS, DPMRCP, DCP, MDCH   
Abstract: In the first two parts (April, 2011, July 2012) the author summarized the major events and supporting medical and para-psychological observations relative to the Medjugorje apparitional occurrences. In the third part (Oct. 2012), he explained how visionary experiences differ from hallucinations and offered arguments against the Superpsi hypothesis. In this fourth part, he examines the reports of the Medjugorje and other Marian visionaries concerning the afterlife planes or realms   Read the article

Post-Death Experiences and the Emotion of Hope        
                                     Callum E. Cooper
CallumAbstract: This paper briefly defines the emotion of hope and considers its role in anomalous post-death experiences.  From what research is available, some findings suggest that hope may be present in the after-math of after-death communication (ADCs), along with many other positive outcomes.  All of which may affect percipients psychologically and physiologically, when having been suffering with grief and bereavement.  Some links between post-death experiences and hope are presented which the author intends to investigate further.  Read article


From Tweets by Dr Simon S. Wu  @varianexus:

GittWerner Gitt:  In the Beginning  was information.
Christliche Literatur-Verbreitung, 256 pp.

"Because information is required for all life processes, it can be stated that unequivocally that information is an essential characteristic of all life. All  efforts to explain life processes in terms of physics and chemistry only, will always be unsuccessful. This is the fundamental problem confronting presemt-day biology, which is based on evolution." (page 9)

This book as a whole may be read on line

   YouTube: Glen Gould Talks about J.S. Bach

The Genius of Glen Gould



Other websites

AECESNew afterlife website: Do explore

 ÆCES (rhymes with "basis") is a non-profit organization dedicated to discerning and disseminating the most convincing evidence for the Survival of the human personality after the demise of the physical body.

Visit the website    Visit "WHAT MAKES A GREAT CASE FOR SURVIVAL? Conference lecture by Miles Edward Allen"

   isenmannLois Isenman's INTUITION INDEPTH

david howardDavid H. Howard: Spirit Communion
The religion, philosophy and science of Spiritualism
 Great articles, and provides useful links to other resources and sites.

   GuschElene Gusch:  Elene Explores
    The superior spirits “have a language always worthy, noble, elevated, with not the least tincture of triviality.  They say everything with simplicity and modesty, never boast, never make a parade of their knowledge or their position among others.  That of the inferior or ordinary spirit has always some reflex human passion; every expression that savors of vulgarity, self-sufficiency, arrogance, boasting, acrimony, is a characteristic indication of inferiority, or of treachery if the spirit presents himself under a respected and venerated name.”    –Allan Kardec  Read
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 caduceus Caduceus Journal U.K.
Caduceus is a healing, spiritual magazine focusing on psychological, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental health, therapy and growth, including natural, holistic, energy and complementary medicine.
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Editors' notes: Public Parapsychology is one of an increasing number of web sites that we should be aware of.. and subscribe to. Try this url:

The Largest Database of Afterlife Description & Analysis on the Internet

This web site is a compilation of information on the afterlife and other related critical concepts, such as the purpose of life and reincarnation, as they relate to souls here on earth. We have not created this site to convince anyone of the validity of this information, we simply invite you to read through the data, explore the sources we have used and visit other sources to learn more. Using spirit sources from and respected authors like Michael Newton, Allan Kardec, Jane Roberts and others, the results of our first investigations reveal 94.8% agreement on a variety of very specific topics. We believe this web site contains the largest correlation of spirit communications about the afterlife, all from respected sources, available anywhere. We will continue to expand this data as information is made available to us and our research expands.”

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