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Creativity and Rosemary Brown
(Elene Gusch: Delfina: Drama and Trauma with Fryderyk)
Truth is such a slippery customer
UFOs, are they softening us up?
Review: Transcending thr Titanic: Michael Tymn
Review: Is there life after death? Sjoerd Bonting
Was Dr/Minister the Titanic's bravest man?
109-year-old scientist continues to pursue illumination
Dying words: Steve Jobs wasn't the only one
The problem with spirituality surveys
Using the extraordinary experiences of the bereaved in the formation of a new identity Louis LaGrand

Louis de Figueiredo on the Turin Shroud

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Note from the Editor: If we compare what happens when we are in church, with what we may read in this journal, we might wonder how ever we could put them together.  We need to remember that worship and prayer have to do with our actual relationships to Spirit and to each other, our actual love of God and neighbour. Whereas in this journal we are not focusing on this, but rather on attempts at objective study of the phenomena of consciousness that we variously term "psychic" "paranormal" "extraordinary human experiences" or "spiritual".  In this regard I am pleased to republish this excellent article from  The Christian Parapsychologist


The question forming the title of this paper can be asked in two ways.  It can be asked in a manner that implies a kind of scornful scepticism or disbelief – how can parapsychology be Christian?  Of course it can’t - what a ridiculous idea!  Or it can be asked in a more neutral, constructive manner that assumes the idea is feasible and is enquiring how it might be implemented.  Read the article

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Creativity and Rosemary Brown

In “Synchronicity and the Saucepan Lids” I relate how the spirit of GW knocked a picture down on to my head, and whispered in my ear details of a book passage that I should look up. (I believe he must have been the source of each event.)  Such whispering reminded me of the Muses who inspire the…Read more

[Elene Gusch: Delfina: Drama and Trauma with Fryderyk

delfina Delfina Potocka by Ary Scheffer, 1840 (Image via Wikipedia)
Excerpts from my chapter about the relationship between Fryderyk Chopin and Countess Delfina Potocka, and what that has to do with me and with the story I related in my last post
 Read    ]

illusionTruth is such a slippery customer White Crow  

Engaging with Spirit lies at the heart of all religions. And in all religions there is the corporate and personal experience, the communion with the Unseen as well as with one’s fellows. Each religion has its holy books, with the teachings and experiences…
Read more   (View documentary:The Illusion of Reality)

keanUFOs, are they softening us up? White Crow  

 The book to read is Leslie Kean's UFOs: Generals, pilots, and government officials go on the record Three Rivers press, New York, 2010. On the back cover, we read: "Leslie Kean, (below) a veteran investigative… Read more

[Norman Kjome continues the discussion in "UFOs....."

There is a quote attributed to Kierkegaard: "There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what  isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true."  (It is a wonderful quote, but I did not find where he might have actually said this. If anyone finds the reference, please let me know.)  Read his whole interesting essay ]

Review by  Michael Cocks


Michael Tymn: White Crow Books, 2012, 116 pages.

In his introduction, Michael Tymn writes, "Basically, the Titanic story is about dying and death, a subject people don't like to think about.… This book is not quite like other books about the Titanic. As the title suggests, it is an attempt to explore the more transcendental aspects of the Titanic story - those suggesting a non-mechanistic universe. Read the Review

 Review by Michael Cocks
bonting life Is there life after death? A novel view.  
Sjoerd Bonting: White Crow Books 2012. 149 pp.

In thinking about the afterlife Sjoerd Bonting sees himself as exploring "the intermediate period” between the death of the body and the time of the Last Judgement.  He sees NDEs or Near Death Experiences as an important way of exploring this intermediate period.
This being Bonting’s standpoint, this book will especially appeal to those who accept the Christian creeds. Nevertheless I hope that the book will be read by many who do not entirely share his beliefs. His writing is simple, understandable, and succinct Read the Review


TitanicWas Doctor/Minister the Titanic’s Bravest Man?

As the Titanic plunged to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean 100 years ago this April 15, Colonel Archibald Gracie, a New York resident, was sucked down with it.  However, he somehow managed to surface and survive.  Gracie could not judge how long he was under water, but it “seemed…Read more

Imich109-year-old Scientist Continues to Pursue Illumination

“Imagine for a moment how much human life would change if this question were answered in the positive,” Dr. Alexander Imich (below) writes in his 1995 book,  Incredible Tales of the Paranormal, referring to the question of whether consciousness survives the death of the physical .body,…Read more

jobsDying Words: Steve Jobs Wasn’t the Only One

At the October 16 memorial service for Apple founder Steve Jobs, Mona Simpson, his sister, delivered a eulogy in which she told of her brother’s final words:  “Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow!”   The initial reports did not include the exclamation points, but one might infer…Read more

framesThe Problem with Spirituality Surveys

Every time I read about some survey relative to spiritual beliefs, I have to question its validity, primarily because very few of them have clear-cut “yes” or “no” answers and because so many of the words used by the researchers have different meanings for different people.  Read more


Dr Louis LaGrand 

Abstract: Millions of people throughout the world have reported Extraordinary Experiences (EEs) when mourning the deaths of their loved ones. These experiences are not associated with a psychic. Rather, they are spontaneous in nature and appear to originate from an outside source. They include visions of the deceased, synchronicities (acausal experiences not governed by known forces), hearing the loved one, sensing his or her  presence, telepathic thoughts, visitation dreams, and various symbolic signs, to name a few. These events have been occurring since the dawn of human history and appear to be a normal phenomenon giving great comfort and insight to the bereaved. Because they can neither be proved nor disproved, little is done to show how they can be used in supporting the bereaved, or accepted as a gift to be shared and discussed. They are of special importance in the formation of a new identity, one of the major tasks of grieving. This paper suggests ways the Extraordinary Experience can be used in assisting this important task.  Read lecture

FigueiredoReader, Louis de Figueiredo sends  this new article  for those interested in research with regard to  the Turin Shroud. Louis has produced a number of scholarly articles that we have published previously.


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