Sixty years ago I was an inconsequential young conscript posted to an army air training establishment. But there was one high spot to this brief military sojourn—giving a talk to an open-minded Salvation Army group on the value of fossils and how they prove the Earth did not begin in 4004 BC. It was a brave stance for a young school-leaver, at a time when adherence to a 4004 BC creation was still commonplace. It is now time for another brave stance—looking beyond Earth and traditional Earthly theology to the much wider vista of God’s creation, referenced in Genesis 2-1: ‘Thus the whole Host of the Heavens as well as the Earth were completed’. Hence, it is by no means amiss that our theological considerations should now extend far beyond this one planet. It is entirely natural that our quest for understanding should begin with humankind, this one planet, and those well-accounted angels and teachers of Earthly record. But today, our advancing science brings ever more awareness of that much wider creation of so many galaxies and planetary systems; also we are now aware of consciousness / mind collectives, the energy fluctuations of which can actually be measured. It now becomes clear to us that mind, whilst not part of the physical creation, is a tangible energy, external to any constraints of space-time. Mind belongs to spirit and merely attaches to physical brain.

Our book accounts in striking detail a 5-year project, following 10-years of preparation, all guided and overseen by a teacher from angelic realms known to us as ‘Salumet’. This dear one has spoken, taught and held dialogue sessions throughout the full 15-year period. We can now report what may fairly be described as a ‘mega-project’ in which a ‘Planet Aerah’ séance group led by ‘Bonniol’ mind-links with a ‘Planet Earth’ séance group for spoken thought-exchange. Much is said regarding the process which yields this instantaneous exchange (void of light-speed control) followed by brain download to known language of transferred thought. It works, it is truly amazing and we are all still ecstatic about it!

Aerah is more spiritually advanced than Earth, beyond wars, beyond divided religions and beyond personal greed syndrome—these differences make everything doubly exciting. Hundreds of topics are discussed—trivial, historical and deeply philosophical; also aspects of Aeran culture that we might consider sensitive issues, such as disposal of the body after death and continued communication with the departed spirit. Lighter items include: house design, lifestyles, plant energy and elementals, gardening, food, families, politics and exchange of music. Deeper matters include: the expanding universe / back holes / wormholes, space travel, teaching the child, the significance of pyramids / their origin in Egypt, and how Earth now enters a period of wonderful development. Bonniol has introduced to us other planetary beings, and most refreshingly, every planetary culture of our present knowing acknowledges the one Creative Principle that so many on Earth call ‘God’. The message that comes through strongly is that we are not alone in this universe—but we still have far to go if we compare our spiritual progress with cosmic neighbours, with whom we share such a magnificent creation.