On the weekend before last, I was scheduled to minister my "Wake up the Warriors" seminar at a Baptist church in the city of Vespasiano - Minas Gerais, and was able to take my brother Nate with me. I ministered six times from the Friday night to the Sunday night, mostly to around 80 youth, although on the Sunday night we had around 300 people present. There was a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit, and I was pleased to see the youth ministering to each other with healings, deliverances and other powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit. I've put some photos of the weekend of my personal website http://www.paulcull.org/paul/pmwiki.php?n=Pics.VespasianoFeb2009
Nate and I then went on to Rio, from where he left for New Zealand on the Tuesday.

After a short visit back in Friburgo, I travelled again on the Thursday to the spend the Carnival period with a Methodist church in the city of Uberlandia, where I had also ministered last Carnival. Instead of a camp, this time the event took place within the church, and I had the opportunity to minister six times from the Friday to Tuesday night. As this was a ministration that was to the whole church, I didn't use the "Wake up the Warriors" material, except for the last night when we had a practical workshop about ministering in the Holy Spirit, during which there were a number of physical healings ministered by the folk who participated.
I was surprised by the level of anointing that flowed during this weekend, and saw the Lord doing many marvelous things. Some of the highlights included a 13 year old girl who came to me in tears to receive Jesus as her Saviour after she heard Him tell her in a vision to "choose the right pathway", a lady who testified that, after three heart surgeries, the Lord "had given her a new heart", and another who had broken her left leg in a number of places and was in wheelchair, but after prayer was able to stand and support her weight on that leg without feeling any pain whatsoever. There were many other physical healings during that time, including a teen who had suffered from chronic gastritis, and a number of knee and back conditions that were healed. I also had opportunity to minister to the children, teens and youth, on different occassions, and the Lord touched them powerfully. It was wonderful to see one little boy, perhaps 7 or 8 years old, who received such a powerful anointing that he would walk around, place his hands on people, and many would fall under the power of the Spirit. One elderly gentlemen, who received ministry from the kids, told how he had seen a vision of "the Lord's garden" and physically smelt the fragrences of the flowers. There were also  manifestations of the Lord's presence in the form of speck or flacks of what mostly looked like gold appearing principally on the children, teens and youth.
One young man told me that he had attended the camp last year as an athiest, and when he saw people falling on under the power of the Holy Spirit, he thought that they were pretending. However, he too had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit, was converted and has been saved for a year. I heard another story how that, on the last day of last year's camp, one girl received a strong anointing to minister healing to her mother who was being treated for cancer - the mother come to me and confirmed that she had been healed.
It is wonderful to see the ways that the Lord is moving, especially among this new generation. I have placed a few photos of this event on my site at http://www.paulcull.org/paul/pmwiki.php?n=Pics.UberlandiaFeb2009
While I was travelling, Trina organised a 24 hour prayer and praise event in our church, specifically praying for our city, as usually there are a number of deaths during this time. There were no murders during the Carnival period, and even the local newspaper is commenting on how peaceful it was!
Please continue to pray for the work here in Friburgo, for the church, and for me, as I believe that now is the time that the Lord is opening new things for me, and I so need to know his timing and his direction right now.

Thanks for your prayers and support
In Him