Q: When I get the flu, or someone else gets a disease, this could be said to be the result of what I have inflicted upon myself. Is it the will of the Father that I suffer from a disease?

Σ[Stephen] It is the will, and part of the Whole, that we experience all things without exception. It is a matter of the way we react to those experiences, and the way we live; for our reactions, and the way we act towards each other and to the circumstances, are the way we learn.

You have confused in your mind what I spoke to you last time. I said all things, I said that you are here, and that you are doing the will of the Father. The plan of our lives, from the moment of our birth until the moment of our death, has a path, an inevitable path that will be followed. In that path there are many and varied experiences. The free will of man enables him to act and react to those experiences.

Inaction would not be satisfying to yourself, and it would not teach you much. One might say that it would be easier for a child to remain in a cocoon, and remain there, and continue to be fed by its mother, until the life is past and gone. But the child would learn little, and life would be pointless, for all must be experienced, all is experienced.

I am reminded once again: quite often that it has been said among us by John, that there is no good, and no bad, and I think at the time it was said that whether rain is good or bad depends on the point of view. In the news recently, in this country that has been without rain, they would tell you that rain is good - and I have been aware of complaints that rain is not particularly good. Again with your malady: Do you have the knowledge to say that your body did not need this malady? For all things are needed. All experiences are necessary.

Q You said of Thomas’s cold, “This cold was well caught!”

Σ He learned of his cold, and he had the experience. It was important. Did he suffer like a martyr? Or were others martyrs? These are the things. They are so simple that we must realise that there is not one thing that moves, one planet that revolves that is not of the Plan. The plan is for the experience and learning of all.plan is for the experience and learning of all. Let us not wish that it were otherwise, for we would be the losers.

P127 Ask yourselves now, children, when the baptism in the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples, what works manifested through them? What did it produce but love? Love of God, love of their neighbour, healing, understanding.

§111 September 1, 1975 (p192)

Σ When we talk of healing and the power that we send out,
think not that the power is what grows within the physical,
but that the power comes from what is truly us,
then comes in to be diverted
or redirected with love as the projector.
Love is the best motive force
that the physical can best use to transport these powers.
Where then, you might ask, do I find me?
Come back along the line through each of these bodies,
until the time arrives when you cast them off.

You must first then start with that body
which each of us now wears.
In our consciousness know that this is a projection
that is made for your use,
not you for its use.
And the same with each body.
Recognise the limitations of that.
Do not say to yourself that “if I understand more,
I could give out the power”
when you [are] think[ing] of yourself as your body.
For the power is indeed truly yours,
if you with your consciousness would reach back
to where each projection of yourself have come from.
For here begins the [im]pulse
that moves not only the physical but also all others.
For I found myself when I lost all of these bodies.
It was not a fruitless or frivolous message
that our Lord said to us,
That if you would follow me to where I am,
you must give up all this that you treasure,
for the treasures that you have here in the body,
with which now you listen to these words,
are but treasures of the moment,
and cannot bring you more than a passing pleasure.
But if you would have the power
and the light of love that is yours,
come away in your consciousness back to who you are.
And He did tell us how we must do this: He said,
“While you are furthest away from yourselves,
and you possess what you feel and touch and taste,
practise this giving of all you have and of all you hold dear.
For these are your chains, these are the things that hold you from yourselves.
They are the experiences that you enjoy,
the loves that you feel are yours,
and also your pleasant memories.”
These things that are taught are not just nice things
that it would be pleasant to do.
They are useless, uselessly done,
if we do them so that others may recognise that we are good,
for we have changed one set of possessions for another..
we have changed wealth for the admiration of another,
or the imagined admiration.
If we give love so that it may be returned to us;
better that we had not given that love,
for we have exchanged part of our reflection
for another part that we wish to grow as ourselves;
until often we end in an experience of giving
what we hold dear, up of ourselves,
so that we might receive the love of another,
only to find that what we receive was not worth
the exchange of what we had already,
but we are left still with love that was never given,
but only returned to us unsatisfied.
When we give these things, we give that they might be taken,
for we want not their return.
We use them as vehicles of us,
that each time we send out these vehicles
we are drawn back to ourselves,
beyond the pull of our imagined gravity
that holds us to these things:
the [im]pulse of greed, the [im]pulse of possessiveness,
the pulse of coveting, that pushes along discomfort.

§130 July 19, 1976 Healing

ΣAgain to Thomas I say, that one catches a cold, as one catches a fish, by doing all the things necessary to catch that fish!

Q Healing... on the one hand. And magic.

ΣHealing... on the one hand.. and magic. Magic is what in the physical state, is what is not normal for you to perceive, things which you are not normally aware of. You will find that magic, (and I do not like the term), is usually confined to mind-power, doing things of the mind, and using the mind in such a way that unusual phenomena [occur]. Also magic, so-called magic, may be the witnessing of phenomena which are non-physical, caused by non-physical persons.

All of this magic which you may perceive or hear, or have spoken is very ordinary in comparison. For there is no magic magic yet that can circulate blood where blood does not circulate, to divide your foods into the necessary fuels for the many parts of the body. If there be a magic, let us recognise what is, and what is not.

Do you have some particular magic in mind?

Q With reference to healing: I am in a little confusion of mind because I recognise that it maybe is the will of the Father for that person to be healed, and I can see on the one hand that we can collaborate with the Father, in love and in prayer, but on the other hand it seems to me that we can attempt to influence the Father by different ways of holding our hands over people’s heads, that we should hold hands in a group, with the idea of increasing the healing power, and this worries me, for on the one hand it may increase the love - I can see that that would be helpful, but I can also see that it could be done for other motives.

ΣThe main help that could come from such a situation, the influence would be upon the one we would help. We cannot influence the Father, for let us not lose the concept of the Father that is the Whole, and that is the Source.

Most ills, like Thomas’s cold, are well caught!

Q What do you mean by that?

ΣThat they are well chosen. Do you find this difficult to believe that someone would rather choose illness than to be well? Nevertheless this is so. Each of us has a picture in our mind of ourselves, and what we are, and how we are, according to the way in which we choose to act.

Q If a person has this picture, should we attempt to alter their picture?

ΣYou might have some success. You may have little. We have many methods of rectifying these malfunctionings of the body; the more successful of these methods are the ones that are the most usual: for it is expected that they will be successful. You have experienced yourself a tooth which ached; this ache will stop immediately this tooth is removed, not because there has been continual pain in the tooth, but one time only, did your tooth remind your brain that it was there, and that it needed attention. Receive that signal, and the pain and the mind continue together to continue that signal.

Q This suggests to me that our pictures of ourselves are very important.

ΣMost important.

Q And they may largely be unconscious to the physical mind.

ΣThere are all sorts of conditioning which causes you to form these pictures of yourself. You may have a parent or friends, that if they were to tell you that a certain malady was yours, certain hereditary illnesses belonged to you.. each time this is suggested, your mind, deep in your mind these suggestions are recorded, and acted upon. Were it to be suggested to Thomas enough times by many different sources that he could no longer (I think you use the term) “sink” into a trance, then he would not do so. That if we continually spoke to Thomas of a withered arm, his arm would wither; if we continued to speak to anyone of a condition, and if the mind of the listener accepts and believes, then not only would the arm wither, but the arm might be straightened again.

Our Lord was an expert at choosing these circumstances, for he did but say to the woman who touched his garments that her faith had healed her, and she believed that this was so. And she was healed. Magic?

No, rather a miracle of perception on the part of the Lord, that he knew the time and the place and the mind, and the receptivity of that mind to which he spoke.

Q I can see that this perception would be most important. One must know that to which one would speak. With some of my friends, I feel that they have perceptions of themselves that would make life uncomfortable for them and would appear to interfere with the flow of love amongst us. I find it not easy to suggest to those people that they might perceive themselves otherwise. I must know the condition to which I speak.

ΣThere is one thing that could be helpful to you, with a group of friends, who might become disappointed with their healing, or their powers, and stop loving because of this. This is always the danger with those who collect together for what they might term healing, and they are unsuccessful. A simple method to test the effectiveness of a group is to have one of you bleed, then if that group can stop the flow of blood, all will have faith, and many ills will be cured. But if that group could not stop the flow of blood, then the faith in that group and the trust in each other would not be there, and you would have danger that the simple and the ordinary be neglected, for the sake of the exercise. Then this could be harmful.

§81September 9, 1974 Activation of healing through prayer

Q I forget in which context, but once you spoke of the “activation of healing” through prayer. Would you comment on that?

Σ I will speak as many of your great healers often speak. That many diseases or disorders of the body, more than is realised, are caused through the state of mind. If that state of mind through prayer, and through good reception, be put in peace and love, then disorders and sicknesses that are apparent, will cease to be so. Arguments against prayer, even by great healers themselves, are often that the correction of that which was wrong, was correction of the mind only. We can but agree, for what the Father has made the Father has made perfect. The perfection that we are able to accept is often like the readers of your book, acceptance with reluctance! And in part, with mistrust!

I say to all here now, that all disorders that are even in this room and beyond, that the mind and our free will have caused, our hearts and minds may cease to... Often when we fail in this task, we create even more sickness by our judgement upon ourselves. This is why we pray, for we must know that only in prayer, can the Father reach to us. And when the Father reaches he is accepted, then disorders can no longer be apparent. What we pray for is not that we be remodelled, or corrected, but that we become into a consciousness and to be at one with the Father. When we are at one with the Father then we are at one with all that is perfect. That we may often try with the mind to pray, and not apparently succeed, may worry and discourage from prayer. But I say this, that each prayer is answered, each time prayers is made with the heart. For we know when we truly pray. Those times that we allow the Father to come close to us perfection is very near. We worry often that limbs may be torn, and that our bones may disintegrate, that the whole body must groan.. when we truly pray it is also possible that these things also may be corrected and find perfection