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(1)Prof. R.M. Cocks, PhD, Philosophy.Dept. State University of New York, Oswego - Le Moyne College, Syracuse.
(2)*The Rev. Dr David.S. Bell, BD MTh Ph.D. Ed. Methodist Theological Review (Auckland NZ)
*Dr. Leo C.W. Hobbis MSc (Physics) Ph.D., CPhys., F.Inst.P (Auckland NZ)
The Rev. Prof. Emerit. Sjoerd L. Bonting, MSc. PhD, Amsterdam.
Tymn(5)  Mike Tymn, He is vice-president of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies Inc. as well as producing one of the Academy's journals. A resident of Hawaii.
(6)  Robert  A.  Gilbert,  Editor of  the UK  Christian Parapsychologist (not pictured)

 *Members of the UK Scientific and Medical Network.

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The Rev Lynda Patterson, MA Hons , MSt (Oxon), Director of Theology House, Church Lane, Merivale, Christchurch. Website:

The Rev Struan Duthie, M.Ed.(Counselling), B.A., LTh., Dip.Ed. MNZAC, MNZCCA.
The Rev James F. Riley, BA, M.Div, S.T.B.
The Rev Barbara Vincent, B.Sc.
The Rev. Peter O. Williams, MA(Hons), BA (Hons. Leeds -Theology)

Authors associated with this Journal:
Michael Cocks
Teachings of St. Stephen the Martyr, received in deep trance through Thomas Ashman. Stephen provides strong evidence that it is authentically he who speaks. The view of reality presented by his mysticism, is plainly similar to that of some of the theoretical QM physicists, and of the great mystics of the major world religions.

Victor MacGill
says of his book,"  Welcome to a journey through an enchanted land of dragons and princesses, warriors and wise people.
You will find that they exist as a part of our inner world. When we face the dragon, we face our inner fears. When we are the warrior, we find our courage and when we find the wise person, we meet our inner wisdom that lead us on a journey to heal our wounded lives."
On his home page :  "We journey through enchanted lands of Chaos Theory Complexity Theory, Spiral Dynamics and much more."

David Bell PhD Falling into the Centre of the Universe: Seven Sermons on Uncommon Topics. Chapter Headings: The Time Travellers, God Truth and Stories about Faith, Hints from the non-existence of a Universal Now, and others. Many readers will be interested in his refreshingly alive sermons posted on his web-page each week. He is a consultant for this journal, and is minister in East Coast Bays Methodist Parish Auckland. NZ. His books may be ordered by emailing

Phil Dyer
in his book, offers us the treasures of ancient and modern wisdom about Christian contemplative prayer in a compact, accessible and comprehensive resource. This resource introduces us simply and clearly to the hospitality of Abraham, St. Hildegard of Bingen, St. Francis and Christ Pantocrator, as well as most of the well trodden paths of interior Christian spirituality. The reader is invited to be aware of the theology of body prayer because our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.

John Moss PhD.
author of
What do You Think of Christ?
This fundamental question, pondered in 1 Cor 12.3 and 1 John 4.2 has been rigorously applied to some of the best of modern largely twentieth spirit and mystic sources. Thus Stainton Moses and Silver Birch, Rudolf Steiner and Wellesley Tudor Pole, St. Stephen and St. Francis have all been drawn into Dr. Moss's masterly treatise as he enquires into their attitudes to Christ.