Synchronicity in the  Witness Box

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Looking at synchronicity surrounding the Stephen experience in the light of science. That experience is described in "Afterlife  Teachings from Stephen the Martyr


Professor Mary Carman Rose
The late Mary Carman Rose, (formerly Professor of Philosophy, Goucher College, Baltimore, Md.) had written this evaluation of Into the Wider Dream long before it was finally published.  She and the author had corresponded for ten years  on synchronicity, many experiences with her featuring in this book. Her review originally was written as an introduction to an earlier version of this book.   Mary had been editor of the Journal of the Academy of Religion and Psychical Research  for many years. (It is now called "Journal of the Academy of Spirituality and Consciousness Studies.   Thus, she is an independent witness to the synchronicities.

Professor Steven Marc Rosen
Steven Rosen was involved in  the Stephen experience, with a number of jaw-dropping synchronicities.  Go to Wikipedia  to read about his career. He also is an independent  witness to the synchronicities.

Dr Howard Jones

[See The Spiritual Writings of Howard Jones  
Dr Jones' review provides a valuable summary of the book

 Bruce Scott-Hill  
Former New Zealand Telecom engineer, author of  The Paranormal is Normal, the Science Proof of Reincarnation. (Winner of the NZ Ashton Wylie 2016 Mind, Body and Spirit Literary Award.)

A rigorous  scientist, he appreciates that the writer thinks first in terms of  science, then of  religion.

Nate Cull