The strange lack of Church journals investigating the Afterlife

he Christian Parapsychologist: [Editorial June 2008] "Devout Christians are not the only ones to be in danger of letting their ideas of what is metaphysically impossible colour their interpretation of empirical facts. Parapsychologists can still fall for the same temptation. They can believe so firmly in the impossibility of post-mortem activity, let alone post-mortem communication, that they accept the super-ESP explanation of the empirical data. Or they can read Ian Stevenson's research into past-life experiences without conceding that any of the thousands of cases are even a prima facie indication of the possibility of reincarnation.
"Christian parapsychologists have a tight-rope to walk. They need to be critical enough to assess the evidence, wise enough to see that the data can be accepted without compromising their religious beliefs, and sensible enough to reject explanations which seem at first sight to be consonant with their faith, but fly in the face of common sense."
Other articles:  Davinia Thomas "Telepathic thought forms", "Possession states" by Roland Littlewood, The doors of perception/Heaven and Hell  Aldous Huxley, reviewed by John Smythies, who "asks how it has stood up to the developing thought and culture of the half-century or more since its first publication.
 Network Review, Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network
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Journal of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies
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One will get an insight into the depth in which they investigate the question of the afterlife, if one studies the programme for this year's conference.
They provide a series of most valuable links leading to study of a multitude of topics