The Ground
of Faith
Science without religion is lame: religion without science is blind." 
Albert Einstein
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The Paradigm Police

November 2007
"Sensing Murder" is no scam

September  2007
"You can kiss your career Goodbye"

July 2007
Near Death Experiences of children..and more

May 2007
K'ung Fu Tzu

March 2007
Plato in the 21st Century

December 2006
*Dimensions of Love?*

October 2006
Looking again at spirituality

August 2006
**Now, as then**

June 2006
“I'm not dead”

April 2006
... dying and emerging images of God

February 2006
“No Boundaries Awareness”

November 2005
"The Kingdom of Heaven"

September 2005
"Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth"

July 2005
"Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth."

April/May 2005
The Universal Christ

February 2005
The unclassified residuum

December 2004
A Complex Web of Meaningful Coincidence

October 2004
Invincible Sceptism

August 2004
The Anatomy of Joy

June 2004
Thin Ice?

April 2004
What's so Amazing about Grace?

February 2004
The Afterlife

December 2003
After Damascus

October 2003
Synchronicity, uniting matter and Spirit, a gateway to the direct experience of the Divine

August 2003
The Whole-ly Spirit

June 2003
The One and the Many

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* Worship in the Southern Hemisphere
The Metanexus Institute
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the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies Inc
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January 27, 2018: "Inspiration from Another World"

December  2017 " All shall be well"

Michael Cocks Blogs on Stephen
Mike Tymn
Professor works to develop Soul Phone
New ‘Number One’ Book on the Afterlife
NDE researcher sees progress in overcoming adversity
Roberta Grimes Believing is Not Seeing
Scott-Hill “Why we are on Earth
Four Must-view videos by Keith Parsons
Letter to the Editor, by Lodewijk Langeweg
Mathematical Secrets of Ancient Tablet Unlocked After Nearly a Century of Study
Newfound Wormhole Allows Information to Escape Black HolesPrinted Church journals on psychic research and Christianit

June 2017 Belonging to God

Richard Rohr:  Universal Dignity in a Debauched Empire
Academys’ Conference at Chapel Hill  Will Keepin
Alan HugenotWe shall shortly be texting our deceased grandparents
,  A Dog’s View of Love, Life, and Death,
 Jon Beecher
Mike Tymn "shroudThe Shroud of Turin:  Beyond Science?
Convincing Deathbed Phenomena
Nobel Prize Winner Witnessed Materializations
Afterlife Research and Education Institute
Image result for quantum satellite china China's Quantum Sateliite in one big leap

 February 2017  St Stephen the Martyr

Teaching from Stephen the Martyr
How I came to join in the conversations with St Stephen.
Stephen on "The sense of being an ‘I’."
Bruce  Scott-Hill:   
Stephen talks about the whole purpose of our life on Earth
Franciscan Richard Rohr,
in his emailed meditation dated  Thurs, Jan. 26, 2017  has this to say about
 Franciscan Mysticism
Michael Cocks:
 Psychic Research and Basic Religion
Some articles by Michael Tymn

December 2016  We create our own reality

1. Dogma, Revelation and the Godhead Within.
2. We shall not cease from exploration
3.Talking with the angels
4.15 Reasons Why We Keep Reinventing the Wheel?
5. Materializations Reported
6. NDE on the Battlefield: Going Far Beyond John Wayne
7. The Amazing Bangs Sisters
8. See for yourself! Hundreds of serious journals studying
consciousness and the afterlife in the Wise digital library
9. Leslie Flint Direct Voice:
The Annie Nanji Recordings
10. Neville Randall : Debate in the C of E
about Afterlife in '60s
11. Journal of the Unitarian Society for Psychical Studie
12. Luis Sergio Marotta interviews Michael Cocks.
13. Dead Symphony.
14. The Kingdom of Heaven is at
hand: Chico Xavier
15. Jupiter: Up close and personal
16. Towards quantum Internet: Researchers
Teleport particle of light six kilometres

*17. The Reflexive Problem in Analytic Philosophy:
Illogical Logicians Richard Cocks
*18. We Individually and Collectively Create our own Reality
by Bruce Scott-Hill
19. Quantum communication development at faster than
light speed. Bruce Scott-Hill
20 Printed Church journals on psychic research and Christianity

October 2016 Dogma, Revelation
and the Godhead Within.

1. Dogma, Revelation and the Godhead Within.
2. Psychic Research and Basic Religion
3. The Christian Parapsychologist and Luis Sergio Marotta
4.The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth
5. Life after Death: Keith Parsons reaches the masses!
6. Psychologist Matthew McKay Discusses Spirit Communication
7. No Ferrari for this Doctor
8. New Catholic thinking about sharing in the Eucharist
9.Massive new galaxy turns out to be 99.99 percent dark matter
10. Simulated black hole experiment backs Hawking prediction
11. Scientists dumbstruck: signs of intelligent design in DNA code
12. Skeptico Interview : new standard of proof on assisted afterdeath
13. Taming photons, electrons paves way for quantum internet
14.The Quantum Hologram And the Nature of Consciousness Edgar D. Mitchell,
Sc.D.1, and Robert Staretz, M.S.
15. Neighbouring star Proxima Centauri has Earth-sized planet
16. Five lessons Bob Olsson learned about the afterlife
17 Jurgen Ziewe: Multidimensional Man
18. Joe McMoneagle (02-16-06) The Stargate Chronicles
19 Gary Schwartz : In a materialisation seance the late Carl Sagan appears
to have written his signature on a piece of paper
20 Printed Church journals on psychic research and Christianity
21 NZ Christians in Science


July 2016, The Five Notes of Attunement

 CONTENTS: Articles by Michael Cocks ;   
Richard Rohr  "If we see Jesus as the human archetype";
See the moons of  Jupiter moving around her.;
Articles by Michael Tymn ;
Evidence of Reincarnation by Dr. Jim Tucker;
A Shocking Find In a Neanderthal Cave In France ; 
Schrödinger’s cat;  Quantum Entanglement: Love on a Subatomic Scale ; Sister Aila and the Paranormal Phenomena; 
Roy L. Hill  author of Psychology and the Near Death Experience, Searching for God. William A Tiller Institute for Psychoenergetic Science;
Professor Robert Lanza’s latest and just released book “Beyond Biocentrism: Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness and the Illusion of Death.” 
Review of Roy L Smith's  Psychology and Near Death Experiences. Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill, author of  "The Paranorml is Normal. The Science validation of Reincarnation"  writes

April 2016, Orthodoxy, Orthopraxy 

Contributions from   Michael Cocks and Michael  Tymn
*Reviews: Stafford Betty: Heaven and Hell Revealed; The Severed Breast;  Laurence Temple: The Shining Brother;  Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill: The Paranormal is Normal;
*Articles: C.S. Lewis "appears" to J B Phillips; Fritjof Capra: A New Conception of Life; David Bohm, the Physicist, back in favour;  Investigate Steven Greer! Peter Russell: Video on the nature of the Cosmos is  consciousness; Near Death Experiences studied at Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

February 2016 The Pope, the new Orthodoxy                                          

The Pope: The New Orthodoxy of St Francis in Catholicism,
God’s Mercy.. Pope Francis helps save Jesus from the Church.

Does Dismissing the Afterlife Make Life More Meaningful?
The “Third Hand” Eludes Catch 22 Science
Indridi Indridason: The Amazing Icelandic Medium
A Millennial Tackles the Afterlife

When Philosophy lost its way
NASA Reaches New Heights
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, 6th Man on Moon, Dies in Florida
Review: Grandma, What is a soul? by Rev Dr Karen Herrick
Sister Aila and Paranormal Phenomena
Welcome to the "New Thinking Allowed" channel on YouTube
What   is the  Nature of  Reality  and  How  do  we  understand  it?
Signs of Modern Astronomy Seen in Ancient Babylon
Bruce Scott-Hill  on "How trustworthy is teaching received through psychics in trance?"
This issue especially, filled with interesting stuff

Current Issue: December 2015

October 2015: "God be in my Mind"

 August 2015 "Science is Wrong"

Articles by Michael Cocks

 You and I live in the real world -don't we?
However could that have happened? The Outer and Inner Egos
Open-minded teaching about Spirit and Religion
Articles by Michael Tymn
Just Wondering (about death)!
Was Mary Lincoln a Lunatic?
What the Advanced Spirits Told a Lawyer!
The French Revelation: Some Forgotten Treasures Resurrected
blog of Elene Gusch
Congress UFO Secret Meeting 2015 - The Sirius Disclosure Projects
Roberta Tatom: The Last Taboo
The Vision of Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Into the Wider Dream: Synchronicity in the Witness Box..

 June 2015: Filtering out the Rubbish

What is Medicine's 5-Sigma?
Articles by Michael Cocks
Good and Evil in the unbroken wholeness of reality
The Science of the Paranormal
Michael Tymn
Kluski, Philip, Kardec, and the Scientific Conundrum
Remembering the Lusitania and the Hugh Lane Messages
Deathbed Phenomena in Hospice Care

Filtering out the Bosh
Rupert Sheldrake/ Michael Shermer: "Materialism in Science" 
The Vision of Alfred Russel Wallace  Howard Jones, Ph.D
Lessons for Psychiatry    Stafford Betty, Ph.D.

April 2015 Sing the music of your soul
Articles by Michael Cocks
Into the Wider Dream: Synchronicity in the Witness Box
Sing the Music of your Soul
Strange encounters; Synchronicity perhaps?
“No man is an island”
"No Man is an Island” and Christian Theology
  Michael Tymn
Was President Lincoln a Believer or an Infidel?
Automatic Writing Explained
The Most Awesome Book on Spirit Communication
 Louis de Figueredo
Episcopal Bishop John Spong
Oratio Celtic Poems

Do explore these two links!
  “Christian Writers Unite

February 2015: Whence come spiritual gifts?

Articles by Michael Cocks
The Quest for the Historical Jesus
How Stephen the martyr came to join Joseph and Mary, Essenes in Galilee: A study in Xenoglossy.
An interesting story in the 4th book of Maccabees.
St. Paul and the “Rapture”

  Michael Tymn

Is There Marriage in the Afterlife?
Was Eusapia Palladino Fact or Fiction?
How “Unbroken” Hero Lou Zamperini Saw the Light
A Suicide Prevented?
Do young atheists bond in a collective flight from death?

The Oldest Stars Are a Lot Younger Than We Thought
No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning
Are Friends Electric?: Machines, Emotions, And The Importance of Rule Breaking
Myths and the Modern World
What Happens to the Brain During Spiritual Experiences?

Do explore these two links!


Articles by Michael Cocks
*Two former Bishops of Durham and the Resurrection
 * Could Anglicans be a little more brave about psychic research?
“Lead Kindly Light..”
  Carla Wills-Brandon:
*Looking Deeper into the Myth that Progressive Jews Don’t Believe in an Afterlife
Michael Tymn
*The Society for Psychical Research Tackles Internet Encyclopedia Project
*Evidence of Psychic Phenomena vs. Enlightenment
*Different Mind-Sets in the Search for Truth
*Musical Prodigies:  Spirit Guides, Genetics, or both?
"Resuscitation" NDEs
Rare Spirit Communications: A High Spiritual Adventure and Mission by John Finnemore, Ph.D.
The Brainstem Brainwaves of Atman-Brahmin:Author Sutapas Bhattacharya

Jeremiah P. Ostriker and Simon Mitton, Heart of Darkness: Unraveling the  Mysteries of the Invisible Universe, Princeton University Press, 2013

Paul Hewitt Photography
I believe in the Holy Spirit  Rev. Bosco Peters

Why Don’t Progressive Jews Believe in an Afterlife? Are They Missing Something? - Stafford Betty  
Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal

Anna Breytenbach Demonstrates Animal Telepathy

October 2014
Articles by Michael Cocks
*Afterlife and the Wider Picture
*“Are you the product of your environment?”
*O Life, awakening life in cell and tissue.

Articles by Michael Tymn
*Departing Visions: An Interview with Dr. Carla Wills-Brandon
*Purgatory is for real
*Rolf Explains How Trance Mediumship Works
*The Story of Australia’s Greatest Medium
*Life after Death, Guilt& Remorse

International Summit on Post-Materialist Science: Summary Report
Revisiting Wegener:
Why Scientists dismissed the evidence

Prof Richard Cocks: The Spectrum of Consciousness

The Christian Parapsychologist
*Some Psi Light Phenomena
*Defending Origen
*BORN AGAIN ?   [Reincarnation in the Bible].
*A New Science of the Paranormal: The Promise of Psychical Research
by Lawrence LeShan
*The Fifth Love – Exploring Accounts of the Extraordinary
by Mark Fox.
*Returning to Reality. Thomas Merton’s Wisdom for a Technological Age.
by Phillip M. Thompson.

August 2014
 Michael Cocks
 Stolen Harp Recovered Using #Dowsing
Dowsing: The Skeptics “Fix Wikipedia”
Science in the Witness Box
B Craig Weiler:PSI WARS: TED, Wikipedia and the Battle for the Internet                          
C Wikipedia, WISEwiki and more.
 D  George P. Hansen: Author: The Trickster and the Paranormal
E HENRY H. BAUER: What Do We Mean by "Scientific?"*
F Christopher Laursen Extraordinarium Digital Press
G The Spiritual Writings of Howard Jones
H letter from Loes Modderman
I Michael Cocks In the Beginning was the Word…
J Michael Tymn:
*Stafford Betty:  No Pretender, No Player, No Wimp
*The Death Process as Described by Andrew Jackson Davis
*Why “Higher Truths” Have Been Rejected By Humans


June 2014
*Articles by Michael Cocks
+The Resurrection at Easter
+An interdimensional tennis match
+One, or Man. Which?
*Michael Tymn
+An Easter message that makes sense
+Knowing if you are dead or not.
+Is heaven for real?
+Was Aidin Ballou the first psychic researcher? 
Jeffrey John Kripal: Authors of the Impossible
Elizabeth Mayer: The Harp that came back.
Richard Cocks: Taleb, Mystery and Conservatism
Richard Cocks: Damage Done: Philosophy, Medicine, And The Preventable Harm We Do
Marion Browne: The Soul and Rationality

April 2014
*"Science without religion is lame;
 religion without science is blind." Albert Einstein
*The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies CONFERENCE IN ARIZONA IN JULY
*Dr Penny Sartori: Near Death Experiences
*Unifying Truth Project
*Primordial gravitational wave discovery heralds 'whole new era' in physics
*Dead Doesn’t Have to Mean Serious - Elene Gusch
*Articles by Michael Cocks
+Synchronicities on the day my wife and I were engaged.
+What is it that will make us spiritually advanced?
+Why we shouldn’t believe our eyes.
+Not to be explainers and conquerors, but conscious participants in the universe.
*Michael Tymn
+One Life at a Time:  The Way of the Philistine?
+Gladys Osborne Leonard & Her Curious Term of Endearment
+An Intriguing 1911 Near-Death Experience
+W. Stainton Moses:  Awesome Medium or Impostor?
*Gary Marcus: What neuroscience teaches us and what it doesn't
*Robert Macluhan: What's it like on the other side?

February 2014
Articles by Michael Cocks
*Psychic Phenomena: The Methods of the Law Court, and Uncertainty
*Thoughts about Incarnation
*Mystical Experience: Einstein – R.M. Bucke
*Creativity:  Mathematical genius Ramanujan
Articles by Michael Tymn
*Debunking Babe Ruth & Leonora Piper:
 *When a Famous Scientist Discovered Spirits
*Spirit Survives in Ireland
*The Most Profound Near-Death Experience Ever?
*Cora Richmond: A Most Amazing Medium
*Cora L. V. Richmond – An Amazing Medium (Part II)
*Why Harmony is Important in Spirit Communication and Related Phenomena
*Trying to Make Sense of Ghosts
Peter Creevey
 “Interventions – A Life in War and Peace”, by Kofi Annan.
*Shared death experiences: Raymond Moody (video)
*The Challenges of the Skeptic Materialist  By August Goforth
*Drop-ins good evidence of  survival.  by Michael E. Tymn
Hearing Voices: by Michael Paternoster

December 2013
Articles by Michael Cocks
*Psychic Phenomena: The Methods of the Law Court, and Uncertainty
*Thoughts about Incarnation
*Mystical Experience: Einstein – R.M. Bucke
*Creativity:  Mathematical genius Ramanujan
Articles by Michael Tymn
*Debunking Babe Ruth & Leonora Piper:
 *When a Famous Scientist Discovered Spirits
*Spirit Survives in Ireland
*The Most Profound Near-Death Experience Ever?
*Cora Richmond: A Most Amazing Medium
*Cora L. V. Richmond – An Amazing Medium (Part II)
*Why Harmony is Important in Spirit Communication and Related Phenomena
*Trying to Make Sense of Ghosts
Peter Creevey
 “Interventions – A Life in War and Peace”, by Kofi Annan.
*Shared death experiences: Raymond Moody (video)
*The Challenges of the Skeptic Materialist  By August Goforth
*Drop-ins good evidence of  survival.  by Michael E. Tymn

Hearing Voices: by Michael Paternoster

October 2013 Issue

Articles by Michael Cocks
*Meaning-full disease
*Was it us, or more than us, that created the world?"
*Channelled messages -truth or flummery?
*Gifts of the Spirit
Articles by Michael Tymn
*Remembering History’s Forgotten Man – Alfred Russel Wallace
 *Overcoming Grief from the Loss of a Loved One
*The Mystery of the Buried Crosses
*Things You Can do When You’re Dead!

 *Stephanie Van Hook:Gandhi's Prayer
*Elene Gusch: Oscar Wilde on difficulties even with Direct Voice   mediums like Leslie Flint
* Things you can do when you are dead.
-True accounts of after-death communication.Tricia J. Robertson
*The Spring: An Autobiography of a Mahayog Guru, by Ma Ruteshwari,
Review by Callum Cooper
*Marian Visionaries Explored - Afterlife Realms
 James Paul Pandarakalam
*Post-Death Experiences and the Emotion of Hope: Callum E. Cooper

August 2013 issue

Articles by Michael Cocks

*Mental Illness and the Afterlife
*Terminal Lucidity in People with Mental Illness
*The New Testament: Some Firm Ground
*Is it God’s will?
*“Jesus gave His life as a ransom for many”
Articles by Michael Tymn
*Amazing Phenomena that Exceed the Boggle Threshold
*Remembering Patience Worth 100 Years Later —An Interview with Her Foremost Fan
*Spirit Communication Problems Further Explained
The Mystery of Od Explained to Catholic Priest by Spirits
*Was William James a wimp?
*Models and Metaphors: The Brain and its Meaning
Nicola Hoggard-Creegan

*Simon S. Wu
*From Victor Zammit's weekly newsletter:
"Children who remember previous deaths"

Book Reviews
*AlmaasFacets  of Unity: The Enneagram of Holy Ideas by A.H.Almaas
*Children of the Fifth World, by P. M. H. Atwater
How a "Male Non-Believer" came to believe that a close friend had survived death
*A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife
 by Victor Zammit and Wendy Zammit

June 2013 Issue: Rowan  Williams and Richard Dawkins at Oxford.

 Note from the Editor
A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife
Articles by Michael Cocks
*Rowan Williams and Richard Dawkins at Oxford
*Is God Happy?
*Sacred Geometry and St John
*On avoiding being one-eyed
Articles by Michael Tymn
*An Interview with Victor and Wendy Zammit
*"Dead" Mountain Climber Mallory *Says He Never Made It to the Top
*Michael and the motorcycle: a Tale of two worlds
*Remembering Prof Archie Roy
*Documentary: We are vibrational beings:
*The Soul and and Rationality, by Marion Browne
*Philosophical discussion: Evidence unseen: The ethnographic and the personal Paul D. Biscop
*Letter from Dr Robert Gilbert
*Philosophical discussion: Mental health care in Brazil's Spirit Psychiatric Hospital
Emma Bragdon Ph.D

April 2013 issue: True Religion is this
Articles by Michael Cocks:

*Religiously observant Americans are better neighbours
*Trading clouds of glory
*Fundamentalism v. Scepticism: the Middle Way
Michael Tymn
* a nonbeliever convinces another nonbeliever of life after death
*The strange and bizarre of materialisation further observed
*Ectoplasm, hokey but true
*Scientist reports on 10 years work with mediums
article by David Howard
True religion is this…
Callum Cooper: Post death experiences and the emotion of hope
Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein: Einstein on creative thinking
Richard Cocks: Will computers ever be conscious?
Dimensions of consciousness: Dung beetles guided by the Milky Way
Ray Villard: Are we living inside a computer simulation
Patricia Doyle: Prophecy Spiritualism and the Old Testament
TANSA: Theology and the natural sciences, New Zealand
Pscience:: what new developments in scientific investigation promote understanding of psi?
A website exploring pre-birth experiences
February 2013 issue: 
Articles by Michael Cocks:
*The Spiritual Belief that Unites Humanity
*What Kind of God Predestines?
*A Christian understanding of Incarnation
*Psychic Research and Spirituality

Michael Tymn
*Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife
*An Interview with the Author of “Resurrecting Leonora Piper”
*Where Was God During the Newtown Tragedy? A Philosopher Answers
*Is Dr. Eben Alexander Putting Science Back on the Right Track?
*From Skepticism to *Cynicism to Savage Antipathy
*Karl Pribram: The Holographic Brain
*The Rainbow and the Worm:The Physics of Organisms. Mae-Wai Ho

John G. Sabol,
Our Help Comes From the Lord:Studies of Spiritual Care in Hospital Guided by Christian Mysticism by the Revd. Andrew Fisher
AECES: New afterlife website: Do explore
J.McDaniel: What is Process Thought?
Other Science and Spirituality Blogs
  Science & the Evidence for Postmortem Survival:William Stoney

December 2012
Articles by Michael Cocks:
*Good and Evil in the Cosmic Cathedral
*Synchronicity - Who is the playwright?
*Sheldrake’s The Science Delusion/Science Set Free
Michael Tymn
“The Last Frontier”: An Interview with author Julia Assante, Ph.D.
*A Korean Psychiatrist Sees Mental Health Benefits in Believing in Life After Death
*Paid Debunkers: How the Public Is Misinformed by the Media and Academia About Psychic Phenomena
*An Interview with English Author Trevor Hamilton
Guy Playfair
*Hallowe’en news from Flat Earth
David Howard
Spirit Communion Within The Anglican Communion
Rev Karen E Herrick, PhD, LCSW, LMSW, CADC
*Beyond 2012: Why do we keep torturing ourselves with these predictions?
James E. Beichler, Ph.D.
From the Internet
*The 13 Most Important Numbers in the Universe
Oliver Sacks, Exploring How Hallucinations Happen
*Bishop Spong:  How the church invented hell to control people.
*Famous Cardiac Surgeon's Stories of Near Death Experiences in Surgery
October 2012 Awareness of Spirit
Ian Crumpton on The Ground of Faith.
Articles by Michael Cocks:
*Is the brain a computer? Are computers conscious?
*Private Dowding
*Templeton's $5m project
 *Boiling an egg
Michael Tymn
*Is $5-Million for Life After Death Research a Waste?
*The Best Evidence for Life After Death?
*Dr. R. Craig Hogan discusses the evidence for Life after Death
*Nihilism:  What is it?
Science & the Evidence for Postmortem Survival:
William Stoney
AECES: New afterlife website: Do explore
J.McDaniel: What is Process Thought?
Brilliant Near Death evidence
Other Science and Spirituality Blogs
August 2012 How mind creates the world

Articles by Michael Cocks:
*Love;Seth, Stephen, and Conversations
*How mind creates the world
*Comparing Seth etc.
*Conversations with God
Michael Tymn
*What does telepathy between twins have to do with life after death?
*Does Pain Accompany Violent Death?
*More Witnesses to “Soul Mist”
*Dr. Peter Fenwick discusses dying, death and survival
Other Science and Spirituality Blogs
*Lois Isenman's Intuition In-depth blog
*David H Howard: Spirits Communion: The religion, philosophy and science of Spiritualism
*Elene Gusch: Elene Explores

June 2012: Seeking Answers to Prayer
Articles by Michael Cocks:
*Shedding the skin of the snake
*Stephen  spoke to us in his native Greek
*If the Future Can be Foretold

Stafford Betty:* Is Reincarnation True? Research of Ian Stevenson

Michael Tymn
*Finding  the Truth in the Light
*Was DD Home like Babe Ruth, David Thompson like Nick Swisher?
*Difficulties in Spirit Communication Explained
Other Science and Spirituality Blogs
*Lois Isenman's Intuition In-depth blog
*David H Howard: Spirits Communion: The religion, philosophy and science of Spiritualism
*Elene Gusch: Elene Explores
William Grassie: *Conflicting Ideologies and Entangled Narratives
*Seeking Truth in the World of Competing Narratives
*Elaine Pagels: Revelation: Visions, Prophecy and Politics
*Caduceus Journal UK
*Juergen Ziewe: What is an awakened mind like?
Doctoral Dissertation
Theology and Natural Sciences Aotearoa (TANSA)
*Nikolaus von Stillfried: Consciousness and Quantum theory
April 2012: "FRAMEWORKS"
Creativity and Rosemary Brown
(Elene Gusch: Delfina: Drama and Trauma with Fryderyk)
Truth is such a slippery customer
UFOs, are they softening us up?
Review: Transcending thr Titanic: Michael Tymn
Review: Is there life after death? Sjoerd Bonting
Was Dr/Minister the Titanic's bravest man?
109-year-old scientist continues to pursue illumination
Dying words: Steve Jobs wasn't the only one
The problem with spirituality surveys
Using the extraordinary experiences of the bereaved in the formation of a new identity Louis LaGrand
February 2012  The Second Coming?
God or Moral Nihilism: Richard Cocks
Articles by Michael Tymn
Clash of Civilisations: A. Miller
Are we supposed to know about life after death? Stafford Betty
Study of NDEs at Massey University NZ
 Beyond the Nuts and Bolts: UFOs as the technology of Extradimensional Aliens
 Dean R. DeHarpporte,
DaleGraf Dale E. Graff,  
James Padgett and the Philosophy of Progression
by Michael Nedbal, Ph.D.  and Geoff Cutler,
by Dr. Ken S
December 2011: Experience behind the Science 
Steve Jobs’ Final Words
Stafford Betty
Articles by Michael Tymn
 1.Why  Red Indians so often "Control" mediums
  2. New Zealand Priest Tells of Mediumship Experiences in New Book
 3. Do Famous “Dead” People Communicate?
  4. Life after Death and Super-psi do not conflict says physics professor
 5. Art Directed by Spirits?
6. Will Simon Cowell Regret His “Insurance Policy”?
7. Has the Near-Death Experience Been Debunked?
8. Was Etta Wriedt the Best Medium Ever?
 Articles on Synchronicity  
1.  Possible Causal Mechanisms in the Occurrence of Synchronicities:   
by Gary E. Schwartz, PhD
 2.Dale Graf, MS Physics
3. Synchronicity: Prof Victor Mansfield
4. Revisit our issue of October 2003 for a fuller account of writers on the theme of synchronicity,  
  Two futher addresses from the last ASPSI conference
 A Jungian Psychological and Spiritual Passage
Rev Karen E Herrick,

  In Light of Love: The Near-Death Experience and the Bible
by Scott D. Davidson
October 2011 A Course in Miracles
Hold to the good
Art directed by spirits
Studies in NDEs in NZ
Ave Roma Immortalis
The truth wears off
Robert Perry ACIM
Van Harskamp ACIM
Michael Tymn and Spirit Communicators
Michael Tymn and James Beichler
James Beichler: Apparitions R Us
Benjamin Zeller:Three physicists on religion.

August 2011  What is the afterlife like?

The Afterlife revealed
Michael Tymn is interviewed
An interesting NDE
EEs and the bereaved
The new sciences of religion
The sound of the cricket
The mediumship of Icelandic Indridi Indridason
Interview with Montagu Keen
Montagu Keen Materialises
End of life experiences: Simon Ragget

June 2011     " deep calleth another"
One deep calleth another
Evelyn Underhill
Swedenborg: A Genius Who Explored the Afterlife
Medjugorje Apparitions 
Benjamin Wiker 
Francis Bacon
The soul and personal experiences
Tom and Lisa Butler
Thirty Years on the Ghost Trail – John Legg 
The Watseka Wonder – Dr Keith Parsons

April 2011 Lessons from our Earthquake
White Crow Michael Tymn: Jane Katra
Michael Prescott: The million-dollar challenge.
Interesting article from The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
The Dentures Man Rides Again.
White Crow Michael Tymn: Journalist’s Book “Randi’s Prize” Exposes How ‘Skeptics’ Distort Evidence for Paranormal Activity.
The twelve most frequent modes of after-death contact
WhiteCrow Michael Tymn: The voices that converted a skeptical lawyer
The R101 Airship Keith Parsons
whitecrow Why Dr. Parnia’s NDE Test Will Likely Fail: Michael Tymn
Robert G. Mays, B.Sc. Suzanne B. Mays On the Scope of Analysis for the AWARE Study

February 2011 Praying for the Dead : The Ethics of Contact with the Dead
Editorial: Praying for the Dead: The Ethics of Contact with the Dead
White Crow Scientific Research Suggests Contact with the “Dead”
ASPSI The Case for the Return of Richard Hodgson
ASPSI Investigation of precognitive dreamer Christopher Robinson
More on Darryl Bem's landmark study on precognition
There is No Death
Exorcisms, Rescue Work and the Departed.
Roberta Tatom
Human Rights for the Earthbound Spirit
A Liturgy for the Transition of Earthly Friends
The Harp Came Back
George Chapman
Book Reviews
The Third Man Factor, The secret to survival in extreme environments. John Geiger. Penguin Canada 2009
You Might Already Know This ...
From our Readers:
Brian Longhurst
Other relevant e-journals, blogs and publications

December 2010
Jung's “Collective Unconscious”
Experiences and Case Histories
Mysterious deathbed mists and light explained
When spirit entities take over the arm
“Preposterous People: Gerard Croiset”
'Not as explainers and conquerors, but as conscious participants in the universe'
ASPSI The Spirituality of Carl G. Jung
ASPSI Some Steps in Learning Process Thought
Call to the Inland
Paul Cull
Articles on Precognition
Free Will in a Precognitive Predetermined World
Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect
Articles on Synchronicity
ASPSI Synchronicity: A Probabilistic Time Ordering of Events
License Plate Synchronicity: An Experiential Account and Analysis
From our Readers:
Other relevant e-journals, blogs and publications

October 2010 
What is a saint?
Book Reviews: Conversations with a Jesus of Nazareth
Letters from a Living Dead Man
Amazing Discoveries about Gematria to be found in 21st chapter of John's gospel
Preposterous People:  Dr Carl Wickland (Keith Parsons
Revisiting Survival : Is the Data still compelling
A Scottish Blessing
Letters to the Editor: Robert Sumutku
Other relevant e-journals, blogs and publications
August 2010
From the Editor Religious Education
A series of articles by Michael E Tymn of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies.
ASPSI Chess game offers strong evidence for life after death
ASPSI 11-year-old medium shocks Unitarian minister
ASPSI Interviewing a hero: Sir Oliver Lodge
ASPSI Earthly mistakes fester in the afterlife
A Theological Interpretation of Synchronicity, and other paranormal phenomena
o Father of 'Reincarnated' WWII Pilot Says Christian Faith Undeterred
Did Consciousness Cause the Cambrian Evolutionary Explosion?
Other relevant e-journals, blogs and publications

June 2010  The Rev John Hilton Stowell
The Revd John Hilton Stowell,
“Angels We Have Heard On High”
Hjalmar Gullberg's Tinget i Sig
How can Spirit become real for us who worship in church?
ASPSI An Interview with Dr. William J. Crawford Concerning the Mediumship of Kathleen Goligher
A Therapist's Spiritual Experience
Peinture mediumnique
Subversive Thinking

April 2010
To our clergy colleagues
More about the spiritual body

Lisa Williams in Christ church: A surprise
Lent can be a time to hone our awareness of God
Richard Dawkins: pseudoskeptic?ASPSI The Re-Education of Bennie Junot
ASPSI On the Physical Basis of ESP and Telepathy
ASPSI The Probability Laws of Parapsychology
Is There Such a Thing as Life After Death?
ASPSI Joe A. Nuzum’s Trilogy with Seamless Sterling Silver Rings: Presumed Psi Fission, Fusion and Linkage
Book Review: Karen Armstrong: The Case for God. by Sjoerd Bonting
Letters to the Editor

February 2010
The Spiritual Body
Fracture Surface Physics Indicating Teleneural Interaction
by Wilbur M. Franklin, Ph.D., Department of Physics,
Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.
Apparitional Experiences:
Exploring crop circles; Suzanne Taylor
ASPSI From “Religion to Spirituality”
Let us Persevere by Camille Flammarion
Scientific research into Prayer:Causal effects of Intercessory Prayer;
Jeanetta W. Dunlap
Therapy for Sane Hallucinations, Part II
Six Philosophical Contentions For Which No Rational Argument Can Be Given
Evolution is a Fact and a Theory

December 2009
The Hamstringing of Christianity
Non-Separateness and the Present Moment: Two Impossibly Ordinary Ideas
ASPSI Feuds and Regrets in the Afterlife : Michael Tymn
ASPSI The Spirit in Out-of-body Experiences
ASPSI: What we can learn from the extraordinary experiences of the bereaved.
The Dark Mysteries of Consciousness: Paranormality within the greater universe
Soul Loss and Soul Making: Kabir Helminski
More on our October issue's the theme of Paranormal/Faith Healing
Causerie: “Finger of God”, and other healing ministries, by Michael Cocks
A Sermon on Spiritual Healing by Nate Cull
From “Patience Worth: A sorry tale” From the mediumship of Pearl Curran.
Other relevant e-journals, blogs and publications

October 2009
Paranormal (Faith/Spiritual) Healing

For your interest:
Placebos Are Getting More Effective
To change the subject
Scientists have taken an image of a single molecule:
“The Resistance”
General articles
Test The Spirits – And Then...? (Prophecy,Channeling, and the Christian Paranormal): Nate Cull
ASPSI Requirements for Performing Valid Afterlife Research
Book Reviews
Other relevant e-journals, blogs and publications

August 2009
"Theological Education and Paranormal Sciences"
We think that we are the only on-line journal tackling the Paranormal and Christianity.
ASPSI Was Michael Jackson overshadowed by spirits?: Michael Tymn
ASPSI Frederick W H Myers: Michael Tymn
When the silver cord is severed: Michael Tymn
New Ideas in Science: Thomas Gold
Subversive Thinking
Book Reviews
Charles Tart: The End of Materialism
Elizabeth Keane: Direct communications from the afterlife
Damian Broderick: Outside the Gates of Science
Victor MacGill: Towards a systems based spiritual philosophy for the 21st century.
Louis de Figueiredo: The Jospice Mattress
Other relevant e-journals, blogs and publications

June 2009
Editorial: The Journal and the Klein Bottle
Michael Tymn: An “Interview” with Vice-Admiral W. Usborne Moore
Revelation and Inspiration of Scripture. Dennis Bratcher
39 Rules for Being a Scientific Change Agent versus a Crackpot
The Biocentric Universe Theory: Life Creates Time, Space, and the Cosmos Itself
Discovering the Laws of Psychic Science
Igor Sikorski
ASPSI A Case of Possession

From our readers:
Paul Cull writes: (see article about him in our April issue)
Medical Miracles: Doctors, Saints, and Healing in the Modern World by Jacalyn Duffin. Michael Grosso, reviewer.
A wonderful rant by Mary Midgely on Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion
Other relevant e-journals, blogs and publications

April 2009
From the  Editor: I do believe help my unbelief
Searchlight  Mike Tymn
Editor Synchronicity, a window into the Kingdom of Heaven
The paranormal phenomena called charismatic
Four articles and a sermon by Nate Cull
Slain in the Spirit
The Azusa Code
The Salvation Army and paranormal phenomena
Wesley’s Ghosts
Nate's Sermon
Paul Cull's Website
ASPSI An Interview with The Rev. William Stainton Moses Mike Tymn
St Stephen on gifts of the Spirit
Other relevant e-journals, blogs and publications
Public Parapsychology
Victor Zammit's Weekly Treasure Trove
Electronic Voice and Instrumental Communication:
Book Review
Elaine Moss: Contact Points

February 2009
To seek God and be found by him
How would psychic research help both Conservative and Liberal Christians?

To seek God and let oneself be found by him
Bear with the Editor as he chases his tail.
Nate Cull:Three wishes
The Spiritual Walk
Robert F. Worth on a new generation of television preachers in the Muslim world.
ASPSI An “Interview” with Professor Robert Hare
ASPSI Make Dr Death your friend in 2009: Mike Tymn

December 2008

 In a way, it is a painful thing, producing this journal:
Time to Formulate the Laws and Hypotheses of Psychic Science  Howard and Kelleher
To Die For! The afterlife as theoretical science  James Beichler
It is not the case that we are little manikans  Johan and  Kristof Blumhardt
Blumhardt Wheat and Tares
Blumhardt on The Kingdom
Victor Zammit: Dialectical Spiritualism
A R Wallace Little change in the struggle against scientific and religious prejudice in the last 130 years
Dean RadinThe taboos of science: why science cannot handle the paranormal
Benedict Carey For the Brain, Remembering Is Like Reliving
M J Stefey What Happens When We Die?
Grace Halsell Forcing God's Hand: Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture -- and Destruction of Planet Earth,
David Bohm and Plasma Life Forms
Bohm: “Thought runs you.”
Karen Herrick: Therapy for sane hallucinations
Townsend Brown

October 2008
ASPSI Articles from The Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies
ASPSI Michael Grosso PhD: Mysticism and Life after Death
ASPSI P.M.H. Atwater: Is the afterlife what we think it is? A challenge from near-death studies
ASPSI Elene Gusch: The music of Rosemary Brown from a pianist's perspective Read
ASPSI Michael Tymn: Survival Research, Like shovelling sand against the tide of materialism
Articles and Reviews
It occurs to me: Nate Cull
Because The World Is Round: Nate Cull
SKEPTICO: Science at a tipping point
Lisa Williams interviewed on “LifeBites”
REVIEW: Parapsychology and the Skeptics: Chris Carter
Powers of 10: Zoom from the Micro to the Macro-Cosmos
Tansatalk New Science-Religion Blog in New Zealand.
For theological thought
She'ol” and “Hades” mistranslated “Hell”
Thomas Merton: “The moral theology of the Devil.” From “New Seeds of Contemplation” 1961
An Essay on Anglican theology by the Editor
From our readers:
Louis de Figueiredo: Jesus was not buried in Talpiot

August 2008
The Re-enchantment of the Cosmos
Editor: The reenchantment of the Cosmos
The strange lack of Church journals investigating the Afterlife
Karen Armstrong on COMPASSION
Awesome or Off-Putting: SPIRICOM
‘Very Different Butterflies’: The Scope for Deep Complementarity Between Western and Native American Science Sean Howard, Ph.D.
A gentler kinder purgatory
Review: Kenneth Ring: Lessons from the light
Sjoerd Bonting: A Biblical interpretation of NDEs
Consciousness and freedom: Richard Cocks
Chasing our tails: Skeptical arguments
God, science and religion today: L. de Figueiredo
Astronomer Discusses Evidence for Life After Death Professor Archie Roy
Meditation: “So radiate...” Nate Cull
Evidence for the impossible

June 2008
Cyclone Nargis, China's earthquaker and Theodicy
Editor: “Theodicy”
The New York Times (2008/04/20) exposes the Hydra that is the Pentagon.
Nate Cull: The semiotics of the Cross
Light Relief: crème that egg

Nate Cull: The wonderful thought of Leibnitz on the Monad.
Celebrating Pentecost
Spirit as water, wind, fire and earth's healer: by Steve Taylor
The third act of an eternal play can be seen in the garden: David Round in The Christchurch Press. May 2008

April 2008

“Getting out from under : moving towards a well grounded personal faith”  
Sjoerd Bonting: On the need for a well-grounded personal faith.
“Sensing Murder” and the November 2007 issue of The Ground of Faith
"Your Eternal Self" R. Craig Hogan
Ross Keane: The Experience of Doubt
Marcus Borg: A Portrait of Jesus, From Galilean Peasant, to the Face of God
Teshuvah, Metanoia: Nate Cull
Victor Macgill's spiritual pilgrimage
The Mind in Theological and Scientific Perspective
Sjoerd L. Bonting
Michael Hampson: God without God, Western Spirituality without the wrathful king
A. R. Wallace: Evolutionist and Spiritualist
Mike Tymn of the ASPSI
Victor Macgill: Evolution and Creationism

**The Paradigm Police**
 February 2008
Look at your theological self in the mirror
Richard Dawkins and the Paradigm Police
Misreading the mind, By Jonah Lehrer
Art, Science & Truth: Jonah Lehrer
Opening the Stephen Box, Nate Cull
The Majesty and Misery of String Theory By Glenn Statile
Pathological Disbelief   Brian D. Josephson  Nobel Prizewinner Physicist
Resist the Non-Living Universe Assumption 2007-10-15
Some first-rate blogs, Science is a method, not a position

Book Reviews

The Connectivity Hypothesis: Foundations of an Integral Science of Quantum, Cosmos and Consciousness, Ervin Laszlo
Review of Christopher Hitchens' God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything
Review: The New Dispensation
Nate Cull January 17th, 2008

"Sensing Murder" is no scam
 [November 2007]
I preach a sermon to myself
  "Sensing Murder" - Michael Cocks
  Houdini knocks their socks off
Different kinds of fundamentalism:
  The Most Holy Family Monastery: The heresies of Benedict XVI
   Rustum Roy" Scientific Fundamentalism the most dangerous
Video: Multiple videos on science and religion
The Science of Eternity
    Interview with Depak Choprah
Articles and comments from readers
     Dr Elizabeth Keane (Brisbane) My experience with the pendulum
      Rev Ian Crumpton: Voices on the margins
       Norman Kjome
Book Reviews
       'The sense of being stared at"  Rupert Sheldrake. Reviewed by Nate Cull
        Bohm and A course in miracles. Holiness and Wholeness. Nate Cull
       Shared Near-Death Experience

You can kiss your career goodbye
September 2007]

Fear, the enemy of Research
Tossing out the meteorites


Initial Mystery in Science and Theology
About this journal, we could ask Are we veering into the Occult?
Nate Cull answers blog commenter “Cautious” in this way:
From a Few Genes, Life’s Myriad Shapes
Video: multiple videos on science and religion
Russell Targ: The End of Suffering

More highlights from NETWORK REVIEW of the Sc. and Medical Network
Book Review: Multiple reviews of landmark book: IRREDUCIBLE MIND
1. Special Announcement from Michael Murphy, Esalen Chairman, and Gordon Wheeler, Esalen President
Meaning-Full Disease : How Personal Experience and Meanings Cause and Maintain Physical Illness: Brian Broom
The harp that came back

Near Death Experiences of children..and more
[July 2007]
Editorial: Scientific method and this journal
Some highlights from Network Review Spring 2007

About the Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network
1.1Professor David Fontant, Cardiff, discusses “Why the opposition to evidence for survival?”
2.1 Nancy Ellen Adams and Joel R. Primack, California. : The view from the centre of the universe. (pp.7-10)
3.1 Robert A. Charman: Minds, Brains and Communication. (p.11-19)
4.1 Alister McGrath Oxford: The Twilight of Atheism (p.22)
5.1 Max Payne, Sheffield: The necessity of Spirituality p.24
David Lorimer reviews Home with God Neale Donald Walsh
Book Review

A Critique of Susan Blackmore's Dying Brain Hypothesis
by Greg Stone

Dr P M H Atwater
Near Death Experiences of Children:
1 Interview with Near Death Researcher
Can premonitory dreams save us from tragedy?.
An apparent prediction of the sinking of the Titanic.

An Interview with Sir William Crookes – Mike Tymn|outline

K'ung Fu Tzu[ 2007-05 ]
Isn't Spirit the ground of Christianity?
Edward Kelly, et. al's Irreducible Mind: Towards a psychology for the 21st century
Spiritualism in the Old Testament
Rev. G. Maurice Elliot
What--Really--Is the "Science and Religion Dialogue" All About?
Eric Weislogel
Kurt Gödel's Mathematical and Scientific Perspective of the Divine: A Rational Theology
Hector Rosario

Book Reviews
Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion
Reviewer Victor MacGill
The Most Awesome Spirit Story You'll Ever Read--K'ung Fu Tzu
Mike Tymn

Plato in the 21st Century
[ March 2007 ]
Plato in the 21sr century, Michael Cocks
In Brief;  Plato in the 21st Century 
Plato's Forms, seen as Dynamic and Interactive 
Synchronicity, Archetypes, and the Collective Unconscious
P.S. What seems to be wrong with the Holographic Universe theory

Plato and the Science-Theology Dialogue
Rev. Prof. Sjoerd L. Bonting, Nijmegen, Netherlands

1. Approach
2. Creation theology
3. Insights from science
4. Jesus Christ: appearance and reconciliation
5. God's action in his creation
6. Eschatology

Concluding remark
What would truly non-theistic science look like?
Excerpt from “Triablogue”
the 'fine-tuned' cognitive terrain required by science is religion-shaped
“In the Light of this Thing called Physics”

Experience"   A Veridical Death Bed Vision
An Interview with Psychical Researcher Dr. Gary Schwartz
Mike Tymn

*Dimensions of Love?*
[ December 2006 ]
Editorial Dimensions of Love?

Is Love ultimately an I-You with God? 
Non-love and its consequences
Articles       A Few Thoughts on Martin Buber's I and Thou     
Sjoerd Bonting: Are we alone? Theological implications of possible extraterrestrial intelligent life        
Science and the Supernormal G C Barnard
      Akiane (US)--Gifted Young Artist and Poet
      Deborah Blum's Ghost Hunters
       Philip Jacobs' One Self: Life as a means of transformation
      Edward Kelly, et. al's Irreducible Mind: Towards a psychology for the 21st century
St. Stephen : Are you sceptical about the reality of the Stephen Experience?
     Comments on a passage from the Stephen book   Victor MacGill
Comparative Religion
      Cosmic Harmony as Cosmic Sacrifice: A Scientific Hermeneutics of the Hindu Mysticism of Love
      Augustine Pamplany

Looking again at spirituality
[ October 2006 ]
Guest Editorial
        What is Spirituality and how do we apply it to expand the quality of life?
      Rev. L. Richard Batzler, Ph.D. (USA)
      Keeping our feet on the ground
      Michael Cocks
          The Activity of the One Whole    Victor Mansfield (Physicist) USA
        What did Jung see in the Shroud?    Louis C. de Figueiredo (Brazil)
         The Shroud of Turin and the Resurrection Problem - An Anglican/Episcopal perspective      Daniel R. Porter (USA)

Radio Interview    *
      RadioOutThere.Com:    Produced & Presented by Barry Eaton.(NSW Aust.)     Michael Cocks (N.Z.) - "The Stephen Experience" Channeling St. Stephen the First Christian Martyr
Book Review
          Communion with a Saint    Olive Jean Ashman (NZ)
          o            Here is an excerpt from her book, page 71:

Google Video
      Multiple videos on science and religion
      Interviewer Robert Wright
       Podcasts on Faith and Reason
      Bill Moyers
       A Beginningless Universe

      A Cyclic Model of the Universe
      Dr. Neil Turok
    *      To what extent should we place our trust in science?
      Chris Bateman
         Voices from the great beyond

      A Connection of Views- A Forum Exploring World Religions
      John Queripel (N.S.W., Australia)


    Rebutting the Skeptics
      Mike Tymn (Hawaii)

August 2006
**Now, as then**
[ August 2006 ]
The contents of this issue
Articles    *
E. Garth Moore: Christianity and Psychical Research
    *      Miracles are against known nature. - Michael Cocks
    *      The Sacred Energy – Mass of the Universe: Bill Wallace
    *      Victor Zammit: Quantum Physics and the Afterlife
    *      The Rev Dr. David Bell: Astrology in the Bible

Book Review
Robin Kelly: The Human Aerial

Google Video: multiple videos on science and religion

  Friday Report, June 30th. - Victor Zammit

June 2006 “I'm not dead”
[ June 2006 ]
Synchronicity and Spirit
      Michael Cocks

Two valid but apparently contradictory modes in which we can view reality
      Lawrence LeShan
    *      On the subject of love       Steven Rosen
          Sleepwalking with the Dalai Lama  Vic Mansfield
          The Cosmic Cathedral
      Rt. Rev. Richard Randerson, Auckland, NZ
         David Moore: "Only God is Catholic"
          New Zealand Liturgy     Bosco Peters
          Fun with Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code
        More on Meaningful Coincidence
            Ways of looking at this separateness and oneness
            Physicist John Bell: Bell's Theorem
            Alain Aspect and Holography

Book Review
   Pearson, C. et al's
Scholarship and Fierce Sincerity
Experience   *
Signs and Synchronicity      Victor MacGill
Synchronicities raising theological questions     Michael Cocks
Steven Rosen get s his musical notation          o
Physicist David Bohm
marry Gertrud Svarén."         o
"I'm not dead"

 April 2006
... dying and emerging images of God
[ April 2006 ]
Editorial Note from the Editors

 Christian Worship in a world of dying and emerging images of God  The Rev Bill Wallace
    Teilhard and the Texture of the Evolutionary Cosmos  Kathleen Duffy SSJ PhD
         Dying, Death & After Death: Random Musing Concerning the Spiritually Challenged    Michael E. Tymn
          Practicing Death-The Key to Enjoying Life     Michael E. Tymn
        Harmony of the Universe – Einstein and Mozart     Arthur I. Miller

Stephen    §41 November 12, 1973 Universal theology underlying all religions
Book review
      Sjoerd Bonting's “Creation and double chaos” Augsburg Fortress, 2005
A most useful website   Inner Explorations
        Rhea A. White
      Founder/Director, Exceptional Human Experience Network
      Editor, Exceptional Human Experience; EHE News

February 2006
“No Boundaries Awareness”
[ February 2006 ]
Note from the Editors
Books    *      Sir William Osler's A way of life and other addresses, Duke 2001
    *      Dr. Claude Swanson's
The Synchronized Universe
Thinking about Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design: A Critique
      Prof Sjoerd L. Bonting MA PhD
Were Human Beings Inevitable?
      Prof. Richard Cocks MA PhD

Creation -- A Part of the Actual Essence of What God is
      Victor MacGill
Further discussion about Boundaries

Reflections on Boundaries Paper and Responses
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Panentheism
      Spiritual Metaphysics
      Catholic Scientists Take Issue with Cardinal's Message

      Immanence, Mysticism, and the Church
The Church as a Schoolteacher
            Wilber and 'No Boundaries'

Stephen's Prayer
Praying for the Water

Communications from our readers
From the Rev. Earle F. Williams, MA(Oxon)
Dowsing -- A Review
      Anne Millar, Cambridge
      An Interview with Anthony Rogers
           An Out of the Body Experience
            A Haunting
            A Tragic Synchronicity

November 2005
"The Kingdom of Heaven"
[ November 2005 ]
Note from the Editors

General articles

        Sjoerd L. Bonting      Spirit and Creation
        What this Journal has been suggesting about 'The Kingdom of Heaven'
          The Kingdom of Heaven and Spiritual Development
                      James Fowler: Stages of Faith
                    Jim Marion's Seven Levels of Consciousness
                     A third classification of levels of consciousness   Victor MacGill
          The Rev. Dr. David Bell: Memory Beyond the Brain
      St. Stephen: Do we experience Jesus Christ more when we die? -- or Experiencing the Kingdom
         Jim Thornton on the Critique of Lloyd Geering's Christianity without God

Communications from our readers
        The Rev. Terry O'Neil, Australia, writes
                   Editor's Comment
    *      Anna Clayton, Rev. Struan Duthie, Prof. R.M.Cocks
      My experience   Sjoerd L. Bonting
          Celebrating Susy Smith’s Soul
         Near Death Experiences and Pim van Lommel
        How can we decide about the reality of an experience of a “dead” person?
        Prof. R.M. Cocks: The Testimony of Witnesses

September 2005
"Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth"
[ September 2005 ]
      Note from the Editors

General articles
      Thomas Merton on St. John of the Cross
    *Thoughts on myth, spirit, and our times: an interview with Joseph Campbell
      by Tom Collins

Theme Articles
         A new paradigm for cosmology – and for theology?
      Rev. Dr E.A. Johnston, MA MTh DMin
         Lloyd Geering's big problem with St. Paul. His Christianity Without God (2002)      Michael Cocks      The problem with celebrity
          The Rev. Ian Crumpton, Presbyterian minister, comments
        St. Stephen on The Point of Unfolding

Communications from our readers
      From the Revd Judy Ryland, Macau
          From an Anglican Clergyman in Australia
    *      The Rev. John A. Simpson, Australia
    *      Two poems from Anthony Buckley, London, UK
                      Remembrance Day 1994
          From the Rev. Jorie Manfield-Ryan, Australia
                      Gliding with Miss Lucy         Three        Son et Lumière
          Prof. Elliott Benjamin (USA) writes   Experience
      Flight 811 Aeroplane Disaster (Christchurch Press)

July 2005
"Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth."
[ July 2005 ]
Note from the Editors
General articles
      Episcopalian 'Catechism of Creation'
          Culture and Spirituality    Victor MacGill
         A Spirituality Beyond Culture       Paul Tillich

Theme Articles
      Process Theology     Rev. Barbara Vincent
        (Two Songs)
        peak Lord, for thy servant heareth"     Michael Cocks

April/May 2005
The Universal Christ
[ April/May 2005 ]
     Spirituality and the Cults       Elliot Benjamin
          Stephen's Teaching about Perfection      Victor MacGill
        St. Stephen Teaches about the Atonement      Michael Cocks
      Mapping the Way      Michael Cocks

Reviews / Websites
      Dennis Doyle's Celtic Christianity (quotes)
        Tom Harpur's Cosmic Spirituality (quote)
          Tom Harpur's The Pagan Christ (critique)
      Michael Cocks & Victor MacGill

Editorial / Letters
      Editorial Notes
         The Holy Now / Beauty & Truth Laboratory      Norman Kjome
          Imagery of Life in the Crucifixion Story     Peter E. Admore
          On Stephen      Anthony Buckley

February 2005
The unclassified residuum
[ February 2005 ]
     New discoveries & the un-classified residuum.    William James
        no strict definition of science :    Du Wan Kang
       Behaviorism:    Gary deMar
        Stanford ency. on Behaviorism
      Atheist becomes theist
      Antievolutionist becomes evolutionist
      St. Stephen on Christ
       Commentary on Stephen
      S. and every day life
      Arguments for the validity of his teaching.
       Spinoza's sub specie
        ; How closely the philosophy of David Bohm, physicist, parallels that of Stephen

Letters to the Editors
      We cannot make our belief in Spirit, dependent on science.
      Dr Richard Cocks
         On Martin Buber      Joakim Thoreson
        You're wacky before you succeed, afterwards you are a genius.
      Norman Kjome

[ December 2004 ]

  • Editorial
  • A Complex Web of Meaningful Coincidence
    Victor MacGill: Archetypes
    Hymns by Bill Wallace
    Poems by Goethe
    by William Blake
    by Vergil
Read these letters to the Editors
  • Dr Chris Creswell and the Rev. Rob MacKay comment on the Anatomy of Joy. Patrick Furlong,
    James Gasson challenges some of the ideas behind The Anatomy of Joy
    Dr Bruce Nicholls: writes about a Science and Faith Forum of 7-8 university professors and scientists and the same number of theologians. "Our distinctive is that we claim the be evangelical, upholding the historic orthodox faith. We have founded a publishing company, Telos Books."
October 2004
Invincible Sceptism
[ October 2004 ]
A (biological) breath of fresh air
science and religion links
August 2004
The Anatomy of Joy

[ August 2004 ]
Donald Stowell:  Surprised by Joy
The importance of being a failure
June 2004
Thin Ice?

[ June 2004 ]
 Editorial: Thin Ice?
Let's skate
SMN Seminar on Stephen Experience
Matthew Manning's The Link
Matthew Manning's The Strangers
The Ghost of 29 megacycles
George W. Meek  Electronic Voice
Anthony Buckley (U.K.)tells of a personal Near Death Experience: of an appearance of a dead nephew to a Buddhist friend.
Ineke Crawford (Rangiora) relates a haunting parallel to Matthew Manning's Strangers, below.
Anthony Buckley (U.K.)responds to the last issue on Grace.
Victor Macgill (editor) points out why reductionist science ignores other-dimensional phenomena

[ April 2004 ]
Editorial: What's so amazing about grace?
Jesus and Salvation
Grace & Resurrection
Process Theology
Grace & Meaningful coincidence
David Bohm
Victor Mansfield
David Peat
Grace & St. Paul

[ February 2004 ]Editorial: The Afterlife
Victor Zammit
Laboratory / Lawyer
NDEs and OBEs
Cross Correspondences
Anglic. & Psychic Res & RC & Psychic Research
After Damascus exper
Letters to the Editors
Victor Zammit
James Gasson
In January we invited readers who felt they had experienced a Damascus event in their lives to tell us a little of what came of it.
Ineke Crawford, first Guardian of the Tauhara Centre, Taupo.
Phil Dyer, Wangapeka Retreat and Study Centre
George Moss, England

December 2003
After Damascus
[ December 2003 ]
After Damascus
It is Mind that moves between science, mysticism, and experience.
Scientists, Mystics and the Ground of Faith
Prof R.M. Cocks discusses the philosopher Ken Wilbur, and "The Death of Metaphysics"
Letters to the Editors
 Letter from Richard Cocks PhD about no longer being a Holist

[ October 2003 ]
Definitions of Synchronicity.
Some writers on Synchronicity / meaningful coincidence / miracle?
John Lilley
Arthur Koestler
Maria von Franz
Victor Mansfield
Jean Bolen
Alan Vaughan
F.David Peat
Carl JungScience and Synchronicity
Einstein-Podolski-Rose thought experiment
Bohm's phantasm universe
Karl Pribram The Holographic Nature of Reality
Experiences of Synchronicity  Books coming together  Envying the musicians
Stephen on Synchronicity: The Five-fives
Further Items of Interest
The Spirituality of the Unchurched
A famous quote by J B S Haldane
Huston Smith: Beyond Postmodernism
Lincoln/Kennedy synchronicity Reinhold Niebur's Serenity Prayer

August 2003
The Whole-ly Spirit
[ August 2003 ]
Editorial: The Whole-ly Spirit
All intuition, all leading comes from Spirit, in and above All-that-is, and is holy.
Ways of regarding Spiritual Guidance
Can it ever NOT be the Holy Spirit?
"I fundamentally disagree with the premise that primary reality is 'one' and the perception of separateness is illusion rather than reality."
See: Letters to the Editors
The Rev Sue Pickering Spiritual Resources Ministries
Reductionism and Holism
The helpful and unhelpful philosophy that leads both to truth and to falsehood.
The Point of View of the One helps to make sense of quite a number of things that we talk about in Christianity
Illuminating quotes from physicist Victor Mansfield. Look at his Home Page
Chaos Theory Victor MacGill " Becoming What We Already Are: A Complexity based vision of Spirituality, Identity, and Ethics".
The Singing Stone: A wonderful story of meaningful coincidence.
Oliver Sacks: The man who mistook his wife for a hat. Brain-damaged twins able to perform seemingly impossible mathematical calculations.
Questioning St. Stephen on how both he and we may become apprised of knowledge without use of the physical senses.
Meister Eckhart
George Herbert
John Keble
Aldous Huxley
Alfred Tennyson

June 2003
The One and the Many
[ June 2003 ]
Our Guest writer: John Williamson
"So it is not surprising that in our scientifically sophisticated world many people have experiences that can't be proved scientifically. There are many who regard all stories of supernatural experience as the product of a distorted mind or imagination".
Read his article on Time
Editorial: Science-Mysticism-Experience together The Ground from which religions and philosophies grow.

For meditation Prayer, Psalm, Martin Buber
Iraq and Islamic Ummah (from The Guardian)
Some other writers in this field
The Rev Sir John Polkinghorne
Fr Diarmuid O'Murchu
Personal experiences of the Other-dimensional, reflected on and researched.

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