From Dean DeHarpporte

I found your website fascinating. It seems we have similar views on the the great questions of existence. You might be interested on how I am introducing your site to some of my friends and acquaintences who are conversant with paranormal research and to others who I am trying to influence to take an interest:
 This article, "Bye Bye Inflation Theory" by Dr. Benjamin Wiker, comes from the Ground of Faith website which contributes a refreshing addition to the never-ending discussion of the BIG QUESTIONS, including cosmology and paranormal topics. The added voice is that of what I conceive of as the "scientific theologian" whose avowed purpose is to combine the most reasonable aspects of science and religion.

Nietzche said "God is Dead" a long time ago and science and our culture have embraced the secular approach to the BIG QUESTIONS with a vengeance ever since, mostly because the concept of faith flies directly in the face of anything outside the purview of our culture's religion of pure logic that has brought us so many material benefits.

I am not ready to profess a belief in God but my mind is open to the possibility (increasingly, it seems, probability) that the reason science as we know it has utterly failed to formulate a theory explaining any part of the burgeoning mountain of evidence telling us we can read minds, remotely view distant locations, influence random number generators, and even, possibly, survive death is that the scientific paradigm simply doesn't apply to these phenomena. Scientist's minds bounce away from them like a child on a trampoline.
Ironically, we take as a matter of faith that the Scientific Paradigm replaced the Religious Paradigm, end of Story. Now we are inferring from the astounding results of paranormal research that a new paradigm is emerging, call it the Paranormal Paradigm, having consciousness and nonlocality as major components, and probably drawing from, but not relying upon, both the Science and Religious paradigms. It is in this context that I view the religious perspective of the author of the following article on the theory of inflation - the theory that the universe expanded extremely rapidly shortly after the Big Bang and then slowed down to its current rate of expansion - a major component of the science of cosmology. I view it as a misjudgment when the author invokes God in attacking the theory of inflation rather than inferring that something outside of science as we understand it is at work, which by my definition is the new Paranormal Paradigm.     
Warmest regards,
Dean DeHarpporte
Eden Prairie, MN