Paul Cull's Healing Ministry

From the Editor: Spiritual Healing is another paranormal phenomenon that very much deserves our attention. And, once again, I draw attention to the healing ministry of Paul Cull in Sao Paolo, and recently in New Zealand. I am pleased to do this, because I know Paul personally, and believe him to be a genuine person, concerned to act ethically towards people to whom he ministers, and equally concerned to know whether healings are factual or not. The healings occur within a Charismatic or Pentecostal context, a context alien to some. But healings are healings whatever the context.

Here are two letters from him:

August 4, 2010

It’s time for a another newsletter, and once again I am writing from this one while in an airplane, this time on my way back from the north-eastern city of Aracaju.

The week before last I visited the church in Nova Friburgo once again, staying there from the Wednesday until Tuesday of last week. Trina is still in the UK, where she is scheduled to have surgery soon, and it is not yet certain whether she will be back at the end of this month or the beginning of next.

To help keep track of things in the church there, I visited in June and July and will visit once Friburgo once again at the end of this month. Please keep all of this in prayer, also the needed structural changes in Friburgo (I am still president of the board there, which could be a problem if anything important to do with the accounts or government regulations crops up while I am in NZ) but we are still awaiting vital documentation from Iris São Paulo to resolve this, which doesn’t look like it will be forthcoming in the near future, if at all.

During my time in Friburgo I had a number of opportunities to evangelize some of the local lads who are involved in the drug trafficking, and it was wonderful to see how receptive they are to receiving prayer and listening to us talk about Jesus. Some of you will have seen some of my Facebook comments, which although completely true, were also rather humorous. For those who didn’t read them, they had to do with the incongruity of praying for people with pistols in their pockets, grenades hanging around their necks, or who call up on the radio telling their colleagues to hold on while they’re receiving prayer.

While in Friburgo I also had the chance to preach at an Assembly of God church, where there was a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit, first among the kids and then with the adults. There were a number of physical healings, including of one man who had been completely deaf in one ear for 20 years, but was healed by Jesus that night.

I arrived back in Friburgo on the Tuesday afternoon and then travelled again early on Friday morning to the city of Aracaju. I ministered at an interdenominational kids’ conference, with over a hundred children present, in the morning and late afternoon, and there was a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit in the afternoon meeting. Most of the kids were powerfully touched by the Father’s presence, and there were many healing tears, and some fairly full-on deliverance. I also heard of a pastor’s daughter who received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and of a boy who saw a vision during the ministry time, although there was obviously much more happening than this.

On the Sunday night I preached at another church and, once again, there was a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit, both among the adults and the children, with powerful manifestations of His presence. There were also some healings, including a couple of ladies who suffered from migraine headaches and reported that the pain had gone, and of a man who had a back injury and had lost movement in both legs. He walked with the help of crutches, and it was wonderful to see when he walked unaided - and without the crutches - from the back to the front of the church after Jesus healed him. It was also very touching to see his young grandchildren hugging him after the meeting, crying tears of joy.

While in Aracaju I also had some other opportunities to pray for some folk, and saw Jesus heal a lady who had suffered from pain in her cervical spine for twelve years, and also a pastor who had a long term knee injury, where the swelling went down and movement returned after a short prayer.

I also heard about an eight year old boy called Ruan who was in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital, and how his survival had been considered a miracle by the doctors, although his situation was still very serious. I had the chance to visit and pray with him on both the Saturday and the Monday, and noticed an improvement in his condition, with him opening his eyes during the prayer, something he had also done briefly during the night. I was also informed that his blood pressure had normalized, although his situation is still grave. Please keep him in your prayers, especially as it seems that the Lord has something special in store for this precious young life.

I have put some photos of the kids’ congress on my site:

This coming weekend I am scheduled to minister at a pre-teens camp for the Four Square church in the city of Juiz de Fora, in the southern-eastern state of Minas Gerais, and I would appreciate prayer covering for this, and also for a scheduled Wake Up The Warriors seminar the following weekend in the city of Uberaba, also in Minas.

Finally, my trip to NZ is confirmed for the 16th of October until the 16th of January. I am looking forward to catching up with folk and resting up, but also so desire to see the Holy Spirit doing the same things there that I see Him doing here. I would also be interested in ministering the Wake Up The Warriors seminar, which I minister here in Brazil to teens and youth, and have seen so many have wonderful experiences with Jesus, being trained to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. The seminar includes workshops where, among other subjects, the young people learn to minister physical healing using John Wimber’s five step model (more info on the seminar is available on my homepage

November 5

The Auckland trip was wonderful and it was so exciting to see the way the Holy Spirit is moving here in New Zealand.

Highlights for me including ministering at three youth group meetings, at Southside Vineyard, Harbour City Christian Church and Te Atatu Baptist church and three Sunday church meetings, at Southside, Te Atatu Baptist and Ranui Baptist, as well as the ministering the Wake Up The Warriors Seminar for the first time in English. I’ve put some photos from the seminar on my blog at It was awesome to see salvations, healings, deliverance and other powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s presence, including several young people who told me about visions that they had seen.

Now back in Christchurch, I’ve been working on my website and have updated my personal site and moved my blog to my personal site, now at