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Evelyn Underhill

Swedenborg: A Genius Who Explored the Afterlife

Medjugorje Apparitions

Benjamin Wiker

Francis Bacon

The soul and personal experiences

Tom and Lisa Butler

Thirty Years on the Ghost Trail – John Legg

The Watseka Wonder – Dr Keith Parsons

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June 2011 deep calleth another

deepEditor: The Rev. Michael Cocks 
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    We can perceive the person In this picture as being in a position where "one deep calleth another.. " (Ps. 42.7) He faces away from the dark towards the light of the sun that comes over immense distances; he sees the dark blue sky between him and outer space; he sits on solid rock, but is surrounded by air,  he sees the deep sea below with the sky above, he is high up, below is the abyss.  He sits in the same position as the spiritually aware person, combining all into one experience.

    This journal  hopes to be used by the spiritually aware, who, if members of communities of faith, will hear of the experiences of their spiritual ancestors as recorded in sacred writings, will perhaps have them in mind as they live in the open world.  There, they are earning their living, working at relationships with others, influenced  by science, literature and the arts, and by the media

    We are lacking what we need, if we do not identify with the person in the picture, at the interface between the deeps. Each of us at that interface must create our own interpretation of reality.

    This journal can sometimes be seen as a kind of polemic against the Materialist, as "proving" the afterlife. But it would be better seen as a support as we sit at the interface between the deeps. When we hear the testimony of our spiritual ancestors, it can remind us of similar testimonies of people in our own times. Just as we may or may not profit from the testimonies from the past, the same will be true of testimonies from the present. But it behoves us to be aware of these testimonies: for they help to awaken us to That which is in all, through all, and above all.

UnderhillEvelyn Underhill and Mysticism

Notes by Michael Cocks
   If  readers are not already familiar with the writings of  immensely influential Evelyn Underhill  , they could well read her Practical Mysticism. A Little Book for Normal People (1914). The whole of this book may be read here, (from the Project Gutenberg version). For her, Spirit is encountered when we are experience the present moment  without hindrance of preconceptions and ratiocination. "It will not help you to speak of these experiences as "mere emotion." Mere emotion then inducted you into a world which you recognised as more valid  --in the highest sense, more rational - than that in which you usually dwell: a world which had a wholeness, a meaning, which exceeded the some of its parts. Mere emotion brought you to your knees, made you at once proud and humble, showed you your place. It simplified and unified your existence."   Evelyn Underhill needs to be read at length. She describes the pre-conditions of the Divine-Human encounter

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The Christian Parapsychologist;  ASPSI,  White Crow Books  

SwedenborgSwedenborg: A Genius Who Explored the Afterlife --Michael Tymn White Crow Books


When Stanford University researchers attempted to calculate the IQ of history’s greatest minds by applying the Terman Standard Intelligence Test to a massive database of historical material, only three people scored above 200 – Emanuel Swedenborg, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and John Stuart Mill. …Read more

ASPSI Medjugorje Apparitional Occurrences: A  Parapsychological and Spiritual Analysis               

   by Dr. James Paul PandarakalamMedjugorje


Abstract: The Medjugorje apparitions are ‘live’ and active apparitional occurrences, and scientifically minded investigators have the opportunity to follow up these events.  Voice phenomena observed during Marian apparitions have analogies with externally controlled RSPK activity, and visionary experiences involving RSSPK or RSPK-like activity may be instances of apparitions at the physical site. The voice extinction and sensory disconnection demonstrated in the Medjugorje percipients could be explained as probably due to psychokinetic-like activity of the apparition. Unlike in the generic apparitional experiences reported in the scientific literature of parapsychology, there is to and fro communication for extended period of time taking place between the percipients and the apparition at Medjugorje.  This article is an evaluation of the Medjugorje events from a spiritual and parapsychological perspective. Read the article           

BYE BYE INFLATIONARY THEORY by Dr. Benjamin Wiker  White Crow Books

expandinguniverse ...Now what about Inflationary Theory? First of all, unlike Multiverse Theory, Inflationary Theory is actually in textbooks as if it were a fact, an elegant implication of Big Bang cosmology that all reasonable scientists accept. And second, unlike Multiverse Theory, which doesn’t explain anything, Inflationary Theory has at least born some fruit. It does seem to explain some things, and appears to have helped scientists to make theoretical headway in sorting out the complexities of our cosmos. That’s why it got into textbooks as a theory that’s all but a fact. Or so it seems. Read the article

Comments from Panel Member:  Rev. Prof. Sjoerd Bonting

Wiker¹s paper on Steinhard¹s article in Scientific American is good. What is poor, is Steinhard¹s article with his sudden conversion about inflation. He does not make a solid argument for rejecting inflation theory. He says something about quantum theory, which would make it 'uncertain¹, but quantum theory works with probabilities, not uncertainties. He doesn¹t seem to realize that without inflation the universe would now be only the size of a pin point and we wouldn¹t be here. I agree with Wiker¹s conclusion that Steinhard¹s conversion is more likely due to the fact that inflation brings us close to the idea of creation, while the multiverse idea makes creation unlikely. 

Ron Pearson  The BIG BREED theory of the origin of the universe  Victor Zammit

See the video and detailed explanations of the theory

baconThe True Mission of Christ

Michael Tymn     White Crow Books

 On August 23, 1853, a spirit identifying himself as having been Francis Bacon, the 17th Century English philosopher when in the material world, took control of the hand of Dr. George T. Dexter, (below) a New York physician, and wrote, “Now we will try and give you views of the true mission of Christ on earth.” Bacon reiterated a previous message that he was not at a level where he had access to all truth and believed it would many thousands of years in earth time before he reached that level. “We are giving our opinions – opinions formed from the circumstances existing in the spheres where we dwell, the facts which come under our observation, and the ideas gleaned from those spirits in advance of us, who occasionally have intercourse with us.” Read the blog

The Soul and Personal Experiences

E.S. Williams        from The Christian Parapsychologist

angelsLight can be thrown on certain parapsychological experiences by postulating the existence of a soul closely associated with, but capable of detachment from, the mind. In support of this assertion I have compiled a number of personal experiences, each example is described from notes made at the time and soon after expanded as regards detail so that I do not now have to rely on memory of the experiences.

Read the Article

Sitting with Hoyt RobinetteRobinetteAAEVP

by Tom and Lisa Butler

“We do not know how the pictures were formed. After quite a lot of subsequent research, we are unable to find a physical mechanism. While the silk pictures look very photographic, they are also pictures that would be difficult to find. Even if he knew who was going to be in his sessions, there was simply no way for him to find appropriate pictures, somehow imprint them with some unknown slow-developing chemicals on the cloth and have them in the correct order for distribution to the right person in the circle.” Read the article  

Read also about their work with Electronic Voice Phenomena EVP, by exploring the links at the top of the above article.  Also read:  AA-EVPWhitePaper.pdf

Thirty Years on the Ghost Trail – John Legg

From The Christian Parapsychologist

We were living at that time in North-West Tasmania, where I had resigned from the Methodist ministry (largely for health reasons) at the end of 1969. We were not to know that within a few years, as the leaders of a spiritual group with Christian aims, we would attract attention as ‘ghost busters’, to use the language of the popular Press. We never imagined that within thirty years we would be able to look back on more than a hundred haunting cases that would come to our notice in various Tasmanian locations. Read the article

The Watseka Wonder

Preposterous People” : Dr Keith ParsonsLurancy

The idea that the spirit of a dead person could take over the body of a living person, and replace that living person’s personality and memories with the spirit’s own personality and memories, is completely alien to Western philosophy. But that is precisely what is said to have happened in a case involving a young girl called Lurancy Vennum. Read the article

HerrickA comment from  Panel Member: Rev Dr Karen Herrick:

 Regarding your article in the June newsletter, ONE DEEP CALLETH ANOTHER...When I was studying with Dr. Raymond Moody who coined the term Near Death Experience in his book (1975 I believe) he mentioned the below which you may or may not know:
Pareidolia Illusion:
"Look up in the clouds and you see a face.  In flames of a fireplace, you see dancing figures.  There's an actual stimulus of cloud or flames.  You add an interpretation to it.  Distinguishing feature is that the more you look at it the more it looks like a face or figure.  Fairly common occurrence interpreted as super natural phenomena.  Note:  Pareidolia can also be seen in plaster or wood.  (I had a client once who saw the Virgin Mary in the plaster in her office wall.  She sent me a photo and there she was!) .  The Kahunas of Hawaii pose a question to themselves and then peer into the clouds believing and expecting the answer they will see there.  Your thoughts are very important in doing this."

HawkingControversial Stephen Hawking  Guardian

Stephen Hawking: "There is no heaven; it's a fairy story."  Read
I'd stake my life that Stephen Hawking is wrong about heaven

He gets away with making pronouncements, in a way that no other scientist can

Hawking: I've solved black holes  Read

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