So Radiate

Nate Cull

June 13th, 2008

So radiate

I can’t see you

You’re just too far from me

                             – Carly Binding

I can’t be near you

The light just radiates

Courtney Love

A thought experiment:

Imagine that underneath everything we know, underneath thought and physics and soul, there’s a… substrate, a field, a waveform, a signal, an energy source.

(Energy not as physicists would think of it, but more like the philosophers who predated physics, and who gave us the word energeia which we borrowed and restricted into its modern technical meaning. Energy as in power, creativity, intelligence, Life. Something much more fundamental and more interesting than mere heat and motion and all the other separated, chaotic energies that we know which contradict and destroy each other. This Energy has no analog and no opposite. A single millivolt of it can move suns. It is the Light which has no darkness in it.)

Imagine that people are like little antennas, or pumps, which can dig into this field and pour out that energy into the world. Radiate it out with every thought, every breath.

Imagine that perhaps that is what soul is: what existence is, and personality, and all the other things we think of that make an ‘is’. Little loops of antenna-stuff radiating energy.

Imagine that all the people you see every day walking down the street are glowing like this, lit up with the energy of God, all the time and don’t even know it.

Except some of them, perhaps, become dimly aware, of that energy radiating through them; that light and power, that love, that peace, that sense of connectedness with a single Personality that floods through the whole universe and from which it is formed (or radiated). And as they become aware, they start to act with more love, more kindness, more simplicity, more abandonment, a deeper sense of being exactly where they need to be and being supported and guided at every step.

And still not everyone knows or can see how that energy lights them up and lights others up. And the more they see, the more frustrating it becomes for them, the moments when they can’t see, and the people who they can’t feel that light flowing out. But they know it’s there all the same, in the same way that we’ve learned to know that electricity is there when we turn a switch even if we can’t see an arc zapping.

What would it mean, to live in a universe like that?

Is that the universe we live in?

How could we tell?

What would it mean, for how we live and work and play and relate with each other, to think for just a moment that everyone on the street is a filament in the electric chandelier of God?