Foreword by Louis LeGrand PhD

Over thirty years ago, I started teaching the first course on bereavement and death at Potsdam College which is part of the State University of New York in the USA. Just a few years into this endeavor, I came face to face with a 64-year-old woman whose grandson had what I now call and Extraordinary Experience (EE). At four years of age, he saw a smiling, facial vision of his deceased aunt.

Although trained in the scientific method to dismiss these stories as merely hallucinations, for me it was the beginning of the development of a profound conviction that communication does occur between those who have moved through death's door and those who are yet to follow. There is too much evidence that has accumulated over the years to deny the obvious.
Since that early experience, I have interviewed scores of people; who have reported a variety of EEs. Elizabeth Keane has followed in similar footsteps on the other side of the world and the results are clear: large numbers of people who are mourning the death of a loved one experience the extra- ordinary in some form. Many still keep their experience under cover for fear of ridicule or being labeled 'in need of professional assistance'.

Nonetheless, the experience is real to the mourner, and, most importantly, brings comfort and reassurance. Furthermore, EEs lead to meeting the number one goal of grieving -accepting the reality of the loss. No one can fully fathom the impact of these experiences unless she or he is fortunate to receive such a contact.

Amazing Encounters: Direct Communication from the Afterlife is the work of a dedicated researcher sharing her in- sights into the mystery that is an integral part of the human condition. Dr Keane has devoted untold years to the study of these phenomena, which have been occurring since the dawn of human history. She clearly shows that love lives on and these encounters obviously take place in a multiplicity of changing circumstances.
Once more, the healing influence that occurs through loving, caring relationships is not something that is demonstrated merely through scientific verification. Millions of these mysterious events, happening to ordinary people in eve ryday life, provide openings into the infinite that the laboratory is unable to duplicate. Dr Keane will light this route for you in the pages ahead and give you much to think about.

What is important to understand as you navigate these compelling narratives is the gift of peace and love that they exemplify; these spontaneous events present themselves for a reason. Those in another existence are very much aware of  what survivors have to deal with in adapting to the absence of .the loved one and the new routines that have to be started. As
you read each story, you will be reminded of how the tone for grieving is set through the communications that take place.

Not infrequentlyand this is a natural consequence of having coming face to face with the unknown-beliefs are altered. Over and over again one is struck by the fact that death is a te to door not a wall. There has to be something else after earthly existence. This is a powerful belief that changes human , AI- behavior in word and work; it spawns the assumption that in- there will be a reunion. Recipients are convinced that there nail is something greater than the self, which has strong effect lldy on emotional and, equally important, physical health. New the meaning brings new awareness about living and any mourner on can learn to love in separation and choose to reinvest in life 'of at the same time. This is a wise course to follow and is one of the underlying messages that you will glean from your reading.

 If you are a caregiver, a mourner, support person, or of wrestling with your own perception of mortality this is the book for you. It will give a glimpse into the deeper meaning of life for those who were willing to share the very personal If communications they had with their loved ones. Few in the general public are aware of the lifelong impact for good these  experiences have on survivors. Amazing Encounters, like a good friend, will cause you to pause in the rush of your everyday life and think about what is really important.

Louis LaGrand, PhD, CT Author of Love Lives On and Messages and Miracles