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science and spirit

You may be interested in checking out a new experimental teaching course from Michael Cocks of the Science & Spirit Resource Group in NZ that addresses questions such as Is there a non-physical aspect to reality? Are paranormal phenomena such as ESP, Clairvoyance, NDEs, Out of the Body Experiences and so on a reality? Is there an afterlife? Do we live in a Mentalist or a Materialist universe?

The PowerPoint course provides abundant resource material from which to prepare lessons for senior high school, tertiary, church or general groups.

Drawing heavily on Kelly & Kelly’s Irreducible Mind, a Psychology for the 21st Century, 2007 and Dr Craig Hogan's Your Eternal Self, 2008, this course approaches RE from the point of view of studies in mind and consciousness and challenges students to examine their preconceptions about the material covered.

Check out the following sample lessons:

Philosophical Background to Course for Teachers

Sample Lesson 1, Sample Lesson 2

This is a new course, and if you use it, we would like your help in improving it.

For more information or to order the course, contact Michael Cocks


This PILOT course surveys the implications of 150 years of scientific research into Mind and Consciousness. It is of course a challenge to the philosophy of Materialism or Naturalism, but the science is sound and cannot be refuted. It also throws much light on the human experiences that underlie the great religions, and therefore should have a place in Religious Studies.

As it is a PILOT course, there will regrettably be rough edges, repetitions, and improvements needed. Our apologies for this; but we invite those who use this course to email with corrections, criticisms, suggestions, and very importantly, how things went in class.

Who is the Course for? Actually perhaps more especially for the teachers, lecturers, and clergy who may use it. There is far more material than could possibly be used in classes and groups.

How does one go about preparing a lesson? Lecturers and teachers will generally need to choose the material that they want to present in class, and most times, work out suitable activities and learning methods for a particular class or group. There are a few presentations that do give more detailed help for the teacher or lecturer.

About the Slides: For reasons of cost, there are no printed materials. Most of the slides are for the use of the presenter. Only a few slides should be shown in class.

We recommend: that teachers and lecturers should first at least cursorily go through the slides in “LeadersIntroduction”, “PsychologyReference”, “SpiritualityReference”, “SUMMARYHogan”

In each lesson the only file that you should need to click on is that ending in .ppt. In the case of a link on a slide not working, you may be able to access it in the relevant folder. Any problems, please email

Since this course is at a Pilot stage, it is non-profit. But we need to recover cost of producing the CD, packing and postage. We are asking $10 US AU or NZ, or £UK5. You could write, enclosing a bank note, or pay with PAYPAL through

Postal Address: c/o Rev Michael Cocks, 23 Fairfield Avenue, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 981 7057