Bruce  Scott-Hill

Former New Zealand Telecom engineer, author of  The Paranormal is Normal, the Science Proof of Reincarnation. (Winner of the NZ Ashton Wylie 2016 Mind, Body and Spirit Literary Award.)

The author, Rev. Michael Cocks highlights - that where synchronicities exhibit predestination, it exhibits a paranormal characteristic. Since the word paranormal is defined as beyond normal, I would certainly agree with him.

His book can in fact be regarded as a treasure house of not just single events of synchronicity (he, his wife and other fortunate friends have personally experienced together), but multiple and series of synchronistic events which in many cases, have each occurred over a number of days. Quite remarkable - when one considers most cases of synchronicity relate typically to a single event at a time. This alone surely makes this book an important contribution to the subject of synchronicity. Also in view of the amazing and fortuitous wide experience that Michael Cocks has had with synchronistic experiences, it is therefore not surprising that he has wished to pass on these experiences to others.

Synchronicities (I have experienced a few simple ones myself) are invariably characterised by jaw dropping improbable coincidences. Some meaningful, some not. But all nevertheless statistically improbable and some statistically impossible - for example, opening a book at random and finding a valid/helpful answer to a predetermined question (as is mentioned almost routinely in Cocks’s book among his personal experiences). When both predestination and the meaningful nature of some synchronicity cases hint strongly at the time invariance of quantum physics and also a possible intelligent source (both covered by Cocks in his book), one cannot help feel a non-physical/spiritual explanation must be considered.

Reasonably therefore, I consider synchronicity and all such events (simple and complex), should rightly be regarded as paranormal events, such as telepathy and clairvoyance etc., as they are all clearly beyond normal. Synchronistic events, are not normally included under the banner of the paranormal, as it seems that the improbability of these experiences themselves, has led to synchronicity not being taken particularly seriously (let alone researched) to date until now. In the case of this book though, hopefully this situation will change due to Michael Cocks’s work. This is because as a retired Vicar of the Anglican faith, the veracity of his synchronicity accounts can be accepted without question. Secondly, Cocks’s wonderful and obvious scholarship, his open-mindedness and unexpected wish to first consider a scientific approach (which he does at length near the beginning of his book) to seeking explanations for the likely source of synchronistic occurrences, rather than first asserting a religious explanation - make this book a serious and important contribution to the subject.